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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Nov 26, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike4 9:19:19 161.34(17.3/h) 259.65(27.9/h) 2123
  Orienteering (MTB)2 5:03:24 26.83(5.3/h) 43.17(8.5/h) 109823 /23c100%
  Mountain bike3 2:44:50 30.29(11.0/h) 48.74(17.7/h) 757
  Core stability3 53:45
  Water walking1 25:00
  Orienteering (urban)1 9:28 0.82(11:37) 1.31(7:13) 31
  Running1 9:27 1.49(6:20) 2.4(3:56)
  Total12 18:45:13 220.76 355.27 400923 /23c100%
  [1-5]12 18:37:34

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Sunday Nov 26, 2017 #

2 PM

Water walking 25:00 [2]

I let Tash drag me along to the pool today to keep her quiet and to test this water running theory so while she did laps in the 25m pool (and occasionally came into my lane to attack me), I spent a fair bit of time with the old women heading up and down the walking lane. I was moving a fair bit faster than they were and felt a bit out of place being about the only person in that lane who didn't use the lift platform to get into and out of the pool.
7 PM

Core stability 11:00 [3]

Weights and pushups. Blew my arms out pretty quickly by going straight from pushups to benchpress back to pushups. Should probably find a better circuit so I can actually build up strength rather than being stuck on the same reps all the time.

Saturday Nov 25, 2017 #

9 AM

Mountain bike intervals 1:00:01 intensity: (27:52 @1) + (10:53 @2) + (21:16 @3) 19.85 km (19.8 kph) +254m
ahr:124 max:224 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

I was tossing up today whether to do this week's MTB interval session or the hill reps that I'd been planning to do both of today and tomorrow. Given I kind of did both yesterday (intervals and hills) I eventually settled on MTB intervals so I didn't have to repack the bike in the car although as it turned out I took it out to replace the chain anyway. I shouldn't have bothered though. After yesterday's session my legs were so tired that there was no chance of getting into the target HR of E3 and I spent much of the efforts at the lower end of E2 and even lower than that. Oh well. By the time I got to the 5th rep, my legs were so tired I may have well been asleep (the max HR for the last one was equal to or lower than the average of each of the previous four).

Ended up attempting 5 x 5/5 at 'race pace' on the Carinyah Circuit but even that was a failure because every single trail arrow and even the trailhead sign for Carinyah has been removed so I just went around random tracks instead (attempted to follow TTFKA Carinyah but given I don't ride it that often, this didn't work and I took a wrong track pretty early on).

I did get to see a lot of emus although I actually think it was the same emu several times. Silly thing ran across the track in front of me then a bit later what I initially thought was another emu ran across in the other direction but I got wise to the emu's antics and when it ran across again I realised it was the same one and had just run alongside the track in the bush before recrossing, which it then did for a fourth time a bit further along.

Motorcyclists never cease to amaze me with what we're constantly hearing in the media that many accidents are caused by motorists failing to see them but given I had five motorcyclists overtake me on solid white lines on Chevin Rd and Brookton Hwy, well it's no surprise really. The first one to do so appeared from a car behind me so if I'd been attempting anything, well of course I'd have had no chance of seeing it.
4 PM

Orienteering (MTB) race (Cottesloe) 30:47 intensity: (4:01 @1) + (8:54 @2) + (16:28 @3) + (1:24 @4) ** 9.58 km (18.7 kph) +125m
ahr:143 max:166 spiked:23/23c shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Metro event on a new Simmo map in Cottesloe, probably the only one (of five) new maps this season that I'll be able to compete on - the usual story being that two are mine and the rest I'll be away for. Given we were on bikes and that Simmo is weird, we had our own map that had 23 controls on it and we had to get all 23, including the one at the end of a dead end street at the top of a hill. Apparently we weren't allowed to ride through the wedding, which was a bit of a shame. I love weddings that I have no involvement in.

Made sure to read the CP descriptions for every control before I got there since some looked dicey (there were three in or next to depressions so reading told us the side) and I encountered no fewer than three people on course (on foot) standing within metres of a control and yet unable to see it whereas I just rode in, punched and rode off.

I'm sure I picked a decent route. Normally I'd pick a route to be riding with the wind on the way home (north up the coast) but the pre-event instructions referred to riding along the east side of Marine Pde (the coast road) and the west side of Curtin Ave (the eastern boundary) so rather than risk having to cross either, I just did the course anti-clockwise and avoided the need although in most cases ended up riding on the path along both of those regardless so wouldn't have mattered.

Made sure to put a new chain on after this morning because the existing one was well and truly over the 1.0 mark on the chain checker.

Orienteering (urban) 9:28 intensity: (1:12 @1) + (4:03 @2) + (4:13 @3) 1.31 km (7:13 / km) +31m 6:28 / km
ahr:138 max:160

Finished off by collecting the five controls in the Civic Centre and the one across the road, on foot and in cleats! Couldn't be bothered going back to the car to get shoes given I couldn't leave them at the start as I had originally planned.
6 PM

Mountain bike 20:36 intensity: (7:39 @0) + (12:01 @1) + (56 @2) 4.36 km (12.7 kph) +54m
ahr:89 max:129 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Control collecting.

I had spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening helping set up for an army cocktail function for tonight at Leeuwin Barracks and by the end (we were originally scheduled from 1300-1600 but I didn't leave until after 2100) the WO2 was so impressed with our efforts that she threw us all an invite. The other guy who was left at that stage looked a bit wary - having to spend an evening with 80 odd officer types when we're only junior level will do that to you - and mentioned he didn't want to leave his fiance at home alone but then I declined due to orienteering (priorities) and he got handed my invitation for his other half so he had troubles refusing! I get to go back on Monday to help clean up.

It occurred to me on the way to the event that in my PT days (Pre-Tash), that I would have ridden to a Metro event, regardless of what I did in the morning. In fact in the year 5PT, I rode to all 13 Metro events that were scattered all across the metro area, winning 7 and placing 2nd in the other 6 (to six different people) - I did also live more 'centrally' in those days. The thought didn't even enter my mind today until I was already driving there but then I didn't really feel like riding 30km on the MTB, doing the event and riding home. I need to harden up.

Friday Nov 24, 2017 #

5 AM

Road bike intervals 1:07:49 intensity: (26:15 @1) + (5:00 @2) + (10:38 @3) + (25:56 @4) 35.0 km (31.0 kph) +171m
ahr:140 max:173 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

I'd organised a hill ride with Poot Shandy this morning but I *really* wanted to do this week's interval session as planned (albeit on the wrong day) and with somewhat of a plan to also do hills with Mark and Ben tomorrow, well I just decided to do the intervals before meeting up with Evo, so headed over to the Roe Hwy bike path (I was meeting him at around 7am at the Roe/Nicholson junction) and smashed out 4 x 8/4 at E3 and then do as much as possible of a 20min E2 session to finish. I was passing by Nicholson at only 5mins into the last bit and Poot was already there (6:45am) so I wrapped up the session. Good to see the path along Roe Hwy now continues on over Orrong Rd and joins up to the Tonkin Hwy path so once they've finished off that awful section through the shitty west of the train station it might actually make for a decent loop along the two highways, Midland train line and Kwinana Fwy.

Road bike hills 3:14:16 intensity: (1:28:24 @1) + (56:15 @2) + (45:56 @3) + (3:41 @4) 88.36 km (27.3 kph) +1221m
ahr:126 max:169 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Hill ride with Poot, out along the Roe path to Berkshire then through the back streets of Forrie to Ridge Hill Rd. I thought we were going to take the 'usual' route up to the weir but Poot's usual route is different to mine, so much so that we spent very little time on overlapping roads up until the section along the reserve trail. From there it was a similar story out past the weir and to the bottom of Piesse Brook but by then I knew Poot really wanted to ride up Hummerston (he tipped me off by saying turn right onto Aldersyde and we'll ride up Hummerston... although I'll leave it up to you to decide) so I decided to do that because Hummerston has such an awful climb in it. Once to the top of that we passed my infamous crash site from Wednesday then down Kalamunda hill and back home almost the same way we went out with a slight deviation.

Evo is still Strong on the hills and made me work on some of them, not that the HR had much to say about them but I probably used it all up on the interval session.

Thursday Nov 23, 2017 #

1 PM

Road bike (commute) 11:43 [1] 4.56 km (23.4 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Sat at home crying all morning before my scheduled trip to the physio. Fortunately down to weekly visits now so I can save a bit of money to spend on driving into other cars.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 #

10 AM

Mountain bike 1:24:13 intensity: (11:11 @1) + (25:46 @2) + (45:12 @3) + (2:04 @4) 24.53 km (17.5 kph) +449m
ahr:142 max:168 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Had a go at the KC short loop given I wanted to do some mapping for the rest of the day. Happy to say it was one of my faster efforts (only 2 sec off my #2 ride). Picked up a few splits on the technical sections but lost a lot of time on the uphill splits so need to work on that. Plenty of time!

Orienteering (MTB) (mapping) 4:32:37 [1] 33.59 km (7.4 kph) +973m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Haven't done any mapping in a long time (pre-accident) so got out to update the SW part of the KC map. Forgot how tiring it is and with the knee not fully recovered I couldn't ride at slow pace up some of the hills. Got about 2/3 of what I wanted to do done but the Oregon told me after only three hours that it was low on battery (I hadn't charged it the previous night figuring the 3/4 of an hour I used it last week wouldn't have drained it much but apparently that wasn't the case) so sort of meandered my way back to the start at that point although it still took over 1.5hrs to get there and the battery only died when I was a short distance from my car.

Decided to head straight from the trails to the O meeting but stopped at Kalamunda Coles for refreshments and subsequently had some issues getting out of the car park given I was in a tight space and a van behind was taking forever to reverse into a spot. When it eventually sorted itself out I reversed, couldn't go the way I wanted so decided on a different tack and was ready to turn when a car appeared to my left so I had to reverse further to let it get past but in the meantime a car had appeared behind me and I didn't see it so I reversed into it. Bashed in my rear bumper (which I can fix by bashing it back out again) but the girl I reversed into is now complaining she can't drive her car because the bumper is hanging off and can I sort it out with my insurance. She managed to drive away from the car park with it so I don't see what the issue is but oh well. Anyway that annoyed me so I went home rather than to the meeting and now I'm being berated with text messages from her to get her car fixed.

I already can't afford to do anything, now knock another (potential) $800 excess out of my cash reserves and I may as well just sit at home and cry all day! Well I pretty much do that anyway. That's only ten and a half weeks of my reserves income...

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 #

5 AM

Road bike 2:55:01 intensity: (56:24 @1) + (1:12:17 @2) + (24:20 @3) + (18:22 @4) + (3:38 @5) 85.29 km (29.2 kph) +732m
ahr:133 max:184 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

KP loops with Mark, Ben and Christophe. I had such a shit night's sleep that I almost didn't bother going and was pretty demotivated on the way there until I caught up with - or more precisely got caught by - Todd Rintoul on the way there and we chatted all the way along The Esplanade and up to The Narrows. When Mark arrived at the DNA Tower he too professed to almost having bailed several times the previous night but we all ended up there.

Mark and I decided we were going to spend the whole time at the back but I took the more literal approach to that by being dropped soundly before we even reached the first turn, which was only 350m away. Mark was with me at that point but he put in a burst of speed down Lovekin and caught back up whereas I just stayed 50m off the back until we got to the first small climb down near Synergy Parkland and they sat up until I caught back up. I hadn't realised but Ben had his Felt bike today rather than the Look and that apparently gives him a 2kph advantage and we finished the first lap in quick time before proceeding to obliterate my long standing PB of 16:21 on the second (also only the first time this year I've done <17min), which resulted in Mark bailing at the end of that lap but the rest of us continued on at which point I finally had a go on the front and of course the third lap was slower than the second but still my third fastest time around the loop.


It's the first time we've ever done the three laps in <50mins at an average speed of >35kph.

Rode home via South Perth foreshore just for something different. The knee was a constant niggle for pretty much the whole ride but didn't fall apart so I'll count that as a win.
7 PM

Core stability 20:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

So tonight's PT we did a practice BFA: warm up & down, 2mins of pushups, 2mins of situps followed by a 2.4km run and then half all that again. I didn't know how I'd go on the run and sad to say I lost my spot as fastest runner in the group (what a surprise) but just held onto 2nd place, just ahead of a sergeant and 55yo corporal (shame), both of who finished ahead of the entire rest of the field (roughly 40 people). I bailed before the 1.2km run as a precaution to give my knee a rest but surprised myself with the 2.4km effort, pulling out a 9:27 and although that's a full 50secs behind the 8:37 I ran last time back in June, given the circumstances it was still pretty good. The top runner smashed out 8:19 so was over a minute ahead of me in 2nd place but not all that much faster than I know I'm capable of when fit and functional. There's hope for me yet!

Running 9:27 [5] 2.4 km (3:56 / km)
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Run component of the BFA - definitely fell off the pace as I did the first two laps (800m) in <3mins but by the 1.6km mark that had blown out to just over 6mins and the last two laps the knee started to let me know it was there and lack of fitness caused a big slowdown, almost allowing the two behind to pass me but I just held on. Not bad for a first up real effort! That time is 1:51 ahead of the time required for a <25y.o. and I get a lot longer in my dotage.

Monday Nov 20, 2017 #

1 PM

Core stability 22:45 [3]

Weights & stuff, legs & arms.
2 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:50:30 [1] 46.43 km (25.2 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

'Recovery commute' into RPH outpatients to get my hand reviewed, potentially for the last time (they booked another appointment for three months' time but said I could cancel if I didn't need it). I scored the last appointment for the day and it's a different clinic to the morning ones I used to get where the waiting room was always full of crippled people (I used to be included in that category).

Whilst waiting I wondered if I'd locked my bike to the safest feature in the street, being a sign pole that a really determined thief could have slipped my bike and lock over the top of with a lot of effort - it was over 2m tall and would have proved difficult but possible although probably would have looked a bit suspicious to any parcel buyers in the vicinity. So when I left the clinic I was a bit shocked to find my bike was no longer attached to the pole I thought I'd left it at and stood there for a few seconds wondering what I was going to do about it until I glanced left and realised it was attached to another pole about 15m away and I'd just forgotten where I'd left it. Whew!

So this wasn't the greatest ride ever with my knee a tad sore on the way in (once again I'd done knee rehab right before a ride, what an idiot) and the quad quite sore on the way home. I lived though, much to the detriment I'm sure of some people.

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