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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending May 20, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  road run6 3:37:18 21.77(9:59) 35.04(6:12) 264
  Orienteering3 1:58:48 10.48(11:20) 16.87(7:03) 116
  lifting/strength1 45:39
  spinning1 45:00
  cross trainer1 30:00
  rowing machine1 20:00
  Total8 7:56:45 32.25 51.9 380
  [1-5]8 7:54:54

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Sunday May 20, 2018 #

10 AM

road run 13:06 intensity: (30 @0) + (4:25 @1) + (8:11 @2) 2.01 km (6:31 / km) +28m 6:06 / km
ahr:131 max:150

Orienteering 41:12 intensity: (1 @0) + (18 @1) + (8:35 @2) + (25:29 @3) + (6:49 @4) 6.15 km (6:42 / km) +19m 6:36 / km
ahr:168 max:185


I had a good race, but the course was so easy. My only big mistake was going to 7, where I left 6 not really paying attention as I was trying to decide what bridge to use to cross the stream. I'm not sure why, but I turned the wrong way when I hit the trail. Then was confused and didn't correct well and I missed the first bridge, which would have been much better. Crossing the river later meant trying to go along the steep slope, which was super slow. I think I lost about a minute. The only other time loss was when I started going to 15 instead of 13, but I caught myself very quickly there.

Still, with a pretty clean run I'm far behind simply because of running shape. Even small mistakes really count when the navigation is so simple (as long as you're paying attention!). Of course it's all challenging when you run fast enough, but my fast still isn't quite as fast as it has been!

Saturday May 19, 2018 #

10 AM

road run 10:49 intensity: (5 @0) + (3:03 @1) + (7:41 @2) 1.67 km (6:29 / km) +23m 6:04 / km
ahr:129 max:152

We drove up to Orsa Grönklitt last night. It's a ski area, so the cabins are quite free and available this time of year. The club rented two apartment, and then we and Johan, Elisa and their daughter Amelie rented our own apartment in the same building. The family apartment :) This was useful, since we arrived quite late (around 9:30pm) so Sofie had a very hard time falling asleep and then staying asleep. Good thing I'm well conditioned now to survive on very little sleep :)

The races are about 35 minutes away in Mora, and I am running D21 both days, and Ross is running the open course so that we can easily switch off watching Sofie. She had a fantastic day, sleeping in the car and in the stroller. While awake she was happily playing on her blanket in the shade.

My warmup was jogging with Elisa to the start and then a few more back and forths along the trail.

Orienteering 37:46 intensity: (9 @0) + (44 @1) + (10:31 @2) + (22:43 @3) + (3:39 @4) 5.82 km (6:29 / km) +22m 6:22 / km
ahr:166 max:182


A pretty good race day. This is definitely my type of terrain. Harder ground and good visibility. You did have to be careful on your compass, because a lot of it was flat and bland. A few mistakes, mostly because of oxygen debt I think.
4 PM

Orienteering 39:50 intensity: (51 @0) + (4:55 @1) + (34:04 @2) 4.89 km (8:08 / km) +75m 7:34 / km
ahr:140 max:162

Two trainings in one day! It was orienteering intervals, but the person who set the training didn't realize that the map was at 1:15000, so there were 16km of intervals. I only did 1.5 intervals and that was plenty. Went back and took over watching Sofie so Ross could get out in the forest again too. Sofie slept much better tonight and Johan and Elisa made us dinner :)

Friday May 18, 2018 #

10 AM

road run (stroller) 45:02 intensity: (6 @0) + (22:33 @1) + (22:23 @2) 7.27 km (6:12 / km) +46m 6:00 / km
ahr:129 max:144

Another beautiful spring day, with a cool breeze and sunshine. Sofie again fell asleep easily in the stroller and unfortunately woke up when we went into the grocery store at the end. This always happens. She can sleep through all sorts of car and construction noise, but being in the store always wakes her. She is currently taking a long afternoon nap, so I think she actually would have liked more sleep.

Went on the gula stigen trail, but decided it was too bumpy to run on. Walking was ok, but I didn't want to run and risk waking her. The Thule Urban Glide is great for pavement, and I love how you can unlock the front wheel and use it as an everyday stroller. It's a bit long, but it turns so easily it can navigate tight corners in stores no problem. It can handle packed dirt bike paths, but it has more trouble on gravel roads (quite bumpy). Though the gravel that they put on the pavement in the winter was fine. The Urban Glide suits us just fine, but if I wanted to do more trail running with Sofie then I would have to get the regular Glide.

We're off this evening to a training camp for Jukole/Venla a bit north of here. Two overnights and races plus trainings. First family weekend away (besides going to the US). Here's hoping it goes smoothly :)

Thursday May 17, 2018 #

12 PM

road run (stroller) 1:33:33 intensity: (9 @0) + (22:45 @1) + (1:10:39 @2) 15.01 km (6:14 / km) +123m 5:59 / km
ahr:135 max:153

When Mom and Dad come to visit at the beginning of June, Dad and I are going to run a 21km race together. So today is the start of that training :) 15km felt good, though the outside of my left knee is definitely sore when I run and I should take care of that, somehow.

A beautiful day to be out running. It's been so hot here lately (around 27C) and full sun. Wonderful weather, but I think Sofie gets hot in the stroller and I keep her fully covered to keep the sun off. Today was much better. It was 17C, partly cloudy with a strong breeze.

Wednesday May 16, 2018 #

11 AM

road run (stroller) 17:48 [2] 2.85 km (6:15 / km) +21m 6:02 / km

Running to the gym, with the extra loop.

lifting/strength 45:39 [2]

Core class.

road run 11:00 [2] 1.74 km (6:20 / km) +23m 5:56 / km

Part walking in the beginning until Sofie fell asleep (didn't take long! She skipped her morning nap, but still was great at babysitting).

Tuesday May 15, 2018 #

7 AM

spinning 45:00 intensity: (21:00 @2) + (24:00 @4)

Morning spinning intervals. Watch had no battery. HR wasn't too high this morning, but I was still working hard!

Monday May 14, 2018 #

11 AM

road run (stroller) 26:00 [2] 4.5 km (5:47 / km)

To the gym and then to the store on the way home.

rowing machine 20:00 [2]

cross trainer 30:00 [2]

Just the random hills setting.

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