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Training Log Archive: schnitzer

In the 7 days ending Apr 19, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:52:52 15.84(10:55) 25.5(6:47) 62039 /52c75%
  Strength Training3 2:52:30
  Cycling3 1:50:40 22.74(4:52) 36.6(3:01) 315
  Running3 1:23:45 9.94(8:25) 16.0(5:14)
  Total5 8:59:47 48.53 78.1 93539 /52c75%
averages - sleep:7.5 rhr:53 weight:86.5kg

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Saturday Apr 19, 2008 #

Running warm up/down (XC) 11:15 [2] 2.2 km (5:07 / km)

Orienteering race (Forest) 1:46:28 [4] ***** 15.7 km (6:47 / km) +350m 6:06 / km

Culbin East. Woke up to pretty much perfect conditions for o-ing and walked thru the pretty much perfect forest to the pretty much perfect assembly area. Was majorly looking forward to my run but didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would...

After mistakes at 2, 5 and 6 Oleg (3min behind) had caught me but I had caught Graeme (6mins in front). Started to get stressed as they were destroying me on the way to 7 and had to let them go as it was risking too much trying to keep up. Gutted after that - thoughts of I wouldn't make the distance attributed to my catastrophic failure to get back down to a decent weight for the event. Worried over nothing tho cause by 25 I was still running strong, upped the pace and even went fast (for me) down the run-in!

2) Knew exactly where I was but then jumped 50m S in my mind (parallel error on a big depression). Realised quickly - 30secs.
5) Didn't know exactly where I was crossing the second big track and failed to relocate. After a fair amount of hesitation used the 'run to where the other orienteers are' technique which somehow worked - 30secs.
6) Just ran in the general direction but stopped short when I found Graeme looking lost. Wandered around aimlessly until Oleg turned up and sorted it for us - 75secs.
10) Went into the green a bit too early making no sense of the detail. Found it using the force - 30secs.
12) Shudda gone str8 but went S around the light green - 15secs.
20) Absorbed the detail well but missed E in the circle - 15secs.
21) Missed N - 15secs.
22) Spiked but lost 15secs refolding my control descriptions. I really should buy a holder like the one Tim uses.
23) Very slight hesitation in the circle.
25) Missed N but once the distance judging bells went off saw it behind me - 15secs.
26) Hesitation just after the ride - knew exactly where I was but got paranoid - 15secs.

So 4.25mins time loss in total, not bad at all. My target was under 100mins so that was impossible even with a technically perfect run. Very happy with the result - goes nicely with the one from Hopwas (my best ever ranking score, so far).

Running warm up/down (XC) 9:45 [2] 1.7 km (5:44 / km)

Friday Apr 18, 2008 #


Roseisle. Walked the first 10 controls with Tim talking thru strategy etc. Then did one leg at a time at a steady pace taking turns at 30secs intervals. Last leg at race pace with a 15secs gap.

Thursday Apr 17, 2008 #

Cycling warm up/down (Road) 14:50 [1] 5.9 km (2:31 / km) +10m 2:30 / km

To gym.

Strength Training (Barbell/Bench) 1:00:00 [1]

5*20 UC - 10kg+bar
5*20 DP - 35kg
5*20 BOR - 15kg+bar
4*20, 15+5 FP - 32.5kg
2*20, 2*15+5, 10+10 LP - 11
3*20, 15+5, 8+7 IP - 25kg
4*20, 15+5 KR
5*20 BR

Started off a bit too easy but then this compound free-weights workout is a lot harder to judge than the isolating cables one. Felt the right sort of difficulty i.e. proper tough on the second set of three exercises.

Cycling warm up/down (Road) 25:45 [1] 6.3 km (4:05 / km) +95m 3:48 / km

From gym. The once in a blue moon Easterly wind was back today... with reinforcements. It wanted to fight me but I just wasn't up for any sort of confrontation.

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008 #

Cycling warm up/down (Road) 11:40 [2] 5.9 km (1:59 / km) +10m 1:58 / km

To gym.

Strength Training (Barbell/Cables) 52:30 [2]

Whoops, fatboy strikes again. 5*20...

SQ - 40-50kg
CR - 22.5kg
HP - 13
AB - G1
AD - Y2
HF - Y2
GL - Y2

Didn't want to miss a leg workout this week but also didn't want to train hard cause of Saturday so I lowered the weight slightly from last time on each exercise and concentrated on form and reducing the time between contraction types. Thigh pain-free when squatting but the impact area is still painful to touch - I think I'll try it out 2nite with a recovery jog around the Downs.

Cycling warm up/down (Road) 23:45 [1] 6.3 km (3:46 / km) +95m 3:30 / km

From gym.

Running (Road/XC) 52:45 [2] 10.6 km (4:59 / km)

The Downs. 1 lap at recovery pace then another a bit faster. Thigh ok, knee not 100% yet which is annoying - I was hoping it wudda sorted itself out what with Mon/Tue off running. Altho I'm confident it won't affect the effort I can put in on Saturday it wudda been nice to go into the event completely niggle free.

Tuesday Apr 15, 2008 #

Cycling warm up/down (Road) 12:30 [2] 5.9 km (2:07 / km) +10m 2:06 / km

To gym.

Strength Training (Cables/Bench) 1:00:00 [1]

3*20, 15+5, 8+7 CF - G7
3*20, 15+5, 9+6 BF - G4
3*20, 15+5, 8+7 RF - Y5
2*20, 2*15+5, 9+6 SF - G3
3*20, 2*15+5 LP - R5
3*20, 15+5, 12+8 OP - Y1

Ok time to get a bit more statesticle on the upper body stuff. Don't want a workout to be too easy in the future i.e. shouldn't ever be able to complete the last set of 20 on each exercise.

Me thigh is still a little swollen and is going a nice yellowy brown colour. The good news is I've started to walk properly again but a little trot in the gym and it's still slightly painful to jog on. I guess that means no sprintervals 2nite. With a big race in a sexy forest on Saturday it would be good to rest anyway - start the speed work next week for sure.

Cycling warm up/down (Road) 22:10 [1] 6.3 km (3:31 / km) +95m 3:16 / km

From gym. Another softlad style push the bike up BVR. I reckon I might do it more in the future as I think coming into the race speed period the energy would be better spent on high-intesity running sessions.

Sunday Apr 13, 2008 #

Running warm up/down (Road/XC) 10:00 [1] 1.5 km (6:40 / km)

Orienteering race (Forest) 1:06:24 [4] ** 9.8 km (6:47 / km) +270m 5:57 / km

Grovely Woods West. Why did I bother? Everything about today was a pile of poo but then I kinda knew it would be from what I remembered from last year - very poor area, much worse than Big Wood. I thought I'd go anyway for a bit of terrain running as it is quite ruff and tuff, full of brashings.

The first six controls had no changes of direction whatsoever and the first four all along paths. Now I know this area doesn't offer a lot of options to the planner but there is no excuse for this sort of rubbish. Then came a half butterfly loop, 6 and 10 being the same control - a fence corner. An absolute piece of pi55 to find then number 7 in an open area that you could see from a few hundred metres away. 8 I messed up by going str8 and not using the ride but 9 a short leg thru some nasty medium green and it fu(ks me off how it's just complete luck whether you find an easy way thru or not. I spiked it bang on but was 11th fastest for the leg some 22secs down.

Then flying down the hill to 10 I tripped over something, probs an unmarked ruined fence. It was a while b4 a small patch of brambles stopped me sliding, by the looks of it mostly on my right arm. Then (my fault) tried to get thru a small patch of dark green by a fence and after a big path run to TD2 number 11, took a bad route to 12 and then proper hurt myself running to 13. Tripped over something, defo a ruined fence and landed on my right thigh. When am I going to stop hurting myself in the forest? Now I can't squat without proper pain and can't really walk that well either. How I got the fastest split on the path run to 18 I'll never know.

Apologies to everyone who spoke to me afterwards I promise I'll be much happier next time I see you.

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