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Training Log Archive: DWildfogel

In the 7 days ending Jan 27:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Stretching1 5:00:00
  Strength exercises3 1:30:00
  Running2 46:51 3.95(11:52) 6.36(7:22)
  Orienteering1 26:21 2.05(12:51) 3.3(7:59)
  Physical therapy1 16:00
  Leg strengthening1 5:00
  Total7 8:04:12 6.0 9.66

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Saturday Jan 27 #

11 AM

Strength exercises 15:00 [4]

At home. Upper body only. Two sets instead of three.

[Strength exercises]

Friday Jan 26 #

Stretching 5:00:00 [2]

The usual weekly accumulation of morning exercises.

5 PM

(rest day)

Found out this morning that someone fraudulently used our credit card, and the rest of the day was spend dealing with the consequences of that :(

Had planned to go for an easy run, but this morning my right knee hurt a good deal, and later in the day my throat was a bit sore, so maybe not running at all today would've been the right thing to do anyway.

Thursday Jan 25 #

12 PM

Strength exercises 40:00 [4]

At home. Really pushed these. Theraband (finally have a new blue one) interleaved with core. Adductors. 15 bar dips. Curls: 1x10, 2x12, 25lbs each arm. Military presses: Right arm: 8, 7, 8; Left: 8, 7, 7 (left arm struggled a bit).

At the end, added a set of kettle bell squats, 1 x 10. Gotta build these up, along with one-leg squats.

The 15 bar dips is the best I've done since doing 16 on 5-23-2015. Did 17 on 6-19-14 and 15 on 5-25-14. Before that, would have to go back more than a decade to find a time I did 15 or more bar dips.

[Strength exercises]

Physical therapy 16:00 [4]

At home. Actually did these between the bar dips and the weights.

Green thera-loop!
Clam shells: 3 x 40 sec
Scissors: 1x 30 secs
Fire hydrant: 2 x 30 secs
Squats: 1x 30 secs

Whew, these are hard. Goal is to get up to 3 x 1 min for all 4 of these, plus monster walk.

[Leg strengthening]

Wednesday Jan 24 #

8 AM

Leg strengthening 5:00 [4]

At home. Did these as part of my morning routine today. 2 sets of 8 kettle bell squats with 25 lbs. One set of 12 calf raisers, each leg.

[Leg strengthening]

12 PM

Orienteering (Forest running w/map) 26:21 [4] 2.05 mi (12:51 / mi)
shoes: Yellow Falcons

Local terrain. Cold; wet ground; beat the rain that's coming. In full orienteering regalia, plus golf gloves. After Monday's hard workout, wanted this to be a moderate workout. Out a little late after a much needed nap; fought off the temptation to skip the run and have lunch instead. Very glad I got the run in.

Run with the map from D Final from the 2016 WMOC in Estonia, which was a pretty good race for me, especially the last third. Looking at it now, it seems that the D-Final course must be made easier: this really was close to being what we'd consider an Orange course (no doubt a big part of why I did so well that day). [Added a few days later: Looked in RouteGadget at the A, B and C Finals for M65. They were a little harder (and of course longer), but the basic fact is that that venue has very extensive trail network, so most legs on all the courses had viable trail options.]

Warm up on jeep trail loop (spits for 2 laps at a time, 0.4 miles): 508, 438 Tot: 946. Read the map starting with the second lap.

To woods loop start: 35 (some difficulty refolding the map slowed me down)

Forest running:
3 x [1 x house + [2 x woods loop]]: 507, 516, 535 Tot: 1559

The first lap, about the same as two weeks ago, was too fast for me to read the map. Slowed a little on the second and was able to read the map some but not that much. Slowed a lot more on the third lap, and I did reasonably well reading the map at that pace. So, looks trying to read a map on the run through moderately rough terrain slows me down by about 10%.

[Orienteering Forest running w/map]

Running warm up/down 7:16 [2] 0.4 mi (18:10 / mi)
shoes: Yellow Falcons

Cool down
249 recovery jog in yard and getting to jeep trail
427 jeep trail quarter-mile horseshoe

Tuesday Jan 23 #

12 PM

Strength exercises 35:00 [4]

JCCLG. After annual physical exam. Full gym workout: core and adductors interleaved with upper body exercises. 12 bar dips. Again using the new military press machine, tried 45 lbs for the first set, and managed 8 reps, but reverted to 35 lbs for the last two sets of 8. Really good workout with little rest.

Neck was (again) pretty sore afterwards, but not bad by the next day.

[Strength exercises]

Monday Jan 22 #

12 PM

Running (Intervals) 26:40 [4] 2.8 mi (9:31 / mi)
shoes: Salomon SC3 Bl/Bl 2

Jeep trail next door. 47 degrees, foggy, after rain. Legs felt pretty good, so thought I'd try something faster, threshold intervals, or maybe even intervals if my legs felt good once I started running.

501, 418, 351 Total: 1311

(continuing from warmup without stopping...)

329 [100], 323 [159], 317, [203], 133 [100], 144 Total: 1059 (Avg: 322)

Legs did feel pretty good. When my first interval was just under 330, thought I'd be doing threshold pace, so only rested one minute, but after the second (real fast) one, realized I was going at interval pace, so took two minutes rest. The third one, 317, was a PB by 3 secs. I was pushing, and breathing hard. Didn't think I had another two-lapper in me, though legs still felt OK, so did one fast lap (probably the fastest ever out here), rested a minute, then "cruised" one more (definitely felt like cruising, but it was at the pace of the first interval!).

Don't do very many workouts these days where I really push myself; this was one.

Afterwards: left knee pretty sore, especially if I try to do a hurdler's stretch.

Didn't include the 602 of recovery jog in the totals of time or distance.


Running warm up/down 12:55 [2] 0.75 mi (17:13 / mi)
shoes: Salomon SC3 Bl/Bl 2

Cool down:
104 walk
508 recovery jog for .25 miles
158 walk, stretch
747 cool down jog half mile

All this on the jeep trail

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