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Training Log Archive: Lori

In the 7 days ending Sep 16, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking2 1:40:00 24.6(4:04) 39.59(2:32)
  Running3 55:00 6.5(8:28) 10.46(5:15)
  Strength3 45:00
  Stretching4 40:00
  Swimming1 40:00 1.03(39:01) 1.65(24:15)
  Total4 4:40:00 32.13 51.7

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Saturday Sep 16, 2017 #

Running 15:00 [3] 1.8 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 17

Running on the fire trail with Presto! I'm settling in to the new running form, although it definitely feels like a lot more work than the old form. I don't notice it so much in my calves, it's way more in my hip flexors. It was kind of annoyingly smokey today, but at least it was cool! Presto was being a slow poke.

Strength 25:00 [3]

All my PT exercises plus crunches and side crunches. I think I may have overdone it a little on the hip flexors with the running plus the psoas march exercise. When I went to do tuck-ups, my right hip flexor was hurting, so I decided to skip those for today.

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching.

Thursday Sep 14, 2017 #

Biking 50:00 [3] 12.3 mi (4:04 / mi)

Biking to and from PT.

Strength 10:00 [3]

Squats on a wobble board, which barely qualify for strength.

Then a jumpy hopscotch thing with a band. Again, I could have done more of these, but they decided I had done enough.

Running 15:00 [3] 1.7 mi (8:49 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 17

Running with Presto after lab! I'm supposed to alternate running and walking 0.5 miles for 3 miles, but without running with some sort of distance measuring device that's actually kind of difficult, so I just decided to alternate 5 min of running 5 min of walking. (I'm only logging the running time and distance.) I'm also supposed to try to stay on flat ground, which is always a bit of a challenge. I was hoping to go up to the fire trail, but lab got late enough that it was too dark for the fire trail what with the mountain lions. Also, there was a protest going on at UC Berkeley, so I eventually settled on meandering through a moderately flat section of north Berkeley.

It took me a while to ease into the new running style. The first 5 minutes were kind of terrible, but the second and third round felt decent. Presto was very happy to be out for a run.

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching after a very cold shower. Our hot water heater is not having a good month.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017 #

Biking 50:00 [3] 12.3 mi (4:04 / mi)

Biking to and from PT. It was super windy today and the tide was in, so I got a bit of sea spray on me.

Running 15:00 [3] 1.8 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 17

Running along the Bay before PT! Colin (my PT) wanted to analyze my gate, so he told me to go for a 15 minute run before PT started so that I would be warmed up. Things felt kind of tight and dead for the first 5 minutes or so (perhaps like I had just biked to PT?) but then loosened up a bunch. The foot felt fine!

Running 5:00 [3] 0.6 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 17

And then running on the treadmill for gate analysis. It's too bad it's kind of hard to video running gate while moving because I always feel a bit funny on a treadmill...

That being said, apparently I am doing a few things slightly weird.

One problem is that I'm using my ab and back muscles to raise my left leg instead of (or more likely as well as) my hip flexors. This is apparently compressing my lower back on the left side, which may contribute to nerve problems.

Another thing is that I kick off a little too late on the left side, so my ankle is getting a little too bent before kick-off, which could also contribute to the nerve issues (flexing my foot causes tingling).

Running 5:00 [3] 0.6 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 17

We did a bit of plyometrics to work on changing the gate slightly and then I got back on the treadmill to run again, thinking about kicking off earlier.

It's a bit weird and feels super bouncy, but apparently it looks much better. I felt like I was jumping way up in the air, but the video claims otherwise. It's definitely much more work for my calves. Now I just have to successfully alter my gate without injuring myself in a new way...

Strength 10:00 [3]

Plyometrics and new set of (harder) stretchy-band glute exercises because I have outgrown the old ones. This is sad because it was nice to not be sore after doing stretchy-band glutes...alas.

triple extension with hop
Standing fire hydrants
Crab walk
Monster walk
Psoas march with band (ok this one isn't technically glutes)

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching back at home. My toes tingle when I stretch my calf. This seems like a bad thing. Sigh.

Monday Sep 11, 2017 #


I was climbing to reach something and accidentally put weight either on the top of my foot or top of my ankle and got some searing pain in my toes. It felt like I had just scraped all the skin off of my toes, although my skin was unscathed.

It went away after about 5 minutes or so, but my ankle has been kind of achy all day.

Sigh. This nerve thing is weird.

Sunday Sep 10, 2017 #

Swimming 40:00 [3] 1.65 km (24:15 / km)

Swimming at Golden Bear Pool with Sam! Swimming seems like the best exercise for my leg and it was quite hot today, so swimming it was! We decided to go check out Golden Bear Pool, which is WAYYYY better for lap swimming than Strawberry Canyon Pool. The water was clear and not full of hair and it was just generally less crowded. It was not so much less crowded that people were actually following the lane speed designations, though, so I had to do a lot of passing even in a fast lane. I made an effort to engage my glutes while kicking, and apparently actually doing something makes it feel easier, so I was able to use my arms a bit more than last weekend, which was nice.

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching. It is hot again, but not so hot that coconut oil is liquid. We feel the state of matter of our coconut oil is the most Berkeley way possible to measure the temperature :-).

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