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Training Log Archive: DWildfogel

In the 7 days ending Oct 1, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Stretching1 1:50:00
  Walking4 1:25:00 4.0(21:15) 6.44(13:12) 60
  Running2 50:13 3.75(13:24) 6.03(8:19)
  Orienteering1 13:41 2.1(6:31) 3.38(4:03) 25
  Strength exercises1 12:00
  Physical therapy1 8:00
  Total7 4:38:54 9.85 15.85 85

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Saturday Oct 1, 2016 #


In the middle of the night, my lower left back got really sore - again. Had to get up, roll it out, do some traction exercises, apply a heating bad. Was eventually able to get back to sleep. Much less sore in the morning, but still sore. Applied heat several times during the day and did several sessions of stretching and rolling out. By late afternoon, it was pretty much back to normal.

5 PM

Walking 18:00 [2] 0.8 mi (22:30 / mi) +20m 20:53 / mi
shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Skyline, to near Cindy's and back. Same as the last two days. Legs starting to feel better, though even the bit of remaining soreness in my back kept my stride shorter and my time a little slower (not that I was pushing it).

Friday Sep 30, 2016 #

Stretching 1:50:00 [2]

The usual weekly accumulation of morning exercises: stretching, strength and balance. Started back on the latter two on Tues, worked up to virtually the full amounts by Fri.

11 AM

Walking 16:00 [2] 0.8 mi (20:00 / mi) +20m 18:34 / mi
shoes: Kayano 16 White

Skyline, almost to Cindy's and back. Same as yesterday. Legs felt a little better.

Thursday Sep 29, 2016 #

4 PM

Walking 17:00 [2] 0.8 mi (21:15 / mi) +20m 19:44 / mi
shoes: Kayano 16 White

Walk on Skyline almost to Cindy's and back. Sore below my knees this time.

Strength exercises 12:00 [3]

Theraband interleaved with core, then weights. About a one-third workout, as I haven't done these in some time. Two sets of everything, half the reps. Even less with weights. Sore left chest from falling at Pound Ridge ten days ago keeps me from doing presses with my left arm.

Physical therapy 8:00 [4]

Haven't done these in quite a while, either. A little bit of several of the exercises, using the green (stronger) Thera-ring. Both hips are a bit sore.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016 #

11 AM

Running (Easy distance minus) 32:13 [3] 2.5 mi (12:53 / mi)
shoes: Kayano 20 Blue

Skyline, just past Gist and back. Trying to let my body heal this week. This was just a jog, even walking up some of the hills. Knees rather creaky.

Tuesday Sep 27, 2016 #

6 AM

Walking 34:00 [2] 1.6 mi (21:15 / mi)
shoes: Kayano 16 White

Pre-dawn walk on Skyline, leaving the house at 6:20. Still sort of on Eastern Time. Already 82 degrees.

Monday Sep 26, 2016 #


37 degrees in the morning at Charlie's when we leave for the airport; 104 in Los Gatos when we get back late in the afternoon.

Cold got worse last evening but fortunately wasn't horrible on the plane rides.

Sunday Sep 25, 2016 #

8 AM

Orienteering race 13:41 [5] 2.1 mi (6:31 / mi) +25m 6:17 / mi
(injured) (sick) shoes: Salomon SC 3 Bl/Bl

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Start at 8:31. First place in M65 in the North American Champs sprint, despite a head cold and several ailing body parts. Didn't have a lot of speed but was very aggressive and made quick and good decisions. Temperature around 40 F definitely helped. Lost about :20 on #14 after I got distracted right before #13 by someone calling out to me that I was crossing an uncrossable cliff, which I wasn't. But in checking - while leaving 13 - that what I had done was indeed ok, ran past the turn I should have taken to 14 and by the time I realized it, it seemed faster to just go all the way around the building.

Never stopped except to punch (with one exception). Slowed down a few times (7, 9, 15) to work out the details of exactly where the control would be; consequently, once near the circle, was able to go right to the control without hesitation in every case and to exit without having to consult the map. Pretty sure I never used the compass except possibly in the start triangle.

The one stop was going to #12 and was only for a second or two. I knew the control was at the bottom of the stairs, but I planned to run on the path and go down the stairs before realizing I should cut across the grass. But as I did that, came to a low retaining wall I had to jump down, so stopped first to check that it was crossable (and actually didn't see the grey line, but saw that there definitely wasn't a black line). So, going a bit out of the way cost another second or two, amounting to a 3 or 4 sec loss on that leg, the only time loss besides the error at #14. (Still had the 3rd best split on that leg, 1st among M65+ North Americans.)

Very pleased to win over such a strong field, including a bunch of top guys (Seager, Tarry, Froyen, K.Walker, Bortz) who weren't at the U.S. Sprint Champs in March, plus top notch Canadians like Konotopetz and Yarkie.

Illness: started getting a sore throat and headache after Fri's race, and those were still there all day yesterday and this morning, with congestion starting last night. After today's race, started coughing and that continued through the rest of the day.

Injuries: in addition to the ongoing problems with my knees, my chest is still sore from last weekend's fall, and after today's race, that really started hurting, especially when I coughed. The three big scratches I got from running into the barbed wire fence on Friday were still tender. Finally, had several dizzy spells this week. Don't think any of these impeded me during the race, though, and amazingly neither did the fact that I got less than three hours sleep last night.

[Orienteering Sprint Race]

Running warm up/down 12:00 [2] 0.9 mi (13:20 / mi)
shoes: Salomon SC 3 Bl/Bl

Warm up on the Darmouth Green. Knees a little creaky at first, but then felt pretty decent and loose. Temp in the high 30's but no trouble getting warm, but still feel comfortable (as opposed, for instance to the Sprint Qualifier in Tallinn, where the extreme humidity was really uncomfortable for me).

Running warm up/down 6:00 [2] 0.35 mi (17:09 / mi)
shoes: Salomon SC 3 Bl/Bl

Cool down on the Dartmouth Green.

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