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Training Log Archive: Jon X

In the 7 days ending Mar 13, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 4:38:23 19.41(14:20) 31.24(8:55) 983
  Running5 3:53:10 21.74(10:43) 34.99(6:40) 848
  Intervals1 40:34 4.36(9:19) 7.01(5:47)
  Circuits1 35:00
  Pilates1 15:00
  Total9 10:02:07 45.51 73.24 1831
averages - weight:78.1kg

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Sunday Mar 13, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:40:41 [3] 9.76 km (10:19 / km) +250m 9:09 / km
ahr:110 max:130 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

Second day of FVO weekend, relocated to Moor of Alvie from Strathmashie because of all the snow. Tough but very enjoyable being first person through the fresh calf/knee deep snow hanging kites, then running round the others put out by Roger.

Some slow bits being very incompetent at hanging kites, then speaking to various FVO types out doing the training loops. The run back to Kincraig along the Speybank path overlooking the river and the marshland beyond was gorgeous. A top weekend of training even if it did snow pretty much non-stop the whole time!

Saturday Mar 12, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering 30:55 [1] 2.56 km (12:05 / km) +100m 10:06 / km
ahr:105 max:131 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

Line course on Avielochan, more like a map walk than a practice at flowing smoothly. Trying to blame choosing the 1:10,000 map ahead of the 1:5,000, rather than blaming my technical skills. Not convinced though.

Orienteering 15:29 [2] 1.72 km (9:00 / km) +52m 7:49 / km
ahr:108 max:123 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

Compass exercise. Better.

Orienteering 13:33 [4] 1.94 km (6:59 / km) +36m 6:23 / km
ahr:139 max:146 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

Reverse chase (i.e. fastest last). Legs still tired and watched Jamie, Roger and Marcus all cruise past. Nav okay though.
3 PM

Orienteering 54:00 intensity: (3:30 @1) + (26:00 @3) + (24:30 @4) 7.58 km (7:07 / km) +134m 6:33 / km
ahr:125 max:147 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

The snow was falling ever harder....several inches on the ground by now....but that just made for a great session. 'Fox and Hounds' on Dunachton with Jase and Roger, taking in turns to hand the kites.

Tricky in places and a big elephant track in the snow for others. Bonus river wading which we 'enjoyed' twice by including in our warmup loop as well as on the course.

Friday Mar 11, 2011 #

5 PM

Running 1:23:09 [3] 15.12 km (5:30 / km) +243m 5:05 / km

Gentle steady state run from Stirling through Cornton, BoA, Uni and Cambuskenneth. Taking it nice and easy.

Thursday Mar 10, 2011 #

7 PM

Running 1:00:00 [1] 6.7 km (8:57 / km) +400m 6:54 / km
shoes: 2010 Inov8 Roclite

Weary today after a tough stretch of training plus a 2am stint doing the Chasing Sprint start lists after the night-o last night.

So I was pleased to be able to slack off hill reps and go to help Jase with the Boys' Brigade night-o at Abbey Craig instead.

Jogged gently round the long course looking for lost souls but instead mainly had to find and replace the reflective canes where over-competitive kids had been hiding them under leaves to make the controls harder for those following!

Then jogged round again with Marcus to collect the flags in. Weather not quite so kind by the end of the second loop....

Wednesday Mar 9, 2011 #

6 PM

Running warm up/down 18:00 [3] 1.8 km (10:00 / km)
ahr:120 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

A few laps of the grass and then the jog/flog to the start - over 200m climb just to get there...

Orienteering 1:03:45 [4] 7.68 km (8:18 / km) +410m 6:33 / km
ahr:130 max:146 shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

FVO night series on Dumyat East, pretty chilly and wet with vestiges of this morning's snow still there higher up. Brutal amounts of climb and my legs didn't seem too keen on getting up it at the speed needed to keep up with the posse. Plus I was too timid on the early steep slippery descents to keep up there either.

Had quite a pleasant time puntering along on my own except overshot massively at #11 where I checked out a few unmarked crags and had to drop down to relocate then climb back up - almost five mins lost!

Running warm up/down 4:00 [2] 0.6 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Apr 2010 VJ Falcon

Back down from the finish with Rosco. Very pleased to get to Fraser and Peggy's nice warm sanctuary for nice warming soup afterwards - thank you!

Tuesday Mar 8, 2011 #

6 PM

Intervals intervals 40:34 [5] 7.01 km (5:47 / km)
max:156 shoes: Brooks Ghost

Good session tonight, on the pitches with Ochils.

8 x "600m" (actually 580m) with approx 90s recovery, followed just over 2 mins later by...
8 x 200m with 45secs recovery

first set all 2:02 to 2:04 (just over 3:30/km)
second set all 36.5 to 39.3 (only two of them sub 38).

Good solid first set, pulse never too close to max and judged the pace pretty well. Pleased with the times given the greasy grass and slippery bends, noticeable how much easier the final 30m along the track was!

Got a bit enthusiastic on the second 200m which made the others a little harder than they might have been...

Happy with the session, maybe time for a 3k time trial soon.....

Running warm up/down 38:00 [2] 5.7 km (6:40 / km)
ahr:120 shoes: Brooks Ghost

Managed to hook up with Ochils before the start this week. Failed to hook up with most of them for a warm down but managed a good, long, needed warm down loop round the campus with Ross and Kevin.

Monday Mar 7, 2011 #

6 PM

Pilates 15:00 [3]

Stayed late at work to finish off something that has been bugging me for ages (mainly with people chasing me as I hadn't done it!). Go there for the second half of the session and half of it was plenty...

Circuits 35:00 [2]

Still a bit cautious of my calf but it is definitely better than a couple of weeks ago - will maybe try some of the plyo stuff next week.
7 PM

Running 30:01 [3] 5.07 km (5:55 / km) +205m 4:55 / km
ahr:120 max:135 shoes: Brooks Ghost

Different route today, something to do with 6 people (me, Dixie, Kalvis, Marcus, Ross and Fi) and only three headtorches. Ran along at the back with Fi with both of us complaining about the fast pace and the far-too-much uphill.

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