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Training Log Archive: Lori

In the 7 days ending May 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking2 6:45:00 18.0(22:30) 28.97(13:59) 1773
  Running4 3:28:00 21.1(9:51) 33.96(6:08)
  Stretching5 50:00
  Total5 11:03:00 39.1 62.92 1773

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Saturday May 25 #

Hiking 5:00:00 [3] 12.0 mi (25:00 / mi) +1473m 18:06 / mi
shoes: Brooks Running 28

Hiking up Lower and Upper Wolf Jaw Mountains with Sam and Zephy in the Adirondacks! Woohoo! Summer! Time for Adirondack High Peaks! We were hoping to go for a full weekend of backpacking, but, alas, I had too much work backlogged to be gone for the full weekend. I'm hoping to dig myself out of this work hole this weekend and next week, but I guess we'll see. Anyway, instead we decided to do a VERY full day and get out for some high peaks. We got up at 5am, had breakfast, and scurried out before the Cornell commencement traffic could pick up. We managed to nab a parking spot, and set out on a mostly unused trail up to Lower Wolf Jaw (the more popular trails don't allow dogs). The trail was kind of hilariously steep and hard to follow, but we didn't encounter many other people, so that was good. The hike was pretty easy for the first 4 miles or so. The last ascent to Lower Wolf Jaw had a super steep slide section that Zephy had a bit of trouble with, but we managed to get up it without too much trouble and then it was just a quick zip over to the Lower Wolf Jaw summit. There was a bit of a view, and we had half of our sandwiches before continuing on to Upper Wolf Jaw.

We knew there was a notch between the two mountains, but we hadn't fully appreciated the extent of the descent, which was like 700 ft. before we started back up to Upper Wolf Jaw. The view from Upper Wolf Jaw was quite nice, and we had more lunch up here. Our original plan was to continue on to Anderson and Gothics, but the map Sam was using to plan the hike was kind of wrong on length, and we realized we weren't going to have time or energy to do the full hike, so we decided to turn back at Upper Wolf Jaw. This was a good choice because we were completely out of water 3 miles from the bottom. Whoops. Anyway, we got back through the giant backclimb (with people who did not have a dog and were doing a loop instead of an out-and-back very confused as to why we were doing the less awesome Lower Wolf Jaw twice in a day), and scootched our way down the super steep slide, and then it was just down, down, down, down, down to the car. Super fun hike and our first High Peaks above 4000ft that weren't in the clouds! Awesome day!!

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching after the looooong drive home.

Thursday May 23 #

Running 44:00 [3] 4.4 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 30

Lunch run with Zephy! So beautiful outside today! It was at least 15 degrees cooler than yesterday while I was running. Zephy was still dragging a bunch. The goslings are very distracting for him, and I think it is still a bit warm for him. Anyway, even if it was a bit slower than I would have gone on my own, it was just a delightful run. I cooled him off in the creek again today, and it was just so wonderful to be down at the creek on such a gorgeous summer day!

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching after work.

Wednesday May 22 #

Running 44:00 [3] 4.4 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 30

Lunch run with Zephy! Oof. 90 is too hot for May. At least it was nice and gorgeous and sunny out. Zephy and I were both very, very slow, and we both cooled off in the creek today. I think we're supposed to get some thunderstorms and cooler weather tonight. Aside from our general lethargy, it was good to get outside for a bit!

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching after work.

Tuesday May 21 #

Running 35:00 [3] 3.8 mi (9:13 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 30

Lunch run with Zephy! I didn't have a ton of time to squeeze a run in today in amongst a truly impressive number of meetings, so we cut our normal loop a bit short. This probably wasn't a bad thing because it was in the upper 80s outside. Zephy seemed ok, but this is really his first time running in weather this hot. I made him cool off in the creek, which improved his general outlook on life. Even with the heat, it was a truly delightfully sunny day to be outside!

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching after work and rehearsal.

Sunday May 19 #

Running 1:25:00 [3] 8.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Running 30

Running with Meredith and Zephy at Hammond Hill! We were debating between Hammond Hill and Buttermilk and chose Hammond Hill because we thought it would have fewer people. Haha. Turns out there was a big trail race there today, and there were cars parked for like a mile from the trailhead. We sort of debated going somewhere else, but we were already there, and the race had already started, so there weren't actually that many people right at the trailhead, so we found a parking spot (pleasingly near the trailhead) and headed out.

The trail race basically went on our normal running loop, so I tried to avoid the trail race by taking us on lots of other random trails. This sort of worked, and we meandered our way through Hammond Hill, hitting up some of the new trails that only recently got added to the park and doing a bunch of other trails I haven't done much before, so it ended up being a super fun, chatty run! The trail race organizers even offered to give us a time when we got back :-). Then we obviously got ice cream on our way home because it's summer now :-).

Hiking 1:45:00 [3] 6.0 mi (17:30 / mi) +300m 15:09 / mi
shoes: Brooks Running 28

Hiking with Margaret and Zephy at Treman State Park! The gorge trail finally opened at Treman, so obviously we had to go hike it. Zephy had a great time sniffing all the things, and Margaret and I got lots of chatting in. Fun, fun!

Stretching 10:00 [3]

Normal stretching back home.

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