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Training Log Archive: schnitzer

In the 7 days ending Aug 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 3:00:35 8.89 14.3 1195
  Orienteering1 1:46:50 7.39(14:27) 11.9(8:59)
  Stretching (static) & Massage2 1:01:45
  Total6 5:49:10 16.28 26.2 1195
  [1-5]4 4:47:25
averages - weight:88.7kg

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Sunday Aug 11 #

10 AM


12 PM

Orienteering (forest) 1:46:50 [2] 11.9 km (8:59 / km)
ahr:142 max:157 shoes: inov-8 oroc 280 red

Took Elisabeth's Garmin, a bum bag with drink/telephone and one of the vast selection of Söders long distance training maps that have accummulated on my desk over the Winter and faced my fear! It was pretty wet compared to last week so I guess the wasps would have been more lethargic today but still picked up the pace whenever I saw some dodgy looking old bits of wood on the ground.

I had fun, especially once into the National Park and I managed to do all of the controls in there before the heavy rain came, earlier than forecast. Walked carefully back from the Höjden village, failing to come to any conclusion regarding which was safer, wet, steamy glasses or no glasses at all.
9 PM

Stretching (static) & Massage 39:15 [0]

Saturday Aug 10 #

2 PM

Running (xc/terrain) 46:30 [1]
shoes: inov-8 oroc 280 red

Jogged around our local woods with Elisabeth (first time for Elmin babysitting Hugo!), showing her some nice hills to run up and down.

Running hills (xc) 13:20 [3] 1.3 km (10:15 / km) +150m 6:30 / km
shoes: inov-8 oroc 280 red

Classic hill...
1. 2:43.8
2. 2:37.7
3. 2:42.6
4. 2:40.4
5. 2:34.0

The classic hill is dead. Long live the classic hill! A knee test, ran 5 reps fairly hard - went ok.

Thursday Aug 8 #

10 AM


6 PM

Running hills (xc/terrain) 45:10 [2] 4.3 km (10:30 / km) +400m 7:10 / km
shoes: inov-8 oroc 280 red

Hills route with extension...
1. 39:20 (19:30, 19:50)

Apart from a little soreness from Tuesday's effort everything felt pretty good today, my entire left leg felt better actually, seemingly instantly improved after Tuesday evening's stretching. Not confident enough however to do any trail running so, regardless of some slight thigh muscle soreness, opted for more hills.

Went out directly after a thunderstorm, v. wet and therefore forced to take the downhills easier and therefore easier on the knee. Everything felt like it was going well at the end of the first so ok to turn around at the top and do another there/back. The problem was I completely forgot and didn't realise until I was almost home.

In hindsight just the one lap was probably for the best because at the time of writing (the next day) my muscles are significantly more sore. Unfortunately still much more soreness in the right thigh but the left does seem quite pumped, maybe things are improving. I could probably do things differently to make things improve more quickly however.

The knee coped better with the less scary downhills today than it did on Tuesday (don't know about the more scary ones, I walked them). Probably not quite descending as well as I was in May just before the big setback. Probably not quite as well as I was at the beginning of the ORingen either, just before the mini setback (slamming my left heel into the ground at the end of day 2).

Ankle seems to be much better now, working better during the run and not swelling up afterwards either :)

Tuesday Aug 6 #

12 PM

Running hills (xc/terrain) 1:15:35 [3] 8.7 km (8:41 / km) +645m 6:20 / km
shoes: inov-8 oroc 280 red

Hills route...
1. 13:55.9
2. 13:53.5
3. 13:55.9
4. 13:59.1
5. 13:54.9

Body feels a little better today, certainly the lower hamstring tendon which seemed to be the left-hand side area that was complaining the most during yesterday. Wanted to go out and do something significant so chose to do some hills which seem to aggravate my left-hand side the least. Plus I don't really want to do any o-ing training right now, too scared of wasps.

Hard to compare as even without HR recording I know I didn't run today like I did the other couple of times which were base training sessions where I dialled back the effort on exceeding 155bpm. Ran it for consistent lap times today so certainly went well into zone 4, especially on the last couple of laps. Still, not too bad considering I am 5-6kgs fatter just now...

190806 - ??? ahr, ??? mhr, 5 reps, 13:55.9 per rep, 13:53 best (2), 13:59 worst (4)
180128 - 152 ahr, 160 mhr, 6 reps, 13:17.2 per rep, 13:12 best (4), 13:22 worst (1)
171123 - 151 ahr, 160 mhr, 5 reps, 13:57.8 per rep, 13:36 best (2), 14:21 worst (5)
9 PM

Stretching (static) & Massage 22:30 [0]

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