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Training Log Archive: schnitzer

In the 7 days ending Jun 4:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling1 2:57:55 31.81(5:36) 51.2(3:28) 490
  Strength Training2 30:15
  Balancing2 30:00
  Bounding1 7:30
  Static Stretching & Massage1 7:00
  Total3 4:12:40 31.81 51.2 490
  [1-5]2 3:05:25

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Thursday Jun 3 #

9 PM


Evening walk - been working hard today so didn't get out at lunch. I have actually been logging around 10K steps per day since Monday, quite reasonable.

Ankle not great tonight, it felt strong on one hand but also stiff and a bit painful. I probably need to work on my calf muscles daily, massage and stretching may well be the secret to getting away from these big ups and downs. Classic if that were the case, not recovering muscles gets John into trouble once again.

The real positive is that nothing I've been doing this week, not the walking nor the rehab has swollen up my ankle. In fact it looks quite small and there isn't this radiating feeling anymore when I touch it - it feels a very similar temperature to the other one.

Wednesday Jun 2 #

12 PM


A significant walk today, much longer than yesterday but not at all brisk. I have after all got a cough.

Ankle felt great to begin with, a bit tired after a couple of km though. We'll see how it reacts to this.
5 PM

Balancing 20:00 [0]

Strength Training 14:30 [0]

Decided that my cough wasn't anywhere serious enough to stop me from rehabbing my ankle and that the walk earlier hadn't already used up all of my ankle energy for today. Came to this conclusion after kicking a football around the garden with significantly better coordination and less pain than doing the same on Monday.

I think it's important to remember this - that throughout the entire period since I stopped using the immobilisation boot it's ALWAYS been so up and down. So when it is good don't assume that some significant amount of progress has been made and when it is bad don't assume that the surgery must have been unsuccessful, especially when turning bad back into good can be something as simple as 10 minutes of treatment by the physio.

Anyway did a lot of balancing including more time on the new one-legged balance/core exercises. Plus lots of strength work too, added dorsi/plantar flexion thera-band exercises to the usual inversion/eversion sets.

Tuesday Jun 1 #

12 PM


A little lunchtime walk, this was fine on my ankle which is not swollen nor hot after yesterday's rehab, feels a bit better if anything.

Later on it became apparent that I had finally caught the cough that all 3 of our children have had. Not serious, not at all in fact. Plus probably good to take a few days off cycling anyway, legs are pretty much permanently tired.

Monday May 31 #

4 PM

Bounding 7:30 [1]

Static Stretching & Massage 7:00 [0]

Strength Training 15:45 [0]

Balancing 10:00 [0]

5 minutes on the trampoline to warm up - today it was actually quite painful around the area that was operated on. This front/right ankle pain is something that seems to be getting worse as the problems I'm having with the tendons at the back get better.

Anyway did some comprehensive massage/stretching of the calf muscle before another few minutes on the trampoline to see if things had improved - they hadn't.

The physio has spoken about the new cartilage needing training to work better just like any other bone/cartilage, maybe this need is starting to show itself a bit more as the problems with the tendons at the back get better. Doesn't make much sense to me however, I don't understand the comparison when what you want is more density in the bones but more flexibility in the fibrocartilage. Maybe you want both in both. Oh well.

Anyway continued on with the rehab, quite a big session so we'll see how the ankle reacts to that. Lots of the usual stuff plus trying out the new balance/core exercises I've been given - good for the ankle and glutes wahey.

Sunday May 30 #

1 PM

Cycling intervals (road/xc) 2:57:55 [2] 51.2 km (3:28 / km) +490m 3:19 / km
ahr:135 max:166 shoes: maxxis ikon

Big turf session back on my own again, went out far SW and after about an hour was in Tyresta-Vendelsö area, right in the forest guessing paths and getting stuck and lost. Once I had joined the teddy bears for a bit of picnic action got my act together and put together a nice route before heading back towards home. Good weather, good session.

HR strap-on today. It's not a bad workout cardio-wise actually, I think I need to stop doing so much Turfing, put my road tyres back on and mix the turfing up with some of my classic routes and some proper intervals/hill reps. Could probably get quite fit just on the bike.

Foot has been pretty ok over the weekend, 10K steps yesterday mowing the lawn plus other stuff. Looking at it now it isn't big nor hot. I mean it's still much bigger than my left foot but hey.

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