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Training Log Archive: LOST_Richard

In the 7 days ending Aug 10:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycle Touring10 10:46:17 108.4(10.1/h) 174.46(16.2/h) 1630
  Bush Walking2 3:08:01 4.56(41:12) 7.34(25:36) 815
  Walking1 17:00 1.08(15:47) 1.73(9:49) 31
  Total12 14:11:18 114.04(7:28) 183.53(4:38) 2476

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Friday Aug 9 #

3 PM

Cycle Touring 24:54 [3] 5.18 km (12.5 kph) +129m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

LAst section of the Lofoten tour, to the ferry.

Easy 5km with a nice downhill tunnel - most of the others in the group took the path around but we went straight through 1.7km which was fine as wide and only a few cars.

A short ride back to the bike shop in Bodo and it was over, shame as just getting back into the whole cycle touring rhythm. Definitely need to plan another longer trip

Thursday Aug 8 #

3 PM

Walking 17:00 [3] 1.73 km (9:49 / km) +31m 9:00 / km

To the base of the mountain staircase

Bush Walking 1:50:01 [5] 4.34 km (25:19 / km) +450m 16:41 / km

Reinebringen 448m 1560 steps up a mountain.

Never walked up (and down) that big a staircase before, amazing construction job, all the slabs were brought in from elsewhere and up to 1m * 0.5m * 0.3m must wiegh a ton each at least.

Lots of people walking and few dogs, one guy wth a dog flew past me, but pleased to say he was the only one that overtook me, I got a few scalps.

Incredibly good views from the top made it worthwhile, beyond the physical fun of the climb. Another clear sunny day in the Arctic, shame we are heading south tomorrow but the forecast is for a change, so maybe a good time to leave.

Another "easy" Norwegian trail!, not sure who does it in a 1 hour return but not me or any of the many people I saw climbing the staircase!

Wednesday Aug 7 #

2 PM

Cycle Touring 45:45 [3] 11.89 km (15.6 kph) +60m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

From the hotel to the ferry, which was actually a fishing boat.

Nice 50 minute sail around to Nusfijord which was a very cute little fishing village at the end of the road.

A few ups and downs to get there.

Fantastic views EVERYWHERE
5 PM

Cycle Touring 48:23 [3] 12.72 km (15.8 kph) +214m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

Nusfjord to lunch stop on a beach at Ramberg

One guy out of a camper van with Iceland plates in speedos on the beach it was warm but maybe not that warm, but then he appeared to be from Iceland.
7 PM

Cycle Touring 2:00:00 [3] 30.0 km (15.0 kph) +186m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

After lunch onward to Reine.

A bit too much traffic in the E10 to make it relaxing, maybe people were rushing to the ferry as lots of campervans, trucks and cars. 99.9% were very good but we did for the first time get a a couple of impatient drivers who thought hitting the horn would somehow clear the road!

A couple of road tunnels were nicely avoided with the old pre-tunnel road hugging the cliffs for some good views and no traffic in the later part of the ride.

Fantastic weather again with 100% sunshine all day and around 18 degrees and very nice in the sun and out of the breeze.

GPS battery flat again about 10km from the end of the ride.

Tuesday Aug 6 #

5 PM

Cycle Touring 55:08 [3] 13.51 km (14.7 kph) +71m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

Steady climb north up along the E10 about half the trip had a bike road and half on the highway. Mild northerly breeze just enough to make us work a bit harder and earn the coffee before went into the Viking museum.
9 PM

Cycle Touring 39:00 [3] 13.22 km (20.3 kph) +49m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

Easy ride back to Leknes. It seemed to be mostly downhill but GPS has more up and down, but the gentle northerly was still there and it blew us back to town in 39 minutes yet the out was 55 into the breeze with a bit of net gain in altitude but only about 30m.

Viking museum was interesting with a replica chiefs house built alongside an archeological dig site of Olaf's house. He was an important local viking chief but when a bigger and badder chief from the south muscled in on his territory he decided to pack up is house and people and headed for Iceland. The house he built in Iceland is apparently still there and with some of the old timber salvaged from the Loftor house. (there are no trees in Iceland hence the need to literally move house)

A good collection of artifacts from the dig, with fragments of glass and pottery but some well preserved beads, pieces of gold and other items. They have been traced from across Europe from Turkey to England.

There is also a viking ship which you can take a ride on, but it looked a bit odd with all the people lined up in bright red life jackets about to board a viking sailing ship!

Monday Aug 5 #

Bush Walking 1:18:00 [4] 3.0 km (26:00 / km) +365m 16:10 / km

Since I ran out of time yesterday to do the hike behind the cabins up the Hoven I decided I should get up early and do it before breakfast.

Nice steep climb straight from the road, grinds up to a small saddle then up the last pitch to the top. A bit nasty steep on the way back down with 0.5m steps on very steep ground meaning that you had to be careful of your footing.

Surprised to find a hike tent at the top, I guess they didn't want to pay for camping the bottom!

Web link below says "easy" which it sort of was but I am not sure it would have that classification if it was in Australia. Although their time of 1 hour is generous, I took 38 minutes up 35 minutes down and 5 minutes taking photos and looking around at the top

4 PM

Cycle Touring 1:43:39 [3] 30.19 km (17.5 kph) +293m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

Part 1

Hov to coffee stop
6 PM

Cycle Touring 22:40 [3] 6.08 km (16.1 kph) +79m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

Part 2

Coffee to lunch
7 PM

Cycle Touring 1:06:48 [3] 17.66 km (15.9 kph) +265m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

Part 3

Lunch to Leknes

The longest day for the Lofoten tour from Hov to Leknes

Mostly on quiet back roads today and around the coast looking at the amazing scenery pass you by. Steep craggy hills, small mountains, everywhere you look.

Last section was back on a more major road but not the E10 and lots was fresh smooth black top, maybe ready for the Tour de Arctic race that is coming up in a couple of weeks?

A decent hill to finish with a grind up 1.2km and 200+m climb, dodgy bikes not realy made for hill climbing, nice that most of our gear is being moved from place to place so just one lighter pannier each with lunch, camera, and bike repair essentials.

Leknes not a great town but a comfortable hotel and a chance to check out some new territory tomorrow before we head back to the coast on Wednesday

GPS route in three parts to spare the battery when we stopped for coffee and Lunch.

Sunday Aug 4 #

4 PM

Cycle Touring 2:00:00 [3] 34.0 km (17.0 kph) +284m
shoes: Dodgy Rental Bikes

First "real" day of the Lofoten Island trip, from Storvangan to Hov staying at Lofoten Links cabins on the north coast of Gimsoya.

Nice mostly flat ride, around the coast line and across a bridge between the islands. First part was in the main E10 road which wasa little busy but the Norwegian drivers must have been to the same driving school as the French and German ones as they sit back when they can't see around and wait for a clear view before overtaking. They also wait at crossings a joy and a shame the Australian drivers can't take a lesson or two in Europe.

GPS trace only half the trip as the battery on my Garmin is getting old and does not hold a charge too well. (time for anew one!)

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