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Training Log Archive: furlong47

In the 7 days ending Dec 15, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering1 1:47:22 3.73(28:48) 6.0(17:54) 20013c
  walking3 1:30:08 4.03(22:22) 6.49(13:54)
  horseback riding (english)1 1:30:00
  gym - elliptical1 35:00 2.85(12:17) 4.59(7:38)
  gym - stationary bike1 30:00 8.2(3:40) 13.2(2:16)
  gym - treadmill1 20:52 1.5(13:55) 2.41(8:39)
  gym - strength/weights1 15:00
  Total8 6:28:22 20.31 32.68 20013c

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Saturday Dec 15, 2018 #

10 AM

walking 30:00 [1] 1.21 mi (24:48 / mi)
shoes: Skechers D-Lites

Friday Dec 14, 2018 #

10 AM

walking 30:00 [1] 1.33 mi (22:34 / mi)
shoes: Skechers D-Lites

Thursday Dec 13, 2018 #

1 PM

horseback riding (english) 1:30:00 [1]

Trails in Governor Dick on Shorty

Wednesday Dec 12, 2018 #

7 PM

gym - elliptical 35:00 [3] 2.85 mi (12:17 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 11

Tuesday Dec 11, 2018 #

12 PM

walking 30:08 [1] 1.49 mi (20:13 / mi)
shoes: Skechers D-Lites

Monday Dec 10, 2018 #

7 PM

gym - stationary bike 30:00 [3] 8.2 mi (3:40 / mi)

Random hills level 9

gym - treadmill 20:52 [4] 1.5 mi (13:55 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 11

For half a mile, started at 4.0 and went up 0.5 mph every tenth of a mile.
Repeated starting at 3.5
Repeated starting at 3.0
8 PM

gym - strength/weights 15:00 [3]

Sunday Dec 9, 2018 #

11 AM

orienteering race 1:47:22 [4] *** 6.0 km (17:54 / km) +200m 15:20 / km
13c shoes: Inov8 O-roc 280 Red

QOC Smokey Glen/Seneca Creek - Green (Mid-Atlantic Championships)

Didn't get home last night until after 1 AM, and with something like 20 pounds of food in my stomach (maybe a slight exaggeration). In bed at 2 AM, which gave me about 5 - 5 1/2 hours of sleep before getting up and making the drive down to the Mid-Atlantics. (I was still entirely full so did not bother with breakfast.) I was aiming to get there before 11, and did make it, but by the time I got all dressed and registered and into the woods it was about 11:30.

I found all the controls this week, was mostly navigating confidently, and did not wander off into any blank map holes. But I was pretty slow. I knew it would be climby here and the terrain was more physical than any of the maps I've been on lately, so I think that slowed me down a bit along with the food baby and lack of sleep. Mistake going to 3, when I stupidly decided to cut up the hill through the green (tons of deadfall) instead of going all the way up the ditch and along the properties in the white woods. I also think I did something kind of stupid when leaving 6, going NW to the trail bend and then for some reason dropping below the trail, getting confused by the direction of the stream and ultimately doing some unnecessary sidehilling before dropping into the reentrant/ditch and picking up the trail again on the other side.

I actually saw enough other SVO people out in the woods to build a relay team, but by the time I got back they must have already left the park. Also the relay was starting in less than 10 minutes so setting anything up would have been tight. I'm so used to only myself and sometimes my Mom showing up at distant Mid-Atlantics, that I didn't even try to plan this out in advance (not that we could have won the Broken Compass anyway).

Thought about going into DC for the national tree, zoo lights, or Georgetown Glow, but it looked like the storm was encroaching on radar so I just headed for home.

Some excitement on the way home... right when I got on 83N from 695 there was this car with damage on the right front and it was mildly swerving around within the lane and going pretty fast. Also had the windshield wipers on constantly despite it not raining or snowing. I was concerned about this car and hung back from it, and then it sped off and I didn't see it again until after I crossed back into PA when suddenly it was up ahead again.

Now it was swerving pretty violently and crossing into the shoulder and other lane. I was getting ready to call 911 when it rear ended another car and sped off, so then I did call 911. I saw the lady who was hit pull over and immediately get out, so I believe she was ok. I followed the crazy car at a conservative distance while 911 transferred me to state police, where the phone rang eleventy billion times. Just as they picked up, a cop came up and pulled over the crazy car. So I'm glad I maybe helped them get this guy (or gal, never saw who was actually driving) who pulled at least one hit and run today and possibly more based on the existing damage.

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