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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Oct 8, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain bike4 4:06:37 46.39(11.3/h) 74.66(18.2/h) 616
  Road bike1 1:36:50 25.13(15.6/h) 40.44(25.1/h) 908
  Multisport1 1:10:12 17.88(3:56) 28.77(2:26) 283
  Running1 1:03:10 7.71(8:11) 12.42(5:05) 14
  Paddling1 55:18 4.77(11:36) 7.67(7:13)
  Windtrainer1 46:02
  Total7 9:38:09 101.88 163.96 1821

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Saturday Oct 8, 2016 #

3 PM

Windtrainer 22:01 intensity: (20:50 @1) + (1:11 @2)
ahr:90 max:132 shoes: Giant TCR

Aborted session #1

The C2C training plan, that I'm following so rigorously, had some weird ass "mix up race" session for today that was impossibly difficult to follow and since it was wet, I tried to do it on the windtrainer.

My windtrainer was playing up as usual and I had to tighten the internal bolt twice during the warmup but the SCR pyramid was not at all effective. I hoped maybe that was the end of it but I had no resistance whatsoever in the first effort rep so gave up on it and switched to Tash's windtrainer.

Windtrainer 24:01 intensity: (11:19 @1) + (3:37 @2) + (8:54 @3) + (11 @4)
ahr:127 max:162 shoes: Giant TCR

Aborted session #2

After getting some resistance on Tash's windtrainer, I picked up back at the SCR pyramid and although it was easier than my thingo, it at least had some resistance. I unfortunately only got through the first five minute effort rep before the right knee twinged, possibly as a result of slightly hyper-extending it the other night after I stepped on one of the many items of junk that are perpetually lying around on my floor so I called it a day. It took me 4:45 of the 5 minute rep to reach the target zone 4 anyway given the lower resistance so barely worth the effort.

I cleaned up the junk but no doubt the floor will fill with crap again sooner or later.

Friday Oct 7, 2016 #

3 PM

Paddling 55:18 [1] 7.67 km (7:13 / km)
ahr:101 max:113 shoes: Fenn XT

First time out on the Fenn since before the car destructed although I have paddled (in races) since then. I figured I should probably get out and paddle even though XPD is not until next month and it's probably a little bit early to train for it. I also figure I'll hold off entering or organising a team until at least the first week of November in case I break something in the meantime but then I couldn't find any info on the race anyway even though I searched all of the Orienteering WA website. I did find several bulletins pertaining to some silly MTB champs though. How preposterous to think that orienteering on a bike is even a sport! Someone's been wasting his or her time organising all this - probably hasn't even got any entries.

Water out on the Canning had a bit of a swell to it coming from the north so mostly side on, which tested the skills. Thought I'd do about an hour so turned at half an hour but it was more direct coming back so cut the time estimate a bit. The HR just never does anything on a paddle.

Mountain bike 53:25 intensity: (52:05 @1) + (1:20 @2) 21.21 km (23.8 kph) +58m
ahr:104 max:135 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Discovered when I took the XTC out of the car that the bottom zip on the saddlebag had pulled apart even though I carefully cleaned it and got some of the dirt out after it seized up (again) after China. This is the second one of these bags that I've been through since June. So for anyone out there looking at a saddlebag purchase, don't bother with the Lezyne because the tips are fucking stupid and can't even handle a tiny bit of dirt without falling apart and it wasn't cheap either. Mind you, losing a multitool, chain link, derailleur hanger and the only chain breaker I owned somewhere out on the Kalamunda trails adds to the cost. Having said that, every other saddlebag I owned has tended to break within about six months anyway but usually in other ways and I don't lose all my gear in the process.


Easy cruise around the river. Nothing exciting, just contemplating losing my junk.

Running 1:03:10 intensity: (25 @1) + (48 @2) + (17:59 @3) + (20:43 @4) + (23:15 @5) 12.42 km (5:05 / km) +14m 5:04 / km
ahr:179 max:215 shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Seriously HR, WTF? This was one of the easiest runs I'd ever do, so slow.

Ran along the north side of the Canning, east of Riverton Bridge, then crossed over the next bridge after the weir, ran down the track immediately on the right for ages until it came to an unexpected end then doubled back, ran across a dicey swampy, grassy area until I found another track then followed that until I ended up back where I started, which was a surprise to me. Apparently when I found the 'other' track, all I'd done was circle around and end up on the track I'd started on without even realising! What great nav skills I have.

So from there the shortest way to the end. This did turn out to be possibly the first time I've ever had a run leg of a brick session longer than the other two legs although it wasn't intentional.

Thursday Oct 6, 2016 #

10 AM

Road bike hills 1:36:50 intensity: (31:01 @1) + (21:49 @2) + (6:25 @3) + (33:12 @4) + (4:23 @5) 40.44 km (25.1 kph) +908m
ahr:139 max:177 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Out on the bike for some hills to try and return the legs to normality. Calves and quads still a little tight from last week.

Started off with 3 x 30sec sprints to warm up then rode Mills Rd E at E3 to the top, then Canning Mills Rd and then another rep of Mills Rd E. Simmo called it on Saturday when he said it rains when I take the Trek out and sure enough, it bucketed down when I got back to the bottom of the final hill, so not on the way down just for a change. Got drenched, which put into perspective the drenching I got before the start when attempting to empty the air out of the spa filter while it was still running.

Amazingly both reps of Mills Rd were done at almost the same pace, which doesn't normally happen since I tend to die off after one. Maybe I died off before one this week.

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016 #


Razor mishap prior to tomorrow's FF interview means I am now channeling my inner Juffy... Well the firies I spoke to yesterday did say I looked a bit scraggly; no problems on that front now!
3 PM

Mountain bike 1:59:58 intensity: (1:07:33 @1) + (41:10 @2) + (11:15 @3) 29.38 km (14.7 kph) +536m
ahr:117 max:153 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Spent the morning messing about with MTBO and Metro crap - which seems to be my life at the moment - and then putting the XTC back together, figuring after last week's mudfest that the cranks had probably seized up. Turns out they had but not too seriously so rather than wasting time and money taking it to the shop, I used my expert taking-the-cranks-apart skills to take the cranks apart and cleaned the dumb thing myself. Put it back together and they were still pretty stiff until I realised I hadn't put the washers back in so did that then afterwards found the one that was missing from the left crank side (I thought it was odd it didn't have one) just lying on the ground nowhere near the bike.

Went out onto the KC trails figuring with the cold still blowing over that I wouldn't have much of an effort and turns out I was right so resigned myself to putting in a slow time on the short course. Got to the bottom of Camikazi only to find the remnants of a controlled burn happening so continued on but at the next trail junction I found the rest of the fire still going and a tape across the single track so had to abandon the route and head for the road.

Encountered a couple of DPaW birds uting it up along there as I was contemplating riding off into the fire but they sweet talked me out of it. I told them I wasn't available and anyway I couldn't commit to a relationship with a girl who takes forever to make a decision on anything. I left them thinking over that one and they are probably still coming to a decision on what I meant but I had better things to do, like be glad we didn't plan the MTBO champs for Mundaring as I originally wanted to (up until my other two venues got knocked back). Hopefully the Dwellingup burns didn't go ahead - I'd better check up on that. For those interested (i.e. Boltboi, being the only person I know of late to go out on the trails but then he got in before the burn), the KC will be closed north of Mundaring Weir Rd 'until further notice' (apparently until after all the trees finish falling down).

Ended up at Farrell Grove somehow even though I totally didn't expect that and just continued the longer circuit from there. Not much else to say really other than how crap I was oh and I also decided to ride the black diamond Luvin Shovels for the first time ever rather than Mercury St since I wasn't on a mission to smash any times. The 1m drop-off after the skinny plank ride was unexpected but I managed to get my groin out of the way just before the seat went through it so that was fine, then I rode the Northshore up onto the log further along but balked at the 1.5m drop-off at the other end, not wishing to risk breaking anything with so many job opportunities coming up that require me to be undamaged. The rest of the trail was fun with loads of tabletops and other interesting features. Someone really went to a lot of effort when they created this track.

Looking at the splits I did do compared to previous rides through here (before and after Camikazi), today was total shit.

Tuesday Oct 4, 2016 #

10 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 43:34 [1] 13.96 km (19.2 kph) +4m
(sick) shoes: Giant Anthem

Home to the doctor to get a BBV scan approved (turns out I didn't need to see the doctor) and to get a medical clearance form signed off in the event the AFP calls me in for a physical. For some reason my RHR at the time of testing was 69bpm, which is pretty crap, but the doctor said it was probably because I was sick.

From there to the other medical centre to get the BBV scan done because my local one is no longer a Clinipath and that's where it has to be done.

Over to S Technic via the Maddington fire station to see if I could have a tour but they were busy with training so was told to try again later. Car was ready to go. Hopefully it won't blow up in the next few weeks.

I'm 100% sure there was more climb on this ride than on Sunday's duathlon but the Garmin thinks otherwise. Champion Lakes always comes out with strange readings. Come to think of it, so does Herdsman Lake.

Turns out the OSB for October is now full and I'm on the 'standby' list and this is the last one for the year so unless I somehow make it there, I won't be commencing at ADF until July next year. Ahh well, at least then I can go to NZ for the Masters (if I can find some cash somewhere).
3 PM

Mountain bike 29:40 [1] 10.11 km (20.4 kph) +18m
shoes: Giant Anthem

Take 2, back out to Maddington fire station for a site visit and tour of the facilities so that I can go to the interview knowing a bit more than nothing. Plus it shows I'm dedicated.

It's ridiculous that this ride could have more climb than this morning's ride given it was the same ride, but shorter.

Monday Oct 3, 2016 #

(sick) (rest day)

If I'd been this sick yesterday, I wouldn't have done the duathlon. Except I probably would have.

Sunday Oct 2, 2016 #

8 AM

Multisport race (City of Armadale Duathlon) 1:10:12 intensity: (16 @1) + (3 @2) + (1:21 @3) + (44:05 @4) + (24:27 @5) 28.77 km (2:26 / km) +283m 2:20 / km
ahr:172 max:188 (sick)

Wasn't feeling particularly motivated to go and do this when I woke up but went and did it anyway. No surprise that I continued where I left off in China by being told off for entering transition outside the allocated time and got asked 'Why do you think we have a fence up?' I don't know, to stop the bikes escaping?

Started off on the start line mid-field but that was a mistake because with the sore calf and sickness I figured I'd take it easy but felt okay after crossing the bridge so picked up the pace and spent the rest of the run passing people.

It got windy on the bike and we did three laps, which took us out onto Lake Rd. Got passed by a lot of other cyclists out there and got lapped on my second lap by the top guys (who'd started just one minute ahead). Roadies are a bit clueless on cornering though. I lost count of the number that passed me on a straight only for me to slingshot my way back past on a corner or in one instance, on the slight kink when we went through the roundabout.

Last run was a struggle with the left calf tightening up significantly but I aimed for <4min/km and just fell short with an even 10min for the 2.5km. Ahh well, couldn't expect a whole lot more in my condition and I think this time was 5 minutes slower than when I did it three or four years ago. Now time for a bit of recovery on the leg.

Being the Australian championships I'd have thought they'd have a few more measures in place to stop cheating. There was nothing stopping me from starting in the wave 1 minute ahead and there were a couple of guys who looked like they did that - both glancing at each other when the others took off before deciding they'd go as well. Plus when I was waiting for Tash at the finish, I overheard a woman asking a guy if he was a lap short on the bike. He had no clue until she asked him if he'd done three laps to which he'd replied that he only did two but there weren't any timing mats out on the ride so no-one would be any the wiser.

Amusingly during the race briefing they told us that our timing chips had to be on the left ankle else they wouldn't record a time. Yeah like the timing mat on the ground is going to distinguish which ankle you have the chip on!!! Yes I do realise what the real reason is but that threat was enough to make several people change theirs.

[edit] Actually after checking the results I see we do have individual bike lap times so they must have had a timing station just near the roundabout, presumably on the left!

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