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Training Log Archive: jonny crickmore

In the 7 days ending Oct 9, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running9 9:33:29 64.01(8:58) 103.01(5:34) 3672
  Cross Training2 2:25:00
  S+C2 1:55:00
  Orienteering1 34:34 3.2(10:48) 5.15(6:43) 7910c
  Drills1 19:51 1.03(19:15) 1.66(11:57) 2
  Total12 14:47:54 68.24 109.82 375310c
  [1-5]9 10:27:54

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Sunday Oct 9, 2016 #

11 AM

Running 1:25:18 [2] 10.28 km (8:18 / km) +1075m 5:27 / km
shoes: x-talon 212 3

Another cracking day and did a run with some of the ShUOC guys who are up on a training weekend. Me, Matt, Baba, AdamW and 2 other new guys. Same parking as yesterday then up the Band and up every single crinkle satisfying my desires to touch summit cairns/trigpoints. Then up cold pike and to Blisco. Feeling better as the run went on. Tops off the whole way minus the first 10min. Perfect.

Orienteering 34:34 [2] 5.15 km (6:43 / km) +79m 6:14 / km
10c shoes: x-talon 212 3

Did some orienteering from the top of Blisco. A bit scrappy at times. Nice to do some though.

Saturday Oct 8, 2016 #

10 AM

Running 15:38 [2] 2.75 km (5:42 / km) +68m 5:04 / km
shoes: x-talon 212 3

WU with Peter Bray

Running 2:09:18 intensity: (45:00 @3) + (1:00:00 @4) + (24:18 @5) 20.0 km (6:28 / km) +1478m 4:43 / km
shoes: x-talon 212 3

Langdale Horseshoe. 6th

Really excited for this race as the route looks amazing. Turned out to be a perfect day for the race and minus some stomach DOMS from gym I was rearing to go.

Set off fairly hard on the flat bit and just got into a groove on the first climb. Just kept running and was sitting happy in 6/7 as a front group ran off. Hurting a bit by the tarn and then behind the ark I went past Carl Bell and then Peter flew past me but we all got together by Thunacar. With lead pack about 1min ahead and Morgz 30sec ahead.

I then pushed after the Knott aiming to chase down the lead pack on the runnable bit. Was pushing hard then Carl just cruised by me looking like he was out for a steady jog. I had a couple of heavy falls here which shook me. I was now in no-mans land as I had a gap behind to Pete and a gap in front. Worked on the runnable section to Esk Hause and had Morgz in site for the traverse which was good as I knew these sections to Blisco can be technical. Turned out Morgz can't really do the rocks that well and I went past very quickly and got up Bowfell fine.

Then just sort of went in the right direction of the tarns but got stuck on some big crags and boulder fields instead of the scree and then also missed the line round crinkle crags losing about 2min and the pack behind had pretty much caught me.

Went off Bad Step and so did people behind me so I got ahead as they queued to get over. Now me and Mark Lamb smashing it down the hill. Ended up on the path a bit more than I should of but moving well and then ground out the climb up Blisco. Lamb caught me by the top though and I got my o-map out but not my compass and went off the right way but drifted too far right on Blisco descent (Lamb and Holmes followed) and was a long way off line at the top of some crags. Eventually got back on track (lost about a minute or so) and luckily managed to stay ahead of Jack and Baba who got the line.

A hard effort on the last descent and dropped Lamb and Holmesy so managed to hold onto 6th.

A very enjoyable race with different climbs and plenty of rough rocky bits to keep your brain busy. I also learnt that you really need to reccie well if you want to compete. I physically felt good and could of gone a few minutes quicker. Nice to see Jack and Baba in the top 10 also.

2 very good weekends and hoping to finish off this mini fell season nicely next weekend.

Running 10:21 [2] 1.74 km (5:56 / km) +15m 5:42 / km
shoes: x-talon 212 3

WD with Ba-Ba

Friday Oct 7, 2016 #

(rest day)

Short on time and energy. I hope I don't have to use my arms or core tomorrow as I have some nice DOMS from gym.

Thursday Oct 6, 2016 #

Cross Training 1:15:00 [0]

To gym then gym to uni and HFW.
7 AM

S+C 1:10:00 [0]

11 AM

Running 57:27 [2] 12.07 km (4:46 / km) +78m 4:37 / km
shoes: Asics Mileage 4

Round uni to try and find somewhere to do a grass session and then to Decathlon and Tescos. Really feeling quite tired today.

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016 #

6 AM

Running 16:40 [2] 3.56 km (4:41 / km) +27m 4:31 / km
shoes: Asics Mileage 4

Drills 19:51 [1] 1.66 km (11:57 / km) +2m 11:53 / km
shoes: Asics Mileage 4

Running 10:31 [2] 2.26 km (4:39 / km) +9m 4:33 / km
shoes: Asics Mileage 4

6 PM

Running 1:17:51 [2] 15.7 km (4:57 / km) +212m 4:39 / km
shoes: Asics Mileage 4

HFW with Laura on the bike. Had to push her up the hill. Tiring work.

Started to flag on the last few miles as it got dark. Easyish now until Saturday.

Tuesday Oct 4, 2016 #

Cross Training 1:10:00 [0]

IW and HFW
11 AM

Running 1:23:14 intensity: (50:14 @2) + (30:00 @4) + (3:00 @5) 19.78 km (4:13 / km) +62m 4:09 / km
shoes: Asics Mileage 4

3x10min(3) 6x30s(1). Along the canal and feeling quite good. Slight tailwind on way out (first two 10min) then coming back was a bit tougher.

Monday Oct 3, 2016 #

1 PM

Running 1:15:20 [2] 12.19 km (6:11 / km) +641m 4:54 / km
shoes: Asics Fell Shoes

Easy on the seat. Feeling okay minus a very sore toe I must have bashed on a rock yesterday.
5 PM

Running 5:42 [2] 1.34 km (4:15 / km)

S+C 45:00 [0]

6 PM

Running 6:09 [2] 1.34 km (4:35 / km) +7m 4:28 / km

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