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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Feb 26, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 5:29:22 25.2(13:04) 40.56(8:07) 24095c
  road run4 2:20:37 13.26 21.34 87
  trail run3 1:47:32 9.07(11:51) 14.6(7:22) 345
  lifting/strength2 1:12:30
  Total11 10:50:01 47.53 76.5 67295c
  [1-5]11 10:49:43

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Sunday Feb 26, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:55:02 intensity: (31:43 @1) + (1:23:19 @2) 11.77 km (9:47 / km) +54m 9:33 / km
ahr:142 max:165

Long pass in beautiful, beautiful terrain in Östfora. Rasa, Lisa and I ran together at an easy pace, taking turns with the lead. Although the parking area was chilly, it was warm and sunny when we got going. At one point I believe Lisa said, "I can't imagine myself happier!" (or something close to that). It was true, it was a great map, great terrain, great company and great weather.

Towards the end I started to get a bit tired, as did Lisa and Rasa, I think. The boys caught us and we made a series of mistakes that put a bit of a damper on the mood. Even though it was totally awesome, I was glad to see the parking lot at the end. (hmm, stopped my watch a few times out there and forgot to restart it...)

Ross is a champ, but I don't think I'm going to make it to SnyggMagnus gympa tonight. Much too tired everywhere.

Saturday Feb 25, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering 53:29 intensity: (7:08 @1) + (24:17 @2) + (21:34 @3) + (30 @4) 6.6 km (8:06 / km) +45m 7:50 / km
ahr:166 max:182 13c

Linné 10mila training day. This morning we ran a mass start forked race out at Salinge Syd (south of where we did our long training last weekend). I had trouble running as fast as the girls in the beginning, and then missed #3 by a little bit and had to run back. I had a good plan to #5, the long leg, but that plan involved running on rough compass until I hit the trail. But I ran over the trail without ever seeing it. I caught up to Lina and ran with her across a swamp and climbed a hill with a big cliff.... but there wasn't one of those on my way to 5. It's because I was actually now past 5 and on my way to 6. So, back to 5 and then onwards alone.

I caught Kajsa at 6 and then Ivana heading into 8. As we climbed up to 10 we suddenly saw 5 girls standing around - the flag was mishung. So then I was in a group of 4 for the last few controls.

Overall, a fairly clean run, besides the slight miss on 3 and the massive overrun at 5. But my forking has 13 controls, while the other had 11 or 12. I think that gives me a few bonus points :)
4 PM

road run 17:59 intensity: (9:15 @1) + (7:46 @2) + (46 @3) + (12 @4) 1.92 mi (9:22 / mi) +14m 9:10 / mi
ahr:142 max:182

Running to the start of intervals and then drills.

road run 19:19 intensity: (4:16 @1) + (11:35 @2) + (31 @3) + (2:57 @4) 2.09 mi (9:14 / mi) +44m 8:40 / mi
ahr:152 max:187

Ok, I really tried. I ran the first 4 minute interval and it was pitiful. I just kept on falling further and further behind the girls. I had no power in my legs at all. It was miserable. So, I just decided that today I was done. There would be no point in plodding my way through the intervals. It's been another tough week for me and I think I reached the end of what I could do. So, I just ran back to the clubhouse for a hot shower and sauna.

We then had the clubhouse for the rest of the evening, so we ordered pizzas and hung out. A few games were started, but none were ever finished. The highlight was the indoor orienteering course that Johan set in the clubhouse. We made teams and did it as a relay. Everyone who hadn't run yet had to wait in the kitchen so they couldn't see where all the controls were. I was lead off leg for my team and had a blast :) I accidentally went to 20 instead of 12, and continued on to 13 and 14 before realizing it. But when I went back to 12, they were still searching for the "flag" (white athletic tape with the number written on it). I managed to tag off in first :)

We also had control descriptions that described whether it was high or low at each location. That was clutch when trying to find the tape quickly. I ran behind Ross with the camera when he did his leg, so I will try to put up video soon :)

Friday Feb 24, 2012 #

11 AM

road run 41:28 [2] 4.6 mi (9:01 / mi) +13m 8:56 / mi

I didn't want to run, but I did have to go to the grocery store to get brown sugar for oatmeal raisin cookies. So I used the grocery store as motivation to go running and I ran to Willy's. My running backpack is quite good and although I wouldn't want to run with the weight all the time, running home wasn't too bad. Turns out, though, I bought the wrong sugar. Foiled again!
4 PM

road run 26:00 [2] 2.8 mi (9:17 / mi)

Running down to the gym for SnyggMagnus gympa. Lots of Linné people there today, so tons of fun! It's so much lighter out now. I left the house at 4:50 and then sun was just starting to set. Beautiful sunset - bright pink and purple sky.
5 PM

lifting/strength (gympa) 50:00 intensity: (25:00 @2) + (25:00 @3)

SnyggMagnus gympa! I can judge how my week was by how tired I am during gympa. Today was mid level tiredness. Core was ok, but arms and quads were super tired.

Thursday Feb 23, 2012 #

9 AM

lifting/strength 22:30 [1]

Core strength with Elisa in the clubhouse. We wanted music, but the stereo in the changing rooms didn't have a cd player. We put on the radio and only halfway through did I realize we were listening to Hope FM. Lots of spiritual music.
5 PM

road run 8:00 [1]
ahr:114 max:135

A slow run on the ice over to the clubhouse.

road run 13:48 intensity: (18 @0) + (3:09 @1) + (10:21 @2) 0.19 mi (1:12:35 / mi) +1m 1:11:25 / mi
ahr:138 max:163

Running to the start of intervals and two strides.

Orienteering 50:51 intensity: (9:20 @1) + (14:13 @2) + (25:33 @3) + (1:45 @4) 4.91 mi (10:21 / mi) +17m 10:15 / mi
ahr:166 max:184 57c

Thursday intervals were night sprint intervals. I'll have to put up the map, because it was super, super fun! There were a total of 63 controls if you did all the intervals! Each interval had from 4-8 controls and everything was forked. There were no controls.

Everyone started out together and did the first interval. Then people waited about 30 seconds for people to catch up and do the second interval. Then they waited about 10 seconds, and then people were no longer waiting between intervals, just jogging to the next start and going. I got behind the main group somehow (taking a longer rest and not jumping as many fences). I was with a few girls and then suddenly I was alone. I waited for the people who were behind me, and we decided to form a group together and meet up at the end of each interval.

This made it much more fun as you really felt like you were racing people. The forkings were intense, so you never knew where the people in front of you were going. At one point, I bent down to go under a branch and unplugged my lamp! Oops :) The map was good, but not perfect. The main problem was new fences - both temporary ones from construction going on and permanent ones that were between buildings.

I can't wait to do this again :)Map without routes (and not necessarily my forkings)

road run 14:03 intensity: (1:24 @1) + (12:39 @2) 1.66 mi (8:28 / mi) +15m 8:14 / mi
ahr:129 max:151

Running back to the clubhouse and then home. Afterwards, Ross and I went out for Thai food :) Yum.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012 #

9 AM

trail run 4:38 intensity: (2:31 @1) + (48 @2) + (1:19 @3) 0.47 mi (9:52 / mi) +6m 9:29 / mi
ahr:135 max:174

Running over to the start of ultra sprint #1. 0°C, rain and the entire ground covered in sheets of ice. Despite this, there was a good group this morning of about 10 of us. Some people weren't wearing studded o shoes and I have no idea how they stayed up right.

Orienteering 6:07 intensity: (4 @1) + (6:03 @2) 0.49 mi (12:29 / mi) +4m 12:10 / mi
ahr:151 max:166 10c

First ultra sprint. I didn't realize the courses were forked, but I think I went to all but one of my correct controls. I did go to 5 before 4, but I figured it out. Easy to do when they are feet apart. :)

trail run 5:57 intensity: (1:29 @1) + (4:28 @2) 0.65 mi (9:09 / mi) +1m 9:07 / mi
ahr:139 max:147

Running across the river and Nåsten Plains to ultra sprint #2.

Orienteering 10:45 intensity: (45 @1) + (10:00 @2) 0.81 mi (13:16 / mi) +10m 12:47 / mi
ahr:151 max:165 15c

Second sprint, chase start with 5 second intervals, which meant I started last. This time were were at the burial mound. I'm not sure I ever actually went to #2, to be honest. And I ran by 14 and only realized it was mine after the fact, but that counts :) Fun times.

trail run 7:33 intensity: (2:12 @1) + (5:21 @2) 0.77 mi (9:48 / mi) +37m 8:32 / mi
ahr:103 max:150

And then the short run home. Fun, short morning session! Thanks, Johan!

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012 #


Wander.Lost: Skiing! I went on a fantastic ski last Friday right from our apartment!
7 AM

trail run 21:05 intensity: (13:47 @1) + (2:37 @2) + (4:41 @3) 1.07 mi (19:42 / mi) +16m 18:50 / mi
ahr:148 max:179

Run over to backbana early this morning to join a group for hill intervals.

trail run 37:05 intensity: (1:58 @1) + (21:39 @2) + (13:17 @3) + (11 @4) 3.08 mi (12:02 / mi) +234m 9:44 / mi
ahr:162 max:180

Backbana hills. The idea is that you run the course, pushing hard on the uphills and going easy on the flats and downs. Elisa and I started before the boys, although they caught us before the first uphill. There was a good feeling of camaraderie as I looked up the first hill and saw everyone surging up. Training is so much more fun with other people.

Elisa was moving a bit faster than me again today on the uphills. I think she is also more sure about her footing than I am. Since it rained on Sunday the slopes have turned icy. With studs, it's not too bad and the downhills were certainly faster than Sunday (less sliding today, despite the ice). The uphills were probably about the same or a bit slower (because of the ice).

Good training and nice to get up early in the morning to workout (I say, after I'm done). Hopefully I'll do this every Tuesday.

trail run 22:06 intensity: (1:29 @1) + (20:37 @2) 2.14 mi (10:20 / mi) +36m 9:49 / mi
ahr:142 max:148

Slow jog home. Elisa caught up to me on her bike and rode with me for the second half. The warmer weather today actually made biking better than I would have thought. Next time, I'll bike.
6 PM

trail run 9:08 intensity: (3:54 @1) + (5:14 @2) 0.89 mi (10:16 / mi) +15m 9:45 / mi
ahr:137 max:155

Running to the start of Tisdagsbana.

Orienteering 1:33:08 intensity: (7:46 @1) + (1:25:22 @2) 7.58 mi (12:17 / mi) +110m 11:45 / mi
ahr:146 max:166

A very pleasant Tuesday night run. Elisa and I were in agreement that we were tired from this morning and agreed to run slowly. Which we did with great success :) I really enjoyed tonight - running along at an easy pace, leading sometimes, but then getting confused :) Running easy was quite nice and I had a good time out in the warm (+3°C!) woods.

Monday Feb 20, 2012 #


Didn't do much today, not even rock gympa by myself at home. Should do it later this week.

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