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Training Log Archive: DWildfogel

In the 7 days ending May 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking11 3:03:52 8.45(21:46) 13.6(13:31) 122
  Running3 1:55:36 9.15(12:38) 14.73(7:51) 108
  Strength exercises7 1:51:00
  Total18 6:50:28 17.6 28.33 230

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Saturday May 18 #

7 AM

Walking 17:25 [2] 0.82 mi (21:14 / mi)
ahr:75 max:109 shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

San Anselmo. Typical morning walk, E on Greenfield, to the bend.

8 AM

Strength exercises 15:00 [4]

PT exercises for left hamstring:

One-legged "medicine ball" bridges: 4 x 35 secs

Dead lifts: 4 x 10, 25 lbs (time to try 35 lbs)

Pushed hard on these. Definitely some pain when I do them, but no problem soon afterwards (which is exactly what is recommended).

[Strength exercises]

12 PM

Strength exercises 15:00 [4]

Second session today.

Theraband walk 1 min
Clam shells 2 x 10, ea leg
Side plank 1 x 30 secs, ea arm

Step-ups 3 x [5 x 10 secs] --these are hard on the hamstring; set out to do 4 sets, but three felt like plenty.

[Strength exercises]

6 PM

Strength exercises 14:00 [4]

Third session of the day.


Hundreds 2 x 112
Leg lifts 2 x 15
Curls 2 x 8 25 lbs, ea arm
Pressses 2 x 8 25 lbs, ea arm

(Did the above in 10 mins; hard to believe I did that last time in 7 minutes)

abductors 1 x 16
adductors 1 x 32
outward arm extensions 1 x 16
low rows 1 x 32 (but with green band, which doesn't have as much resistance as the red band)

[Strength exercises]

8 PM

Walking 12:00 [2] 0.5 mi (23:59 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

San Anselmo. Typical after dinner walk: around the block, then W on Greenfield.

Friday May 17 #

7 AM

Walking 16:16 [2] 0.81 mi (20:05 / mi) +10m 19:19 / mi
ahr:79 max:89 shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

San Anselmo. Typical morning walk, E on Greenfield, to the bend.

Strength exercises 15:00 [4]

Did the three hamstring PT exercises:

one-legged medicine ball bridges
dead lifts
step ups

Feeling like the hamstring has improved enough that I ought to be doing these more frequently, not just three times a week.

[Strength exercises]

5 PM

Running (Easy distance plus) 13:51 [3] 1.29 mi (10:44 / mi)
ahr:123 max:130 (injured) shoes: Speedcross 6 black

Archie Williams HS track. Warm (low 70's), but lots of shade on the track plus a nice breeze.

Despite lateness of the hour and low energy, determined to do this because my hamstring seems feeling improved. Even after this morning's PT exercises, hamstring felt good.

Up and back on the (shaded) home-stretch, then 4 laps in lane 8 in the reverse direction. Lower legs (knees, ankles, shins) all were quite sore at first (due in part to the relatively hard run on the Kortum Trail 2 days ago, but the main point was to test my hamstring, which held up very well. Last 400m at 9:45/mi pace - but see next entry.

Had worn the Speedcross 6's only sparingly, several month ago. Time to get them more broken in as I will likely use them for Sprint-O races.

[Easy distance plus]

Running (Intervals) 27 [4] 0.1 km (4:30 / km)
ahr:122 max:123 (injured) shoes: Speedcross 6 black

Archie Williams HS track, continuing.

Jogged for a couple of minutes, then ran 100m in 27+ secs, roughly 720/mi pace, fastest I've run since hurting my hamstring. Definitely lengthened my stride a bit but also turned over very quickly, which is pretty tiring. Worried I pushed the hamstring too much (but it felt ok later [and also the next morning]).

Will call this "intervals" for lack of a better category.


Running warm up/down 6:35 [2] 0.37 mi (17:48 / mi) +1m 17:37 / mi
ahr:111 max:126 shoes: Speedcross 6 black

Cool down

8 PM

Walking 12:00 [2] 0.5 mi (23:59 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

San Anselmo. Typical after dinner walk: around the block, then W on Greenfield.

Thursday May 16 #

7 AM

Walking 27:03 [2] 1.1 mi (24:36 / mi) +55m 21:18 / mi
ahr:69 max:74 shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

Monte Rio. Morning walk from the cabin on Old Monte Rio Rd.

Strength exercises 30:00 [4]

Writing this two days later, and don't remember the details, but know I did the three PT hamstring exercises plus a good number of the core and arm strength exercises.

[Strength exercises]

3 PM

Walking 21:28 [2] 1.0 mi (21:28 / mi) +21m 20:09 / mi
ahr:82 max:98 shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

San Rafael. Walked back from haircut appointment. Had been dropped off on the way back from the cabin.

Wednesday May 15 #

3 PM

Running (Easy distance) 40:27 [3] 3.62 mi (11:10 / mi) +43m 10:47 / mi
ahr:139 max:168 (injured) shoes: Bright Blue Speedcross 5

Sonoma Coast St Beach. Butterfly loop on the Kortum Trail, starting at Shell Beach. Heavy overcast, temp around 56, but no wind, so it was good running conditions. Ran in shorts. Pushed right from the beginning (though clearly I needed a warm up first) and got a really good workout, but disappointed how slow the splits were despite my pushing. Having to keep a short stride makes a huge difference. Did try to open up my stride a bit over the last several minutes on the second segment, and did feel like I was going faster (was under 9 min/mi for nearly a quarter mile).

Had never seen the Kortum Trail so overgrown (and so rutted on the slopes).

[SB] -- 1451 -> [SR] -- 1321 -> [SB] -- 615 -> [FG] -- 552 -> [SB]

SB = Shell Beach
SR = Sunset Rocks
FG= Furlong Gulch

[Easy distance]

Running warm up/down 6:16 [2] 0.3 mi (20:53 / mi)
ahr:116 max:145 shoes: Bright Blue Speedcross 5

Cool down

Tuesday May 14 #

8 AM

Strength exercises 5:00 [4]

One-legged medicine ball squats: 2 x 25 secs

Dead lifts 2 x 10, 25 lbs

[Strength exercises]

1 PM

Strength exercises 17:00 [4]

Mini-workout plus hamstring PT.

hundreds 1 x 112
leg lifts 1 x 15
presses 1 x 8, 25 lbs
curls 1 x 8, 25 lbs
abductors 1 x 16
adductors 1 x 32
outward arm rotations 1 x 16

step ups 3 x (5 x 8 sec) [found that by keeping my knee directly over my foot, that is, not forward, I'd get a lot greater load on my hamstring]

one-legged medicine ball squats 2 x 25 secs

NOTE: both knees, particularly the right, are sore. Started getting sore from doing squats, kept pushing on Sunday's run despite legs being really tired, and right knee was hurting quite a bit when afterwards I walked up to the picnic spot.

[Strength exercises]

5 PM

Walking 27:43 [3] 1.25 mi (22:13 / mi)
ahr:85 max:92

Monday May 13 #


Spend most of the day getting ready to go to the cabin. Didn't get there until after 9pm.

7 AM

Walking 9:28 [2] 0.81 mi (11:41 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Addiction GTS 15

San Anselmo. Morning walk E on Greenfield to curve. Both knees are hurting.

Note: gps track was attached to yesterday's walk from Lake Lag parking to our picnic spot. Apparently I stopped the watch at the picnic spot but never saved, and when I started the watch today I didn't notice that it was just adding on the yesterday's session.

Sunday May 12 #

6 AM

Walking 12:14 [3] 0.64 mi (19:07 / mi)
ahr:80 max:112

1 PM

Running (Easy distance) 41:47 [3] 3.21 mi (13:01 / mi) +63m 12:16 / mi
ahr:134 max:164 (injured) shoes: Bright Blue Speedcross 5

Bon Tempe. Short lake run, clockwise, starting at Lake Lagunitas "usual start".

Was up very late last night trying to see the aurora from Wilder Road, then Farmers market, then Ray came over for a late brunch for Mothers Day, so didn't get out to run until after 1pm, by which time it was quite warm. Probably would have been wiser to just not run today, but I've been in pushing mode, so gave it a shot. Took it very easy on the shady side, couldn't have gone much faster anyway; had planned to go back on the shady side, but when I got to the dam, there was a nice breeze in my face, so decided not to turn around and re-encounter all the groups I'd gone by earlier, then felt a little better on the flat, so decided to pick up the pace a little until I reached the E end of the sunny side, which I did, and then took it easy (now very weary) on the road and on the Forman Trail. Also, fell again, this time near the N end of the shady side: careful not to extend my left leg, just hit the ground, no harm done.

[Easy distance]

Running warm up/down 6:13 [2] 0.3 mi (20:43 / mi)
ahr:122 max:135 shoes: Bright Blue Speedcross 5

Cool down.

Walking 14:15 [3] 0.51 mi (27:56 / mi) +36m 22:55 / mi
ahr:83 max:126 shoes: Bright Blue Speedcross 5

Bon Tempe. After running, walked up to our picnic spot on Lake Lag, carrying cooler. By now it was quite warm and my right knee was hurting, so this was an effort.

Forgot to stop the watch in time, then forgot to save, and started the watch for the next morning's walk without noticing that I was actually adding on to this session.

4 PM

Walking 14:00 [2] 0.51 mi (27:27 / mi)
shoes: Bright Blue Speedcross 5

Lake Lagunitas. Walked back to car. Didn't use gps watch.

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