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Training Log Archive: schnitzer

In the 7 days ending May 28:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling2 6:05:05 66.67(5:29) 107.3(3:24) 975
  Walking1 1:26:30 6.52(13:15) 10.5(8:14)
  Balancing2 13:30
  Strength Training1 11:00
  Bounding1 5:00
  Static Stretching & Massage1 4:45
  Total5 8:05:50 73.2 117.8 975
  [1-5]4 7:36:35

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Friday May 28 #

12 PM

Static Stretching & Massage 4:45 [0]

Balancing (rollerboard/floor) 9:30 [0]

Strength Training 11:00 [0]

Not been feeling it the last few days. The inflammation has gone down but just a general feeling whenever I do anything more than a few steps that my foot is not happy and gets tired v quickly.

Anyway I've given it a few days so rehab - massaged/stretched the calf muscles then a good mix of balance exercises plus the usual 4 eversion/dorsiflexion thera-band exercises, 80 ankle rolls but more calf raises than usual (physio says to focus on these) - 3 sets of 1 minute.
6 PM

Cycling long (road/xc) 3:06:45 [1] 52.4 km (3:34 / km) +565m 3:23 / km
shoes: maxxis ikon

Turfing with Nick. A bit annoying to do the 'assist' thing as the GPS on our phones regularly didn't agree with each other. Otherwise social and good training from an endurance perspective. The obvious difference between his and my fitness rarely a problem fortunately, for one reason or another.

One gravel path obliterated by the recent rain into deep crevices took me off-guard and of course it was the right foot that needed to declip quickly - didn't happen. Fell over and grazed my knee. Later in the ride I was understandably less confident and the times later in the ride where I felt it would be more sensible to get off and push revealed that my foot wasn't in a good way.

Once home limped up the stairs but then miraculously it suddenly loosened up and I was walking ok again. Strange.

Tuesday May 25 #

8 AM


Visited the physio. Not great having to go in there once again with a slight limp and explain how I did too much but of course it must have improved overall considering the amount of jogging I got away with yesterday. So I got new, harder exercises. Progress I guess.
8 PM


Lunchtime walk with my better half, was half expecting to go a few hundred metres then turn back but it went surprisingly well. However the foot did later become slightly inflamed and hot. Boo.

Later in the evening decided to go out for a recovery spin for an hour or so but a rear wheel spoke snapped literally a few seconds out of the driveway. That's the second one that's gone on that wheel. I didn't care so much the last time, took ages over fixing it. This time however it feels like being injured, want it fixed, now.

Monday May 24 #

12 PM

Walking (xc) 1:26:30 [2] 10.5 km (8:14 / km)
ahr:132 max:154

Medium trail route 1...
1. 76:55

Felt confident enough to try fast walking again. My ankle has felt good the last day or so and this morning it looked smaller than I'd seen it for a while, less inflamed.

Lots of jogging mixed with the walking, ankle felt v good to start with (posted 3 km splits under 8mins/km in a row). Got tired/a bit painful after that but overall seemed to have better endurance, finished fine.

Left leg not great but better than last time, maybe the cycling is helping strengthen up those ass stabiliser muscles a bit, stopping my leg from flopping around so much.
4 PM


Discovered a broken valve on one tyre on the way to pick up Hugo from school, dropped the car off at the garage then walked to get Hugo while they fixed it.

Anyway 1.5km each way and very quickly apparent my foot really didn't want to. Obv still too early to be doing such a session like at lunch, how long is this going to take???

Amazingly not swollen nor hot in the evening so decided not to ice it.

Sunday May 23 #

12 PM

Bounding 5:00 [1]

Balancing (floor) 4:00 [0]

My ankle rehab routine starting to get quite significant now, maybe time to start treating it as a proper session, split up into various elements.

Saturday May 22 #

6 PM

Cycling intervals (road/xc) 2:58:20 [1] 54.9 km (3:15 / km) +410m 3:08 / km
shoes: maxxis ikon

Another huge turf session. Started off fairly easy but soon worked it up, finishing quite intensively.

Decided to stop bothering to stop/restart my watch at each zone. I would like to know average moving kph while I'm riding but it's not worth the hassle - just take the moving time after uploading it to Strava instead.

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