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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Feb 28, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike14 11:43:02 197.02(16.8/h) 317.07(27.1/h) 1679
  Windtrainer1 1:12:30
  Core stability2 1:10:50
  Running1 42:28 3.96(10:44) 6.37(6:40) 90
  Orienteering (urban)1 31:34 4.57(6:54) 7.36(4:17) 11516 /17c94%
  Stairs1 8:23
  Total18 15:28:47 205.55 330.81 188416 /17c94%
  [1-5]18 15:24:37

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Sunday Feb 28, 2016 #

8 AM

Road bike warm up/down 30:13 intensity: (16:30 @1) + (8:39 @2) + (3:23 @3) + (1:41 @4) 13.69 km (27.2 kph) +33m
ahr:125 max:165 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Logged in to AP to find my registration had randomly expired again - has it been a year already - so had to make a donation at a rubbish exchange rate.

Ride over to Champion Lakes for the 25km TT with some sprints thrown in along the road to get my overly unenthusiastic legs ready for it. Knew I wasn't getting any PBs today with tired legs from yesterday's run and also slept like crap. Went to bed early enough but I reckon I woke up at least 15 times during the night.
9 AM

Road bike race (Champion Lakes 25km TT) 39:43 intensity: (9 @1) + (9 @2) + (18 @3) + (21:29 @4) + (17:38 @5) 25.0 km (37.8 kph) +125m
ahr:173 max:178 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Never really had the power today with really tired legs so I think I was lucky to even break 40 minutes, which is a highly unimpressive time. I blame China, I mean orienteering. There was only a very slight wind, which was kind of blowing across us (well the later riders anyway) down the far straight so I was always happy to get off that bit. Got passed by a gazillion riders and was at least happy to hold off my 45 second tail until after the first lap but he went past pretty quickly.

Made the mistake on the last lap of dropping down a couple of gears to try and grind down the back straight but only succeeded in giving myself a sore right glute and a slower lap time. I was thinking this morning that the next TT was the same day as the stair climb but thankfully it's on May 8, not May 1 as I previously thought so I can have another crack at it during the next phase of training (post-trials).

Fastest time of the day was not much over 30 minutes at some ridiculous average of 48kph. Madness. The 5km split chart shows I was going >40kph on several occasions during the first lap then managed to not hit it at all for the next three before finally getting there again briefly on the home straight on lap 5.
10 AM

Road bike hills 1:37:21 intensity: (24:54 @1) + (39:13 @2) + (32:37 @3) + (37 @4) 45.51 km (28.0 kph) +615m
ahr:133 max:163 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Met up with Mark & Ben at Champion Lakes and we went and did some hills, well one hill anyway. They'd already done 90km of hills and I'd done 25km of hurt plus a bit more so we were all happy to not kill ourselves up Canning Mills Rd. Canning Mills Rd then right onto Canning Mills Rd. From there out to Canning Rd then left onto Canning Rd, passing all the Kalamunda 100 riders going in the other direction then Welshpool Rd to Roe Hwy where I peeled off and headed for home.

Saturday Feb 27, 2016 #

9 AM

Road bike 1:10:49 intensity: (29:44 @1) + (24:50 @2) + (9:19 @3) + (6:48 @4) + (8 @5) 32.68 km (27.7 kph) +175m
ahr:131 max:175 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

~45mins 'easy' riding with 3 x build to race pace, which I threw in at any old time. Since I now consider race pace to be E3, I made the builds 2/2/2 at E1/E2/E3 although given my 'easy' pace up until the start of the first build ended up being mostly at E1 anyway thanks to the heat, the start of each build wasn't mush faster.

I had meant to start a bit earlier but spent time trying to figure out why the rear wheel of the Trek sounds like crap but it only seems to be when I'm not on the bike so I have no idea what's wrong with it. Needed to tighten the brakes too because both levers were almost reaching to the handlebars. Took me a while to figure out how to adjust the rear one since the adjustment thingy is in a weird spot.

Tomorrow's going to suck I think, especially given my late start time. If the wind is anything like today, I won't be getting any PBs. Hopefully the cooler forecast holds up because I would have died out there today.
5 PM

Orienteering (urban) race (Swanbourne) 31:34 intensity: (2 @1) + (11 @2) + (10 @3) + (1:59 @4) + (29:12 @5) ** 7.36 km (4:17 / km) +115m 3:59 / km
ahr:181 max:190 spiked:16/17c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D blue/green

Last Metro of the season. I'd already won but had to stop Sten from winning to prevent a tie for first place. Sten turned up so that meant I had to run the long course but then found out after the finish that he'd dropped down to the medium, damn him. Wore the HR strap for the first time in a Metro event and surprising results say I was in the red zone for almost the whole event. Well I guess that's running for you.

As per usual I picked a suboptimal route. I'd already decided at the start that I wasn't going up the hill to collect any controls so missed #3 and I missed both beach controls so added distance to get #17 and #13. Ahh well, ended up four minutes clear of Oliver and he did exactly the same controls as I did. Map reading wasn't that great either. Had a few small issues, particularly the direction I left the first control and looking for #9 on the wrong junction. Need to get my concentration back for the MSW.

Don't know how the legs are going to back up for tomorrow's time trial now. They weren't that great afterwards.

Friday Feb 26, 2016 #

8 AM

Road bike (commute) 17:23 [1] 6.4 km (22.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

TT's to work. Some real douchbaggery in the city today, when approaching the Wellington St lights from the Arena a cyclist in front of me went straight through on the arrow. As I mowed him down after the light changed, at the time he was riding the dashed line between the two lanes and I noticed the dickwad was on the phone. Went to go past on his left because I didn't really want to be riding in the right hand lane, only to have him almost swerve into me.

At the next lights a car turning left from Murray onto Milligan stopped to let a pedestrian go across (as you're meant to do) and a car behind it almost ran into the back of it, squealing the tyres in the process but as if that wasn't bad enough, it waited a few seconds then honked its horn at the leading car, the nerve! Was he meant to run down the pedestrian?

Meanwhile Mr Important Business Call was wandering his way through another red light so I had to go past him again as he almost edged me out into traffic. Felt like going up and slapping him for being a knob, riding in traffic whilst on the phone. Some people value their social lives more than their physical ones.

Got three emails this morning telling me that some guy I don't even know beat three of my "records" on May Dve. Time to close down this Strava nonsense.

[edit] Couldn't figure out how to close Strava account so just turned off all the email notifications instead.
1 PM

Core stability (gym) 32:00 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Gym session at what I will laughingly call lunchtime. Lunchtime usually means a break between the morning and afternoon shift but there is no afternoon shift today, just the going home shift.

Usual session minus the push ups because I did them last night - 20! - so not willing to do them on consecutive days. Also had a go on the rower that has been sitting there idly whilst I've been ignoring it. It's the same one we had at Paladin. I put in a 2km effort with a rather dismal time of 7:56.5. Still I have to set a target that I can easily beat.
2 PM

Stairs 8:23 intensity: (2:32 @1) + (1:08 @2) + (2:29 @3) + (1:56 @4) + (18 @5)
ahr:141 max:176 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D blue/green

Yep that's right, stairs are still on the agenda. I've signed up once more for the Central Park stair climb (Step Up for MS) to see if I can't better my standing. So close last weekend and I think I can take prime spot with a bit more specific training, particularly on doing two steps instead of one.

So for the first session I started at the 10th floor and did three reps to the bottom and back up. First rep I took at a not ballistic pace but every second half flight (between the landing and the next floor) I did doubles. Second flight up I just did singles but fast, third I repeated the first but faster. Interesting results and if I can keep up the doubles for 50+ flights, I could potentially go close to six minutes. Have to make use of the stairs whilst I still have them or else just use the building anyway. I doubt anyone's going to stop me.


Recorded the ascents only as the downs don't matter.

Road bike (commute) 32:03 intensity: (18:38 @1) + (13:14 @2) + (11 @3) 13.66 km (25.6 kph) +84m
ahr:120 max:143 shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to TT's so that I could go to the rogaining AGM tonight even though I'd decided that by leaving work early, I couldn't be bothered hanging around for it but I eventually did go. Left the Garmin on from the stair session just in case I picked up some pointless KOMs on Strava at my intensity 1 pace.

Felt pretty unhappy with the (lack of) riding I'd done today so added a bonus lap of Lake Herdsman Lake to bump up the kilometres and because it wasn't as hot as I originally thought.

Thursday Feb 25, 2016 #

7 AM

Windtrainer 1:12:30 intensity: (16:15 @1) + (23:11 @2) + (7:30 @3) + (7:25 @4) + (18:09 @5)
ahr:146 max:184 shoes: Giant TCR

Today's interval session could be done on road or windtrainer but I opted for the w/t because it was a little complex and easier to keep track of - and stick to - the correct HR zones. It just meant that I had to do the session before work because after work is O training, so I didn't end up leaving for work until about the time I normally get there. Ahh well, it's not as if they can sack me now. Session wasn't helped by getting a twinge in the left hamstring and right calf that woke me up around 6am. Must have been in anticipation of the session ahead.

Session was:
Warm up
SCR pyramid
3 x 30/120 at MAX EFFORT
4 x (5 x 45/15 at E3/MAX)/5 min REC
Cool down at E1

The intensity zones will look very different once I upload the Garmin stats because unlike doing intervals on the road where it's virtually impossible for me to get into zone 5, it is very easy to do so on the windtrainer and once I hit it during the first hard 15sec in each set, it never went back down to zone 4 as it was meant to, not until 30 seconds into the recovery and then another two minutes to get the HR down to recovery pace. So much of this session will show up in the red zone. It was a painful session but totally worth it.
8 AM

Road bike (commute) 53:28 [2] 24.38 km (27.4 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride into work straight after the session. Legs were really, really, really, really upset about this so I took the railway line and had a nice tailwind to assist. Struggled on anything resembling a hill.

I'm surprised at the level of unemployment in this state given they employ people to hold stop signs to direct traffic near earthworks even when the situation clearly doesn't need it, like near the old Red Castle hotel in Lathlain where there were four traffic cones blocking off half of one side of the road for about a 3m stretch, which definitely needed someone there. There were another two stop sign holders on the other side of the highway where the new apartment blocks are being built, covering a 10m stretch of road that's blocked on one side.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 10:16 [2] 3.65 km (21.3 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Work to Saw Ave via Mount St. I reckon I went through about 20 of Bryce's segments and probably beat them all but didn't see the worth in turning on the Garmin so we'll just have to call it a moral victory.

Running 42:28 intensity: (4:10 @0) + (6:48 @1) + (11:33 @2) + (5:00 @3) + (9:01 @4) + (5:56 @5) 6.37 km (6:40 / km) +90m 6:14 / km
ahr:139 max:182 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D blue/green

Training session in KP with funny running, a line orienteering course and no stairs. Time includes cool up and warm down but not the rogaining bitch session afterwards.

Fashion fail with Juffy and I wearing the same shirt, so embarrassed.

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016 #

6 AM

Road bike 1:23:20 intensity: (28:37 @1) + (21:02 @2) + (24:48 @3) + (8:53 @4) 39.8 km (28.7 kph) +647m
ahr:131 max:172 shoes: Giant TCR

KP loops with Mark, Ben and Christophe. I wasn't overly interested in smashing it because today was meant to be my third consecutive recovery day so I let them all get away on Forrest Dve TWICE! Mark was wondering where we were losing time on the three laps but I could have told him it was because I wasn't on the front.


Need to recalibrate the bike computer because it varied to the Garmin by 400m by the end - 80m of which was the Garmin playing tricks at the start but I think maybe pumping the tyres up might have caused the rest of the variance.

I'm not entirely certain when this job finishes up now. The Receiver/Administrator fellow was in today and everyone else finishes on Monday but he said because of my contract that I'd be 'in and out' for the following two weeks. I should probably find out what that means because I don't know what I'd be doing. Maybe I only have to come in to use the gym or the stairs. That'd be nice.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:04:00 [2] 26.75 km (25.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride home into a godawfully wind. I had meant to leave early for a change but for the first time in about a fortnight, neither of the other women had left by 3pm as they tend to do, then one commented at 4:45 that she hadn't realised what the time was. So I was stuck until 5pm and tomorrow I don't have a choice unless I want to sit around in KP for ages.

At least I found out I only have to come in for a couple of days in each of the next two weeks to maintain my pay until the end of March (yay). For some reason I decided that the Monday/Thursday option would work but there's a public holiday in there so it won't work well at all.

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:01:00 [1] 26.48 km (26.0 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Didn't replace my flat tube last night so had a go at it this morning. Despite pulling the thorn out with pliers last night, I took the tyre off this morning to find the thorn still stuck through. Tried pulling it all the way but apparently the Gatorskins aren't good enough to stop a doublegee completely but are good enough to stop it going through more than about 4mm, which is no help to me. Ended up breaking off another part of it by trying to pull it through then had to dig around with a pin to get the rest of it out, which actually resulted in another 2mm piece being dislodged.

Uneventful ride in otherwise. Being Tuesday tri-day meant I got passed by several fast guys on the freeway path whilst I just dawdled along in SCR all the way.
3 PM

Core stability (core strength) 38:50 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Core strength in the gym, including 19 push ups so almost 2/3 of the way there. Finally decided after three months of using the gym and this being my last week that I might actually use some of the equipment so hopped on the leg extension and seated leg curl devices. Stupidly just went with the weights that the last person setup on there so was lifting about half the available weights on the machine. Did 20 extensions, which really worked the quads by the time I'd done that but all the leg curl machine did was remind me of how crap my hamstrings are and I had to stop at ten. Thankfully I don't think I overdid it.
4 PM

Road bike (commute) 17:26 [1] 6.13 km (21.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

This really was an easy SCR ride after hammering the quads.

Monday Feb 22, 2016 #

8 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:03:00 [1] 26.47 km (25.2 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

This was never going to be anything but an SCR ride with the way my legs were feeling although the tailwind up the freeway path was a nice addition. Cars at roundabouts and outside schools and pedestrians on footbridges... *shudder*
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:03:00 [1] 26.48 km (25.2 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride home at an easy pace although seemingly not as easy as my 1:05-1:10 rides last week. Had something ticking away in my front tyre about 4km from home and stopped to check to find I had a doublegee sticking out of it. I knew what the story would be if I pulled it out so left it in and made it home although the bulk of it snapped off en route. Used the pliers to pull it out at home and pumped the tyre up again but it hasn't gone flat yet so may have got lucky.

[edit] Nope, tyre is now flat, poo.

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