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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Feb 18, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  spinning3 2:13:11
  lifting/strength2 1:23:19
  other1 59:56 7.77(7:43) 12.5(4:48) 5
  cross trainer1 35:37
  Total7 5:12:03 7.77 12.5 5

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Sunday Feb 18, 2018 #

11 AM

other (ice skating) 59:56 [2] 12.5 km (4:48 / km) +5m 4:47 / km

Today we just went down the road to lake Ekoln for skating. We skated most of what they plowed, plus there was a bit that extended a bit further out and back continuing south that we didn't do. It was snowing a bit, so would have been nice with a hood, instead of just a hat. Ross and I took turns pushing Sofie, who woke once for a bit in the middle, but then fell back to sleep.

Saturday Feb 17, 2018 #

9 AM

spinning 1:00:11 [2]

Saturday morning spin. This class continues to puzzle me. I showed up 10 minutes before the class started, which is usually considered early, and all but 3 of the bikes had peoples waterbottles or bags at it - but almost no people (they came in just before the class started). And all the people in the class seem to know each other. They're all about 60 and fit. Maybe they're a cycling group that always books this class together? This class also books up in less than 1 hour after the booking opens, and typically had at least 30 people on the reserve list (there are about 30 bikes). However, for all spinning classes there are two spots that aren't bookable,and they go first come, first served in the morning. These often aren't filled up, because who wants to go all the way to the gym only to discover that you can't actually get into the class? But I've taken one of these two spots for the last month, and it's worked great. Today was actually the first time that the class was completely full - previously there have been one or two empty bikes.

Anyway, despite the mystery of this class, I worked hard. First two building intervals, then 2', 2', 1', 1', 2', 1', 2', with a minute rest after the 2min and 45s rest after the 1m.

Maybe slightly too hard in the beginning as my legs were jelly at the end. HR up to 177 on most of the intervals and then just went all out on the last one and hit 182. Don't have the HR data myself, since I need a new battery for my watch, but it was a pulse class, so they give you HR monitors and project it up on a screen.

Friday Feb 16, 2018 #

11 AM

spinning 33:00 intensity: (17:00 @2) + (16:00 @4)

Sofie took a long nap this morning and woke just as we were arriving at the indoor track. Therefore she was on her best behavior while I was spinning and I easily got in my 4 x 4 minutes. Léon wasn't so happy though, so right after my last interval I walked around with the two of them while Annika finished. Went back on the bike for a cool down, but at that point Sofie decided she had enough, so only did 5 minutes of cool down. Followed by lunch and semla (at Lejon Stenugnsbageri & Konditori where they have the second best semla in the city, according to this survey) with Annika. A great Friday!

Thursday Feb 15, 2018 #


Chose to stay home with the family in the evening instead of going to spinning. I'm tired. The little one isn't sleeping great at night and it wears on me.

However, we did something fun and exciting today! There are these open daycares all around the city. The best way to describe them is as free drop-in play areas for kids and their parents. They are set up like a daycare, and you go and hang out with your baby there (you can't leave your baby alone, you stay with them) and meet other parents, and your baby can meet other babies. I found out that the one near me has song time for 0-10 month old babies at 11am on Thursday, so I worked up the courage to go.

There were about 8 other parents there with their babies. When I arrived they were all sitting in a circle and the babies were playing with toys on a large soft mat. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Sofie was the youngest by about a month of so. All the other babies could sit up on their own, but I don't think all could crawl.

The songs were fun, and Sofie was interested. She started to get a bit over-stimulated (I think) near the end, but I gave her a pacifier and she cuddled with me and enjoyed it. There was one song where we sing and walk towards each other and stand in a huddled group, babies facing outwards towards each other, until one baby makes a noise and we all sing and back up. Sofie was the first one to talk both times :)

Song time was about 30 minutes, and then the play mat and toys came back out again and everyone continued to hang out. There's a small kitchen there, so parents heated up food for their babies. You can buy coffee or fika for yourself as well. Sofie liked watching the other babies, and was most interested in a book that made animal noises. We left around 12:30 as Sofie naps about every 2 hours, but everyone else was still there, plus about 3 more parents that joined after song time. I'm super excited to go back next Thursday! (Plus, a midwife comes each week to hang out and be available if you have questions. This week it was my midwife, so she got to meet Sofie! Next week I'm going to ask about pelvic floor examinations and if I can get a midwife to help advise me).

Wednesday Feb 14, 2018 #

11 AM

cross trainer 35:37 [2]

I was tired, so just did a random hills setting on the cross trainer instead of intervals. Albin was there lifting, so he stopped by on the elliptical next to me for a bit and we chatted. Most of the elite Linné runners are off to Portugal for a training camp at the end of the week!

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018 #

7 AM

spinning 40:00 intensity: (24:00 @2) + (16:00 @3)

6 x 4 minutes. Tired legs this morning. My max pulse on the last two intervals was 172. Sweat dripping on the floor, so I think I was working hard enough.

Monday Feb 12, 2018 #

11 AM

lifting/strength 41:25 [2]

Gympa at the gym. Sofie apparently started crying all of a sudden, and they came to get me during the cool down session. She seems to be having stomach trouble again.
6 PM

lifting/strength 41:54 [2]

And then rock gympa in the evening. Tried to do almost all of the exercises tonight, though swapped some of the core ones for the ones I'm supposed to be doing.

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