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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Nov 19, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike6 8:37:37 135.5(15.7/h) 218.07(25.3/h) 1594
  Mountain bike3 7:57:56 94.23(11.8/h) 151.64(19.0/h) 2188
  Mapping2 6:10:15 9.86(37:34) 15.86(23:20) 99
  Orienteering (urban)1 30:47 3.47(8:52) 5.58(5:31) 21
  Orienteering (MTB)1 28:22 5.49(11.6/h) 8.84(18.7/h) 8421 /23c91%
  Core stability1 25:00
  Total11 24:09:57 248.55 400.0 398521 /23c91%

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Sunday Nov 19, 2017 #

10 AM

Mountain bike 3:49:06 intensity: (1:47:09 @1) + (1:24:27 @2) + (22:14 @3) + (15:16 @4) 69.44 km (18.2 kph) +1218m
ahr:124 max:170 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Made it out for the planned long ride today at Carinyah commencing with 4 x 30sec hill sprints followed by 3 x 10/5 race pace efforts. I had to switch hills for the sprints because the steeper one I wanted to use had a rather large log across it at the bottom and I couldn't be bothered getting over it so did the not so steep one instead. Interestingly the average speed on the first recovery for the race pace section was faster than the first effort, which was predominately uphill whereas the recovery I'd just crested the hill on Dale Rd (the average HR was also 50bpm lower for the recovery as a result).

Legs fatigued rather abruptly at around the 1:45 mark and I thought about packing it in but hung in there thinking maybe it was just my lack of long rides lately (I didn't do the planned 4hr one last weekend) and they did get better briefly after my second muesli bar. Ended up following the Munda Biddi from Westons Rd out to the bottom of Mt Gungin although there was poor signage on one junction and I failed to take a right hand turn (the sign from the other direction showed as going straight on so I thought I needed to do the same - there was a MB sign on a tree further down the correct track but hard to see from the junction).

From Gungin I followed some of the old trails east of Lockwood to drag the distance out before figuring I was going to blow the planned 3.5hr that I set myself when I was at the far end of Lockwood with <10min to go so headed for home on the easiest route possible.

I think PBGS needs to do up its sign a bit better, something along the lines of "Truck Stop Cafe - we're never open when you want us to be" although I did note that when I arrived there just before 11am, a flotilla of cars drove in behind me and a bunch of people exited the vehicles in preparation for what looked like a morning tea there (give the number of vehicles there when I arrived I wouldn't be surprised if there was something on but it looked closed) although it was most definitely closed when I finished the ride.

Saturday Nov 18, 2017 #

5 PM

Orienteering (MTB) race 28:22 intensity: (5:06 @2) + (18:06 @3) + (5:10 @4) ** 8.84 km (18.7 kph) +84m
ahr:152 max:169 spiked:21/23c shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Metro at Ashfield, back on the XTC this week with Tash on the Anthem, which I rode at Lake Monger. Took off quickly and dropped Richard M out of the 2nd control. It's much harder trying to decide on a route when riding and trying to pay attention to the map but I eventually convinced myself that stringing random controls together probably wasn't the best tactic.

Didn't make any errors on course as such but had a couple of issues with the bike when I got stuck in the gully below #17 and had to push the bike up the rocky embankment as Oliver easily cruised past on foot and then got stuck on the wrong side of the drainage ditch at #23. Would have tried to jump across in normal circumstances but didn't think it was worth it with the possibility of wrecking the knee so rode back around the long way. Also had to go down the steps then back up the steps at #2 with the bike. I had unpleasant memories of trying to ride down those steps at one of Tooms' Boundless races a few years back and stacking it (on the Anthem) so didn't attempt it again.

Good fun with all the tracks to ride on out there! I miscounted somewhere near the end and realised I didn't have to get #6 so I didn't - thank you Garmin lap counter!

[edit] I must have had an okay route being ~700m shorter than Richard and ~0.9-1km shorter than both Tash and Jack. It was ~800m longer than Dave on the long course but with the bike that's understandable as I took some longer routes for ease of riding.

Friday Nov 17, 2017 #

9 AM

Road bike hills 1:41:41 intensity: (43:38 @1) + (33:33 @2) + (22:10 @3) + (2:20 @4) 42.54 km (25.1 kph) +652m
ahr:124 max:172 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Hill session on Canning Mills Rd, 3 x 1min hill sprints followed by 2 x 10min low cadence rubbish. Cool down at E1, which I found hard to maintain partly because I did most of it into a headwind and partly I guess because my HR seems to have returned to normal and trying even to maintain that lowly effort after a hill session isn't all that easy
1 PM

Road bike 49:01 [1] 18.78 km (23.0 kph) +116m
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride over to Kennedy Baptist to tidy up the map that I'd vaguely drawn the other day. Having a lot of bush meant I was more interested in getting the big features (tracks) on previously then filling in the bush this time around. Plus I found a lot of corrections needed in the school, which I am ashamed about.

Somehow managed to miss the rain, which seemed to come when I was inside having lunch between my two rides although I knew nothing about it until I left in the afternoon and discovered the roads were wet.

Mapping (foot) 2:00:51 [1] 4.75 km (25:26 / km) +36m 24:30 / km
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Correcting the Kennedy map after the two hand drawn features I put on the other day forced me to come back to make sure I'd drawn them correctly (I hadn't) plus drawing the bush correctly after I didn't bother with it on Monday until I got the other features right. Found some interesting stuff in the bush too that might make the area usable for a NavDash next year if the school lets us on the premises. Interestingly the receptionist asked me for my WWCC today, which is now the first time I've ever been asked for it on a mapping job - they didn't ask on Monday. The only reason I even have one is because I was meant to be coordinating the MTBO camp back in July before I went and broke myself. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't have one.

Road bike 51:56 [2] 22.76 km (26.3 kph) +116m
shoes: Giant TCR

Kennedy Baptist to ECU Mt Poorly for sprint training. I left Kennedy a bit late so knew I'd get to ECU after the scheduled 5pm start but no matter. I at least got to use the bus/bike lane on Fitzgerald St but it was not being put to any great effect with the number of cars driving in it, plus there was also a car parked in it at one point and the only bus that went past was in the other lane.

Orienteering (urban) 16:01 [4] 3.01 km (5:19 / km) +16m 5:11 / km
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

First sprint training course, in which I ran badly but well enough to pass Tash halfway along despite having a long chat with Adam before I started. If I'm still running like this come the MSW next year there'll be tears. I really need to build up my VMO so that my knee is able to land properly again. The biggest issue I had on course was a short downhill section where it refused to work and I had to walk it.

Orienteering (urban) 14:46 [4] 2.57 km (5:45 / km) +4m 5:42 / km
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Second sprint training course. I had warmed up by now and thought I ran this better than the first one but the pace says otherwise although I did get stuck on the wrong side of an unmapped fence at one point and ended up going through an area mapped olive although it consisted only of a few scattered bushes. The right quad was playing up again and left calf was once more compensating for the right leg so I didn't attempt the third course (which was just a repeat of the course we ran here earlier in the year).

Thursday Nov 16, 2017 #

8 AM

Mountain bike 2:21:35 intensity: (31:47 @1) + (39:14 @2) + (1:04:29 @3) + (6:05 @4) 39.69 km (16.8 kph) +693m
ahr:139 max:168 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Thought I'd give KC another whirl since my plans meant it was better to do it today than tomorrow. I thought I blitzed the circuit - managed some good lines through the rocks - but sadly the time I posted was identical to the time I rode this 1.5 months ago so that's no improvement. On the plus side the HR was back to a normal level, 11bpm (average) below the September ride and similarly below the MHR. The knee felt much better with less jarring over the bumps and the VMO actually felt like it was working somewhat. I guess once I start doing MTB intervals again I can build up a bit of speed and endurance. At least today I was consistently shit rather than starting off well then falling in a hole as I did on the last two rides.

Unlike my last ride here last Thursday when I spotted just the one hot MTB chick, today there was no-one out there, at least not until I finished and was about to leave when two guys appeared at the Black Stump car park.

Wednesday Nov 15, 2017 #

8 AM

Road bike 1:22:50 [1] 30.25 km (21.9 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride with Tash from McMillions Park to Northbridge for a free student lymphomaniac massage then home into an awferly wind. I decided to SCR it all the way since it's my scheduled recovery ride day (actually that was yesterday but I swapped with the group ride). Almost fell asleep after the massage.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 #

5 AM

Road bike 2:45:53 intensity: (59:12 @1) + (1:09:05 @2) + (23:06 @3) + (11:27 @4) + (3:03 @5) 79.16 km (28.6 kph) +711m
ahr:131 max:178 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

KP loops with Mark, Ben & Christophe. We switched to Tuesday because it was better for Christophe and also me in a way since I never knew beforehand on a Wednesday if I was going to be wrecked from Tuesday PT sessions. Unfortunately as it turned out today and for most Tuesdays until the end of January, ATTA runs time trials up and down Lovekin Dve from 6-8am so we had to revise our circuit and just did anticlockwise laps around the outside. Given the shorter distance we rode four although that was still around 5km shorter than usual. Probably should have added the 5th lap to get it to just over 30km (normal loop x3 is just a tad short of 30km).

Felt like we were going a lot faster than usual since I kept getting dropped on the first lap but the average ended up being lower than normal, possibly due to getting held up by a couple of cars - one car stopped in front of us on the May Dve descent for no reason just in time for an oncoming car so we couldn't overtake, then it promptly took off again - and we dropped Ben on the Forrest Dve hill on lap 2 and then Ben and Mark on lap 3 (actually Christophe dropped all of us easily there but I dropped the others) so we had to wait.


Struggle to get home given I had a very favourable wind on the way in so had to deal with it on the way back.
2 PM

Road bike (commute) 14:06 [1] 4.58 km (19.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

To and from the physio to get my VMO electrocuted.
7 PM

Core stability 25:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Easy PT session tonight since we had Plans that required us to be somewhere else at 8pm. Front bridge and side bridges in descending times (60/50/40/30) - I thought this was hilarious when the trainer said we probably hadn't exercised the side muscles before but for me side bridges form part of my standard core strength routine! Followed that up with some ab stuff and a lot of stretching. Main issue tonight was that the oval we were training on is in dying-just-before-summer full of prickles mode so I kept getting them stuck in my hands. In fact I still have one stuck in my palm almost 18 hours later.

Monday Nov 13, 2017 #

9 AM

Road bike (commute) 52:10 [1] 20.0 km (23.0 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to and from the Armadale physio. I didn't have my usual physio today because I was told his son had been in the same class as the girl who'd died over the weekend (presumably the Motorplex incident) and they had a memorial service at the school. The woman said she tried to ring and tell me but that I must have already left home so I checked my phone when I got back home and had a missed call at 9:29, which was one minute before my scheduled appointment so in effect she tried calling me after I'd already arrived at the hospital. Oh well, I saw another physio instead.

Almost lost the front wheel going over a drain on the way home. Legs still sore from Saturday too.
12 PM

Mountain bike 52:11 intensity: (47:09 @1) + (5:02 @2) 18.79 km (21.6 kph) +127m
ahr:106 max:136 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Ride over to Kennedy Baptist College for a mapping session. Took the MTB for two reasons - firstly because I had a few tracks to ride in the bush area to add to their map (actually I already had the tracks on but had to ride them again to add on all the signs) and secondly I figured I wasn't going to get out for yesterday's planned interval session on the trails (which I postponed due to rogaine recovery) and if I didn't do it today I would have been writing it off so decided to do an urban MTB interval session instead (on the way home).

The sea breeze was already in by midday so was a bit of a slog getting out there. In hindsight I should have eaten lunch before I went since I left home at midday but I was already late enough as it was so wrote lunch off for the day.

Mapping (foot) 3:32:10 [1] 7.3 km (29:03 / km) +36m 28:22 / km
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Mapping KBC. Firstly spoke to my contact there and showed her what I'd done to date and she immediately made mention of the new gymnasium they'd built, which wasn't on the aerial but had pretty much replaced a basketball court (plus a bit more as I found out) and also a new soccer stadium (also not on the aerial), which replaced a whole lot of bush in the north. The woman pointed out on my map where it was in the NW then said the NE was still bush but when I got out there I found it was actually the opposite although the soccer pitches had rubbed out most of the bush across the top of the map. Given there was still construction going on I'm guessing there's going to be a new set of changerooms there sometime in the not too distant future as well. It's always so much fun having to try and draw stuff onto an aerial photo. I settled for walking around the edge of the soccer pitch to get a GPS trace because there was no way I was going to be able to draw it accurately onto my aerial photo although I reckon I got close.

The good news with Kennedy, which I'd been dreading, was that even though it is multi-level, unlike when I drew the Kalamunda map where walking from one end of the school to the other takes you to a different level, at Kennedy it's purely top floor/bottom floor stuff so for the purposes of this map I completely ignored the top floor. I couldn't make much sense of the contours though, which is usually the case when I have two contours meandering their way through the cricket oval. At least the contours where the soccer pitch now are will disappear.

Mapping (MTB) 37:14 [1] 3.81 km (9:47 / km) +27m 9:26 / km
ahr:80 max:111 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Riding the trails around Beeliar Reserve and waypointing all the signs. Started off around the soccer pitch again so I could waypoint the four light towers they've constructed.

Mountain bike intervals 55:04 intensity: (22:37 @1) + (12:05 @2) + (19:51 @3) + (31 @4) 23.72 km (25.8 kph) +149m
ahr:130 max:163 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Interval session of sorts to replace the one I was meant to do on the trails. 3 x 7/4 at 'race pace' although I barely managed to hit E3 at all. I don't know whether that's a good thing or bad thing - bad because I couldn't get to the target HR (which is actually really hard to do on the MTB on the road or paths) or good because the HR's not going ballistic anymore just because I think about exercise.

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