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Training Log Archive: jfredrickson

In the 7 days ending Nov 10, 2002:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 1:57:45 4.35 7.0 275
  Cross-Training1 1:30:00
  Interval Training1 10:00
  Agility Training1 10:00
  Trail Run1 5:00
  Hill Run1 5:00
  Total4 3:57:45 4.35 7.0 275
averages - sleep:6.8

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Saturday Nov 9, 2002 #

Orienteering (Local Meet) 50:51 [3] 7.0 km (7:16 / km) +275m 6:04 / km

Local meet at Winding Hills. I ran the Red course but regretted it quickly after starting. I was still worn out from the weeks training and yesterdays basketball game. Going up the first big hill to number one I could feel that I was going to have trouble finishing the course.

My technique was very clean since I wasn't running full speed, but I still managed to make a really stupid error at number 3. Looking back at the control afterwards I realize that I simply misread the map. I somehow read the area near the control and the area just off the trail before the control as two different segments and didn't connect them right. When I exited the area just off the trail and entered the area near the control circle I thought that I was in a different place than I really was. I ran right by the control and continued up the reentrant looking for the control. I quickly realized that I had made a mistake and relocated on another trail and reattacked the control. At the time I thought that I had just run too far, but looking at the control later I realized that I just didn't read the map right and went the wrong way from the trail.

Other than that I had a nearly perfect run. I lost maybe a total of 1 minute on route choices and zigzagging a little in the woods, but I was basically clean. I didn't make any mistakes at the controls and hit each one as I had intended. I still felt awful though and couldn't run any faster than a fairly slow jog. I couldn't get up the hills and had to walk since they were so steep. We had three hills that added up to a total of 275 meters of climb and the rest of the course was flat. They were pretty big and steep!

Friday Nov 8, 2002 #

Cross-Training (Basketball) 1:30:00 [4]

Intramural basketball game in preparation for the upcoming season. I played hard for an hour and a half and by the end I was completely worn out. I hadn't played in a long time so I was using a lot of muscles I hadn't used in a long time. I will probably be sore tomorrow.

Thursday Nov 7, 2002 #

Orienteering 40:00 [3]

I ran a course after school on Silvermine. It was a very hilly course with the first leg up to the top of Silvermine ski area. I felt pretty good and my navigation was clean. Like Tuesday, since it was getting dark, I was not able to read the map on the run too well, so I spent some extra time reading detail on the map. Since I was taking care to notice all the extra detail I didn't really make any mistakes.

Agility Training (Rocky Ground) 10:00 [4]

After finishing my course on Silvermine, I ran some rocky terrain to work on my agility. I was a little ways out on the map when I finished Orienteering, so I was basically just running back to the parking lot. It was a long downhill route that was strewn with rocks. In the fading light, it was also a great concentration exercise since I had to focus really hard on the rocks to keep from falling.

Trail Run 5:00 [5]

After finishing the Orienteering course and my agility training, I was still a little ways from the parking lot and since it was too dark to read the map I just decided to run the trail back. I felt pretty good and blazed it in 5 minutes.

Hill Run 5:00 [5]

After finishing my run and getting back to the parking lot I decided to run to the top of Silvermine ski area to finish off the workout. I felt pretty good as I began to hit the steep incline, but when it started to go nearly straight up my legs felt like lead. It was a brutal climb, but a good finish to my workout.

Tuesday Nov 5, 2002 #

Orienteering 26:54 [3]

I ran a course on Surebridge after school. It was getting dark when I went out and by the time I got back it was basically too dark to read the map. I had a nice easy run. I couldn't read the map on the run since I had to look closely to make out the detail in the fading light. Because I couldn't read the map on the run very well it was a good memorization exercise. I felt good physically, but on the hills I did feel a little tired. Overall it was a nice easy training. Just getting out into the woods and on a map felt great.

Interval Training (Hill Intervals) 10:00 [5]

After running on Surebridge I did some hill sprints. It was on extremely rocky terrain so it was a great mental focus exercise. Since it was pretty dark it was hard to see the rocks well so I really had to focus just to keep from tripping. My legs felt really tired and I had to strain just to get to the top of the hill.

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