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Training Log Archive: arcticQn

In the 7 days ending May 26, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 4:53:30 12.44 20.02 220
  Running1 15:00 0.93(16:06) 1.5(10:00)
  Total4 5:08:30 13.37 21.52 220

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Saturday May 26, 2007 #

Orienteering (Attackpoint course) 1:06:00 [4] **** 6.85 km (9:38 / km)
ahr:156 max:168

CSU Training weekend
Kristoffer and I arrived at Pawtuckaway late, after everyone had already done 2 excercises, the attackpoint course and a line-o. I don't like line-o, so I went out on the attackpoint course. Not sure if I consciously determined attackpoints to controls, but it was a fun course, except for the Big island. Thick woods and I got the wind knocked out of me from running into a thicket that was hiding a log, partially stuck in teh ground and aimed right at my sternum. Laid on the ground for about a minute figureing out what just happened. Rest of the course went fine though.

Friday May 25, 2007 #

(rest day)

Kristoffer gave me my birthday present early (b-day is monday) which was fortuitous for training this weekend! A Polar RS200sd!!! Measures not only heart rate, but speed and distance, calories burned, pace, max and ave. of nearly everything, and for each split! Very cool!!! I love my husband.

Thursday May 24, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:15:00 [3] **** 5.7 km (13:09 / km)

I set the course for today at the very last minute. Three butterfly loops and then some nice long trail runs (downhill!) towards the end. legs felt slow in the beginning, but then we lost Loki and I went runnign back to find him, to no avail, decided he had gone with K, so I sprinting down the trail to catch back up with him (skipping the second loop) and Loki came dashing up to me from who knows where. hmph. Then on the third loop I lost the dog again!! This is getting frustrating. Again, thought he went with K, so I went dashing up the trail again, faster than race pace probably (legs were feeling good at this point), grabbed a few controls in my race to catch up with kristoffer, then skipped the very last one, on my sprint back to the car to make sure that K had the dog. Nope! He was lost in the woods. Just as we were goign to head back out to call for him, he came running down the trail and back to the cars. What a good tracker dog! Who knows where he was. Probably chasing the moose that K scared up (twice!) or perhaps the porcupine that I ran into (though he had no quills stuck in his nose.) So, I didn't end up doing the whole course, but had a really good training run anyway.

Tuesday May 22, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:15:00 [2] ****

Ken set a nice 6.1km course on Burnt Mtn which used some of the map that I've never been to before! There is a quarried area at the top of a mountain that is mapped (however not very acurately anymore.) Loki ran with me, but by the time I got up to this quarry area and was then heading back down, Kristoffer ran by (on a crossing loop thing) and Loki (I assumed at the time) ran off with him. So I headed down the mountain without him, but then kept thinking more and more - "what if Loki hadn't met up with Kristoffer and is instead fallen into a hole and can't get out, or got a stick through himself or something!" So I stopped at the next control to meet up with K and verify that he had the dog, and waited...and waited...and waited, probably for about 1/2 hr. Then started makign my way out back the trail and the car, hoping to intercept K as he ran the course behind me. Never saw him, so Ken and I (who I did meet up with!) ran back to the car and sure enough K and L were there waiting for US! (you can read K's run in his log. Nielsen
Great course, for what I ran of it (never got to the last 2 controls, but an hour run was plenty for me anyway.)
I get to set a course Thursday. Anyone else in the area want to come up?

Monday May 21, 2007 #

(rest day)

Legs and body felt good, could've gone for a run or ride, but having a nice relaxing evening mowing the lawn and grilling just sounded tooo nice!

Sunday May 20, 2007 #

Running warm up/down 15:00 [2] 1.5 km (10:00 / km)

1.5km walk/run to teh start. True Swedish style.

Orienteering race (Long Dist.) 1:17:30 [4] **** 7.47 km (10:22 / km) +220m 9:03 / km

I thought that long courses were supposed to be easier nav, but lots of route choice? This was more like middle distance technical and nearly NO route choice. The woods were super thick with leafy saplings, making it next to impossible to see more than 10 feet in front of you. (like kristoffer said, it's like a night-o). Hardly any use of trails, only two sections of maybe 600m each. otherwise the rest was barreling through these thick woods, where some tings were mapped and others weren't...again, very frustrating. Legs were tired, but since it's a "long" I took it a bit easier than yesterday and felt fine for the whole race.
no huge nav errors, just really really hesitant on most of the legs due to inability to see features in the leafy green-ness.

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