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Training Log Archive: furlong47

In the 7 days ending Mar 21, 2011:

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  horseback riding (english)2 1:05:00
  hiking1 5:00
  Total3 1:10:00

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Monday Mar 21, 2011 #


Anddddd.... visual migraines for good measure.

These aren't withdrawal effects, just something I have occasionally, though they do mostly go away when I'm on meds and come back when I'm not. (Not sure why they respond to SSRI/SNRI, but they do.) There's some genetic component to it, as two of my aunts have them and my Dad has also had one or two. All on that side of the family.

The visual bit lasts about 30 minutes and then leaves just a feeling of fatigue and what feels like a nasty sinus headache (behind the eyes). The first one began on the way to work. Luckily the drive is short so I made it in and waited it out in my office. I have to pull over if they get into full swing when I'm driving (I'm essentially blind in my central vision when they happen). Thankfully I've never had one while orienteering, though I'd just have to sit down for half an hour and wait for it to pass.

I stopped at the store to get salad stuff for dinner and the second one started there. Often the first sign is a bizarre feeling that my hand is not my own, I think because it gets in the blind spot first and I can't see it. Came home and slept for about 3 hours before getting up to eat.

Probably no one cares about my medical weirdness but I feel like writing it down anyway.

Sunday Mar 20, 2011 #

4 PM

horseback riding (english) 5:00 [3]

Challenge to see who could post the trot the most times around the ring without stirrups. I knew I would be crap, but I was REALLY crap - only made it 4 times around. The other adults did 6, 15, and 36. Some of the teens did 100 laps and could have done more except we had to have a limit due to time. It didn't help me to stand around for 3 hours stiffening up while all of the kids went - next time adults should be first!

Still feeling really irritable - a lot of people are getting on my nerves right now. I really need this vacation coming up.

Saturday Mar 19, 2011 #

4 PM

hiking 5:00 [1]
shoes: Reebok Troo Flight

Thursday Mar 17, 2011 #

7 PM

horseback riding (english) 1:00:00 [1]

Lesson on William. Obstacle course type activity, with weaving cones, circling the barrel, a few small jumps, etc. Except without stirrups to make it hurt!! Totally not up to par tonight, mostly due to the remaining effects of withdrawal thanks to going off the SNRI on Friday.

This week was tough, although I've done this twice before now and did wean down slowly over 2 months. Coming off of Effexor has been about 1,000 times worse than coming off of Zoloft ever was. Aside from a little lightheadedness, last weekend wasn't bad, but on Monday started the "brain zaps" anytime I moved my eyes quickly or substantially. And of course I have to do that a lot at work.

I had to look it up to see if this was "normal" - it is - but still creepy. Basically it was a feeling like vertigo, nausea, and strange energy or vibration for 2-3 seconds after moving my eyes. The weirdest feeling like there was a rubber band attached to my eyes and running into my brain, and every time they stopped moving the rubber band kept vibrating for awhile.

Over the week this has been less and less, and hopefully now that I'm off this crap I'll be able to lose some weight. Of course we'll see how long it is until panic attacks return and become debilitating enough that I need to do something again (usually I can go about 18 months). I'm rather tired of this cycle - I can be happy but fat on meds or skinny but sick off of them, but apparently happy and skinny is too much to ask.

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