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Training Log Archive: LOST_Richard

In the 7 days ending Aug 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycle Touring6 21:34:21 219.03(10.2/h) 352.49(16.3/h) 2049
  Total6 21:34:21 219.03(5:55) 352.49(3:40) 2049

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Saturday Aug 19 #

4 PM

Cycle Touring 17:31 [3] 4.36 km (14.9 kph) +16m
shoes: Orbit Touring Bike

Aborted trip to the Bahnhof

Cycle Touring 4:02:37 [3] 60.91 km (15.1 kph) +291m
shoes: Orbit Touring Bike

Day 12 Stephanskirchen to Worgl

Totals 726.52km 3350.2m

With a ton of rain in the forecast and overnight storms, we decide that we could skip the ride and go for the train at least half way, so headed down to the Bahnhof only to find that there were hordes of people and that the "trains had fallen out" i.e. get a bus or ride.

So found our way back to the river and headed on upstream, still lots of rain and wet gravel paths made for slow progress along the river bank. Between the clouds we could look at the mountains as the valley closed in. Like most alpine valleys they fit in the autobahn, railway, local roads and the bike route. We stayed on the look out for suitable coffee spots but either closed on account of the rain or just not there so a long way to caffeine today.

Made it to Kufstein and found a coffee shop as a thunderstorm came through so missed the worst of that before the last section of the path in the showers.

The route from Kufstein to Worgl was mostly sealed and we made better progress until in the outskirts of Worgl where we took a wrong route up a short steep hill to end in someone's backyard back down onto a narrow muddy track on the river edge to make our destination.

Interesting that today we crossed back in Austria and the German police were manning the border crossing and while we did not see any cars get stopped, we assume they knew who they were looking for.

Friday Aug 18 #

3 PM

Cycle Touring 4:40:00 [3] 72.51 km (15.5 kph) +656m

Day 12 Muhldorf to Stephanskirchen

Totals 661.25km 3043.2m

We knew it was going to be a long day with a few hills, and with some hot weather in the forecast we tried to get going a bit earlier than some days, managed a 9:15 start so not too bad, but hardly an alpine start.

A rude awakening to the hills after only 4km when around the bend and a very steep climb up through a farm yard onto a river terrace, good that the gravel stopped and it was sealed otherwise I don't think I would have made it up with a loaded bike.

Some rolling up and down but short sharp hills to the 25km mark. We did diverge a little from the official Innradweg shown on the map to avoid some obvious diversions through to Gars-Bahnhof, where we stopped at the Bahnhof Cafe for a coffee. The owners were SE Asian probably Vietnamese and we wondered how big the SE Asian community is in Germany as we have not seen many Asian faces?

After Gars-Bahnhof we had a nice gravel section along the river bank with steep wooded slopes up from the river. After around 5km we hit the biggest hills of the trip so far and climbed up into farm land a 100m or so above the river level. We now got hazy views of the mountains in the distance. The route stayed high until we got to the outskirts of Wasserburg and there was fine look-out over the city which is built in a tight bend of the river.

Onward to Griesstatt where we crossed to the north bank and a long flat section on the gravel levee bank brought us to Rosenheim. Our booking for the night was in the sister town on the south bank in Stephankirchen so up the hill from the bridge and through the town to find a very nice apartment.

No beer gardens tonight as we have full cooking facilities and a garden of our own to relax in.

Thursday Aug 17 #

3 PM

Cycle Touring 3:10:19 [3] 51.71 km (16.3 kph) +159m
shoes: Orbit Touring Bike

Day 11 Simbach am Inn to Muhldorf

Totals 588.75km 2387.5m

Headed out of town and after a 5km of back roads hit the river bank gravel for another 8km until the confluence of the Inn and the Salzach rivers. The Salzach heads to Salzburg but despite the Sounds of Music in our ears we will leave that for another year.

Followed back roads to Marktl which has a claim to fame as the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI, had a nice coffee in the square next to his family home.

From Marktl the path followed the river with sections of gravel and bitumen with a few short sharp climbs around the power station weirs. Stopped for lunch just south of Perach on a lake with lots of people out swimming, sun baking and enjoying the beer garden on the banks of the lake. We cruised through the rest of the ride to arrive in Muhldorf around 3:00pm, worked our way through the city to the square and and our hotel. Found a note on the front door that seemed to say call this number for check in but in fact said sorry new owners and we are closed!

Off to the Tourist office and found an alternative, and then to contact and ask WTF why were we not informed, helpful help desk after waiting the usual amount of time on a call center said yes we have it listed as closed and you should have been notified. All is well and they gave us a Euro 2 payback for the more expensive hotel if we submit a claim with will offset the $2.40 phone call!

Wednesday Aug 16 #

4 PM

Cycle Touring 3:03:38 [3] 48.81 km (15.9 kph) +98m
shoes: Orbit Touring Bike

Day 10 Scharding to Simbach am Inn

Totals 537.04km 2228.1m told us to expect rain overnight with the rain clearing by 10:00 or 11:00am so had a bit of a late start and came good. While it was still overcast and very humid the rain did pass by the time we got going.

Crossed the Inn to the German side at Neuhaus and turned left to follow the river bank, after a short section on sealed roads the path turned onto the levee and was hard pack gravel, which while fine to ride on was a couple of km/hr slower than the sealed path. The rain had also left quite a few puddles so the bikes really need a clean now.

Some 20km on the levee bank with good views of the river and surrounding countryside, most of the farms were either corn or hay pastures. Saw a few other cycle touring riders, but not the huge groups of the Danube and most seemed to be self supported independents without the logo panniers of Rad und Reisen and others companies. Also quite a few people just doing a circuit.

Played coffee shop bingo and had a win. We headed into a what looked like a small village, AIgen, to be pleasantly surprised to find a choice of coffee shops. We picked a local bakery and had very nice coffee, hot and strong not the unfortunate norm of tepid and weak.

Continued on through rural back roads until 5km from Simbach we went back to the gravel levee bank until the bridge between Braunau and Simbach.

Decided it was day to visit an Eis cafe and pig out on large ice cream sundaes, not disappointed in the size, flavour or cost of either the strawberry or the nut selections. Amazed that Germans (and Austrians) seem to be able to consume large ice cream sundaes at any time of the day or night.

Took a walk around the town to check out the dinner options, selected a nice looking Bier Garten and then walked across the bridge to see what Braunau had to offer. Braunau has a place in history as the birth place of Adolf Hitler and there is a plaque somewhere but I did not find it.

Tuesday Aug 15 #

3 PM

Cycle Touring 2:32:35 [3] 43.37 km (17.1 kph) +272m
shoes: Orbit Touring Bike

Day 9 Englehartzell to Scharding

Totals 488.23km 2130.1m

Took the Ferry out of Englehartzell across the the north bank of the Danube and headed towards Passau. Most of the way was either on or next to the main road so not the best scenery or route, but it was flat and pretty quick with a light tail wind most of the way.

As we came into Passau the river cruise boats were lined up in dock and were being loaded with provisions for their next cruise. Saw at least 6 in dock or in the main part of town waiting to take on board their cargo. Across the bridge on the Danube into the city center, checked out a small beer festival that was happening by the river but opted for the main square for a coffee.

Had a bit of a stroll around looking at some nice buildings before working our way down to the Inn River bank and a shady spot for lunch. Lots of walking tours and random bike riders enjoying a sunny day.

The path along the Inn first went past the University which stretched a few kms along the side of the river and then became a nice path through the forest on the east bank of the river. Crossed over at a power station weir to the west bank and continued south. The path varied from bitumen to hard gravel, there were a few short sharp hills around creeks but generally easy going.

Arrived to find a nice platz in Scharding with several options for refreshment despite being Assumption Day and all the shops were closed.

Monday Aug 14 #

3 PM

Cycle Touring 3:47:41 [3] 70.81 km (18.7 kph) +557m
shoes: Orbit Touring Bike

Day 8 Linz to Englehartzell

Total 444.86km 1859.1m

After a day of galleries and site seeing in Linz we hit the bikes again.

Tedious exit from Linz which while it has lots of bikes does not have the level of organisation that Vienna has with a separation of trams, cars, pedestrians and bikes. So slowly through the main street avoiding, sometimes only just, all of the above obstacles.

Back across the Danube to the Eurovelo Route 6 and on upstream, first 5-10km were beside the highway so not great but we did have a slight tail wind so made good progress to Ottenshiem where, replenished with caffeine we headed onto the bike path along the levee bank and other than the odd rouge car and a few people on roller blades it was easy going and still with a tail wind we started to pick up the average pace.

We were given navigational help near Feldkirchen where it looked like you could follow the river but a nice MTB lady told us that route was blocked, so we took the roads and paths through the farmland before regaining the river near Aschan. Aschan was alive with the river bank lined with half a dozen cafes all full with the lunch crowd and lines of bikes propped up outside.

We avoided the temptation of beer and followed on into a steep sided section of the river with sweeping bends and a few Gasthof and small villages clinging to the narrow flat sections on the river valley. After our smashed Avo and Cheese lunch we had a beer on the terrace of one such Gasthof before enjoying the next section of the river. It was again steep sided with a narrow bike and service road at river level.

We decided not to cross the river on the bridge at Westenufer as we were not sure if the ferry at our destination would be operating and we would be sad to be stuck on the wrong side of the river! Turned out we could have taken the bridge and saved the rolling hills beside the main road on the south bank. Will take the ferry tomorrow as we head to Passau and the north bank looks more friendly than the south bank

So up and down several small spurs and we dropped into Engelhartszell for the evening.

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