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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Oct 13, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 2:59:05 10.19 16.4
  road run2 1:00:00 6.0(10:00) 9.66(6:13)
  trail run3 55:00 2.5 4.02
  Total8 4:54:05 18.69 30.08

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Monday Oct 13, 2014 #

11 AM

trail run 25:00 [2] 2.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

We'll call this the total between the warm up for the sprint, and then warm up for the relay.
12 PM

Orienteering 15:54 [3] 3.0 km (5:18 / km)

North American Sprint Champs. Felt better than yesterday, ate a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, but couldn't eat anything else before running. Went the wrong way to both 1 and 2, which made me a bit anxious. Had another bobble on 5, but then ran really hard to 6 and made up lots of time there. Was ok after that, besides losing a few second here and there. In the park I was running behind Erin and we both blindly ran to the wrong control on the water. Finished strong and managed to stay ahead to be first north american.
1 PM

Orienteering 14:58 [3] 2.0 km (7:29 / km)

NAOC Relay. I went out last on a team of Alex, Eric, Ross and me. I started about 80 seconds behind Kerstin. I ran well to #3, which is where I first saw her. Then I had really bad directional sense to 4, and actually bumped into 5, but didn't realize it was 5. Decided to bail out to the north to relocate and then noticed my control as I was running by. Luckily, Kerstin appeared there at the same time as me. After that I slowed down, made sure I was running correctly on my compass and focused on being clean. No more mistakes, just making sure I was thinking clearly.

We finished first, securing the USA win, and then Alison also caught Kerstin for an even more secure win!

Sunday Oct 12, 2014 #

12 PM

Orienteering 1:04:48 [3] 7.9 km (8:12 / km)

NAOC Long. Woke up feeling ok, ate breakfast, but then steadily started to feel worse. My stomach was turning over and I couldn't manage to eat lunch. Warming up was horrible and I was incredibly nauseous. Figured I just had to get through it, and hoped that it would get better as I ran. It didn't, but orienteering did distract me a bit.

First control was an easy control, but then I had lots of trouble getting to 2. First tried to cut the corner too much coming out of 1, and ran into the lake, and then through the green. Took the trail to the right of the line, across the powerlines, and then paralleled them a bit in the woods. Went around the green, and by the little swamp to the right of the line, but then lost my way a bit. Slowed down, looked around and just couldn't quite get it. Trusted my compass and kept going and bumped into the small pond right of the line. A few minutes lost there.

After that, I made no other big mistakes on my course. I took it easy in terms of speed, as I couldn't push too hard with my stomach feeling as it was. Stopped when I needed too, and probably over-read the map a bit, making me slow, but never getting lost. I had thought to cut the corner to 15, but missed my cut off the trail and Tori B. was running fast in front of me, so I decided to take the trail. So glad I did, as it was fast and made for an easy attack.

So happy and relieved to come in as first north american, and earn a spot for WOC long. Unfortunately, still couldn't eat when I finished. I tried to force down dinner later that night, and ended up puking up everything in my stomach in the parking lot. Fun times! For sure had a stomach bug of some sort, because then Sandra and Lisa caught it :(

trail run 15:00 [2]

Saturday Oct 11, 2014 #

2 PM

Orienteering 43:25 [3]

Middle Distance NAOC.

Started well, with spiking the first control and catching Alex there. Told myself not to worry about her, and not to speed up to try to run away. 2 and 3 went fine. I drifted too far right on 4 and knew that I was confused as we approached. Stopped, looked around and noticed that it all looked quite flat, but maybe there was a rise to the left? Ran left and sure enough there wa sa control on the rise. Caught Hannah on the way to 5, and the three of us ran to 6 together.

And then about 9 minutes lost on 7, and went from being about 1 minute ahead of the next person to losing the race easily there. I started out ok, with the plan to hit the hill a bit to the right of the line. Left the control going a bit left, so that I hit the stream and then ran along it to the swamp at the end, just like planned. At this point, I had also caught Alison and Carol. As I come off the swamp though, I can't match things. I should have stopped, like I did at 4, and let my brain settle down and figure it out. But I was a bit stressed, probably due to so many other people, that I just kept going. I drifted too far left and bashed through the green. In retrospect, that makes perfect sense. It was very green where I was, there was even a small swamp. But I just kept bashing through. Everyone else had sort of spread out, and then everyone stopped and people started turning back around. I kept going a bit, and saw Cristina coming back towards me. I stopped in a shallow reentrant, with water in it, next to a hill. In retrospect again, it's obvious where I was and I should have just kept going. But, I relocated incorrectly, thinking that I was close to 8, so I also turned around.

But then that didn't make sense either. Decided I had to get away from the group, so ran towards the ponds. Never found them. With Alex and so I headed back, and then saw a fairly big open hill. Climbed that and saw Ali on top, also confused. BUT, I finally relocated! This was the hill that I was trying to find all along.

Ran off the hill, checking the cliff on it, and then the water to make sure I was correct. Still had trouble getting to 7, but made it.

8 was fine, and 9 I overran. 10 was fine. On 11 I was running hard, trying to make sure I wasn't caught by Ali or Alex and I could run on the trail. Running hard, easy attack from the top of the hill on the trail... but I obviously don't slow down enough and completely come off at the wrong angle. See Hannah running at me, going the opposite direction. Ignore her, keep going, wander around and hit the fence! Frustrated, come back in and punch 11. But then, to top it all off, I leave 11 running back towards 10! Realize it when I'm about to hit the trail. Grrr. Turn back around again.

The end was fine, although I shouldn't have bashed through the green to 13.

A bit frustrating to know that if I just kept me head together at the end of the race I could have come back to be North American Champ.

trail run 15:00 [3]

Friday Oct 10, 2014 #

4 PM

Orienteering 40:00 [2] 3.5 km (11:26 / km)

Model map for NAOC. This was not my best day. Could not stay on my compass, or read the vegetation accurately.

Thursday Oct 9, 2014 #


Long drive up to NAOC with Kate, Rassmus, Elise and Johan. Fun road trip! :)

Wednesday Oct 8, 2014 #

road run 35:00 [2] 3.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

Short run with Ross, to town hall to see where it was, and then 4 (?) 1 minute intervals up westfield street.

Tuesday Oct 7, 2014 #

road run 25:00 [2] 2.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

One loop around Stoney Lea, which felt great after flying all day.

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