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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Aug 30, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 1:43:29
  road run2 1:43:00
  trail run1 20:00
  Total5 3:46:29

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Thursday Aug 30, 2007 #

Orienteering 27:21 [5]

An o course that Ross set up around Franklin Park. Not quite a sprint as it was about 4k long, but not really a middle. More like a long sprint. I decided that I am typically not aggressive enough during these trainings, so I would start running this as if it were a 2-3k sprint and just see how far I got and what happened. I mamanged to keep my head screwed on right and didn't make any braindead mistakes. There was a lot of trail running between controls, especially at the end so I was able to plan each leg. I think I kicked ass though :) Although I was running as hard as I could the whole way with basically no mistakes.

Wednesday Aug 29, 2007 #

road run 57:00 [1]

Went running with Hill around Dedham and then we went shopping :)


I think I logged more or less all the running I did in Ukraine.

Tuesday Aug 28, 2007 #

road run 46:00 [1]

I've returned home from WOC. I had a really wonderful time, although my races were disappointing, especially the sprint. Sigh. It's hard to work for a whole year towards something to have it end up as it did. Luckily, I was surrounded by great company the whole time and I really started to enjoy Kiev adter awhile. I don't know if I would ever move there, but it does have it's perks - mainly cheap food :) Of course, I still have some stomach issues today, but after 2 weeks of diarrhea, what's another day?

Hill, Dad and I went on a slow run around Dedham this afternoon and then drove to the farmers market. I picked out a few recipes that I am very excited about making this week - the highlights being they will not contain cabbage or dill.

I still have the weird cut/sore/fungus on my arm and I think it's getting bigger. You all laughed at me in Ukraine, but if I have to get my arm amputated you'll regret your laughter!

Saturday Aug 25, 2007 #

trail run 20:00 [2]

warm up for the first leg of the relay

Orienteering 43:33 [4]

The first leg of the relay at WOC. I was very nervous at the start and really did not want to run. But there I was on the line and they said go and I started running. Thankfully, it was very straight forward to the first control - it was a building at the end of a field. The first control was forked and then the 2nd and 3rd controls were the same for everyone. I was at the back of the main lead pack going to #3 and most everyone turned left out of the control, going downhill. The french girl in front of me paused and turned right out of the control, slightly uphill to the field. I looked at the map and went with her, and the Ukrainian girl came with. As we were running across the flat before going to the reentrant, other girls ran in from the side - switzerland and norway being among them. I was thrilled that they were behind me :) At the bottom of the reentrant was a swamp that looked ok to cross, but the mud was deeper than it seemed. I went up to my mid calf and then found a piece of land and a log to crawl across. As I was crossing, I looked behind me and saw one girl in up to her chest and another girl pulling her out. I went to the wrong forked control on #4, but I went there with everyone else. We all reloacted quickly and got our control. Then there were two more common controls, 5 and 6, and I was running with a pack that was being led by Norway and Australia. Everyone in my pack had a different control for #7, but it wasn't a problem. I saw theirs and ran to mine without losing them. Then there was a slight, but long, uphill climb to #8 and Norway and Australia pulled away and I was again running with France and Ukraine. We ran to #8 and #9 together and I ran through 10 and the spectator control (#11) with them. There was a road and trail run to #12 and Ukraine disappeared - either a different fork or she was lost. France and I punched #12 right behind Australia and Czech Republic - so we caught up some time somewhere. #13 was a common control and we all caught up to Estonia on the way. Then to #14 I made my one damaging mistake. I was pulled off to the left by the group, and I ran to their control instead of mine. I knew immediately where I was and after some choice words I sprinted to my control, punching it with Estonia. The damage was done though, the pack was gone. I think I may have lost them anyways though, since my control here was definitely the longer fork. I had to run right back by their control from mine on the way to #15. Then going to #15 I hit the fence higher than I thought I would and stopped with Estonia as we both said "downhill!" and sprinted downhill towards the control. As I was approaching I saw Latvia leaving the control. Over the fence we went on the fence crossing and to #16 with no mistake. Then sprint to #17 and into the finish.

The race was a blast :) I couldn't stop smiling when I finished. It was like a 6km sprint. It started with open areas and buildings, moved to technical and physical ups and downs through reentrants and then into flat, open subtle terrain. The mistakes at the end cost me about 2 minutes, which is disappointing, but I still had a good run. It wasn't like last year, where I had the type of mistake where you are standing in the woods and nothing makes sense and you can't find anything to reloacte off of and you are simply wandering around. When I went to the last control I immediately relocated and recovered, even though it still cost me time to run to my contorl and back again. This was by far my best race at WOC this year and it was nice to see that I was able to handle first leg of the relay again without never returning to my team :)

Friday Aug 24, 2007 #

Orienteering 32:35 [2]

The model event for the relay. Got a taxi to the event area with Boris, Hill, Eric and Eddie. Tom drew us up a course to run around. He picked some new control locations which looked ok on the map, but we actually filled with stinging nettles. I had a good time jogging around and felt confortable with the map scale, which was my main concern.

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