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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Sep 9, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 5:13:41
  road biking1 1:20:00
  road&trail run1 52:00
  Total5 7:25:41

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Sunday Sep 9, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:38:33 [4]

The course was the same distance as yesterday, but my time was slower. I didn't feel as disheartened by this course, but everyone kicked my butt... again. Some really bad controls mixed in with some ok ones. I ran right by 5, thinking the pond next to the control was an extension of the swamp. I spent a long time wandering and then relocating back to exactly where I had been and within 15 feet of the control. 6, 7, and 8 went well, which was nice considering that yesterday I messed up and then never got back on track. I missed 9, when again I was heading right towards the control on my compass and I made a parallel error and ran down the wrong nose, only to relocate back to where I had been. Read reentrants wrong on 11 and made another parallel error. Finished the course well, getting back into the groove, even though Ross kicked my butt yet again... :) It was pouring ran during the beginning/middle of the course, but it was fun to run in the rain. I felt cold at one point, but warmed up again. We were all quite messy when we finished :)

Saturday Sep 8, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:35:08 [4]

Ran Blue at Pawtuckaway. Although I was tired for the first 7 controls, and a bit sloppy with route choice and execution, I found all the controls. Then it went downhill fast. I really messed up #8, thinking I hit two boulders by the swamp (dad also thought he found these boulders and then got lost just like me). I went too far and then wandered before relocating after awhile. I messed up 9, being too low in the reentrant, and thinking I think I'm here... I think it's up that hill.. but then not going up the hill until I sasw two other people punch the controls. 10 was slow but I found it. 11 was slow and I started going north instead of east in the middle of the leg. On 12 I set out then was like, ok enough of this. My strategy, whatever it is, is not working. So i went very slow to 12 and spiked it. Then messed up 13, but relocated without wandering. I really messed 14, doing something and missing and wandering. 15 was fine and then slugging to the finish.


Orienteering 45:00 [3]

A bus for the Bus-O. I thought this would be easy running through the woods, but I was wrong. At a good pace I was barely making my bus stops. Having to follow the line slowed me down. I did managed to make all my stops on time, but I didn't see anyone until I got into the inner circle. Fun! And good training!

Orienteering 15:00 [2]

The vampire-o with mom. We weren't going to run, but then we got a good card by vamping someone, so mom and I didn't want to get caught. So we ran :)

Friday Sep 7, 2007 #

road biking 1:20:00 [2]

Went road biking with dad. I thought it was going to be a bit shorter, but we just kept on going... :)

Thursday Sep 6, 2007 #


Thursday is grad school class doy, so it will have to be my day off. I also have class on Mondays, but late enough in the evening that I should be able to get a run in.

Wednesday Sep 5, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3]

Pia set up an orienteering course at Prospect Hill for this week's training. I was having a bit of trouble the whole wya through, not flowing too well. The course was designed to have short legs that changed directions and then longer legs. It was getting dark as I headed towards the last few controls and I knew they were on a tricky hillside, so I didn't do the last few. I thought I was taking splits the whole way but my watch was full so I only took 3.

Tuesday Sep 4, 2007 #

road&trail run 52:00 [2]

Running around Dedham with dad.


I went to an island for the long weekend and didn't do any running. I did play tennis and capture the flag though, so I was active :)


My battle wound from Ukraine has finally been seen by a professional. It has grown to about 3 times the original size, is still pussing, and has developed a hard outer edge (ewwww). After much advice and some worried comments by my mom I went to the doctor. I explained the whole thing to her, and she never really did tell me what it was (I suspect she has no idea) but I am now starting antibiotics and cream stuff in hopes that it gets better and stops itching and expanding. She did not seem concerned for my life though.

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