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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending May 6:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike6 9:12:56 147.3(16.0/h) 237.06(25.7/h) 1368
  Mountain bike2 2:22:37 26.03(11.0/h) 41.89(17.6/h) 637
  Orienteering (MTB)1 2:11:02 25.55(11.7/h) 41.12(18.8/h) 63939 /41c95%
  Running3 1:33:42 11.47(8:10) 18.46(5:05) 18
  Orienteering (urban)1 45:00 6.26(7:11) 10.08(4:28) 3
  Total10 16:05:17 216.61(4:27) 348.61(2:46) 266439 /41c95%

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Monday May 6 #

8 AM

Road bike 45:56 intensity: (39:35 @1) + (5:56 @2) + (25 @3) 20.51 km (26.8 kph) +26m
ahr:107 max:153 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Recovery ride around the block, into a crap headwind for the first part. Legs somewhat tired.
1 PM

Running warm up/down 8:49 intensity: (41 @1) + (3:28 @2) + (1:33 @3) + (3:07 @4) 1.62 km (5:27 / km) +3m 5:25 / km
ahr:146 max:174 shoes: Salomon Speedtrak black/yellow

Sick of cleaning up all the piles of cat vomit I kept finding around the house this morning so got out for a run. It was okay when the cats restricted themselves to throwing up on the floor (preferably in the one spot) but the last couple of times have also included the couch.

Orienteering (urban) (Suburb Run) 45:00 intensity: (13 @1) + (19 @2) + (22:13 @3) + (22:15 @4) * 10.08 km (4:28 / km) +3m 4:27 / km
ahr:160 max:173 shoes: Salomon Speedtrak black/yellow

Back into SR after a lengthy break! Cruise Control course around Huntingdale to get my long run in for the week. Point and shoot for the first two for a (very) long time then a few corners after that. Almost decided to do this fast at 4min/km then decided that was stupid after Saturday's run and yesterday so set the VP for a more leisurely 4:30 instead, which was fairly comfortable.

Not surprised to find a map correction already required for my Southernwood map with the fence across the bridge from the rec centre now completely blocking off the sand track through the bush because it'd be awful if someone actually walked on it.

Running warm up/down 11:36 intensity: (18 @1) + (29 @2) + (10:49 @3) 2.16 km (5:22 / km)
ahr:149 max:157 shoes: Salomon Speedtrak black/yellow

2 PM

Road bike (commute) 12:17 [1] 4.79 km (23.4 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

To my sister's place and back to watch the kids for an hour *shudder*

Sunday May 5 #

9 AM

Mountain bike warm up/down 5:44 intensity: (1:43 @1) + (1:28 @2) + (1:55 @3) + (10 @4) + (28 @5) 2.13 km (22.3 kph) +14m
ahr:139 max:214 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Orienteering (MTB) race (Railway Heritage Trail) 1:22:38 intensity: (5:50 @1) + (16:56 @2) + (28:36 @3) + (31:08 @4) + (8 @5) *** 26.06 km (18.9 kph) +414m
ahr:152 max:175 spiked:22/23c shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Long course at Glen Forrest

Did okay and seemingly just enough to knock over Hadrien. Won 16 of the first 20 splits then lost the last four to him: poor route to 21 (think the single track west of the CP was slower to ride on than the east); map refold to 22 (then I also took the road option whereas the railway trail was probably just as fast to ride on and slightly shorter); error at 23, sadly waited until the last CP to make my only error of the course; slow into finish I guess. Might have to take the local events a bit more seriously if Hadrien's going to ride well.

Nice area, nice map. Majority of trails were highly visible, unlike many of our other areas.

Orienteering (MTB) race 48:24 intensity: (5:41 @1) + (16:05 @2) + (20:27 @3) + (6:11 @4) *** 15.06 km (18.7 kph) +225m
ahr:144 max:170 spiked:17/18c shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Medium course since I had plenty of time. I was very surprised to see Robert Pullela around the northern bush block after I'd passed him on his way there around my ride of the long course but seems he had an absolute shocker around 12-15, somehow ending up on the highway (which isn't even on the map).

Tash brought along barbecue foods for the event and somehow we both missed out! I probably should have eaten between my rides.

Saturday May 4 #

8 AM

Running race (Shipwreck parkrun) 18:51 intensity: (8 @1) + (1:40 @2) + (4:28 @3) + (6:46 @4) + (5:49 @5) 5.0 km (3:46 / km)
ahr:164 max:182 shoes: Salomon Speedtrak black/yellow

First time here and good to see my friend Phil on run director duties although not so good after his 12hr ultra last weekend (he ran ~120km) where he injured his foot so is currently off work.

Par time for the past few weeks had been around 19-21 minutes so I figured I was in with a chance but spoke with two guys up the front at the start (one of whom had run the previous two weeks in succession at 19:08) and both were aiming for around 19 minutes. Set the VP for 3:46 because Phil had said my Garmin would come out at about 5.09km (although it had been OFFICIALLY measured at 5km) and I really wanted to get under 19mins although thinking about it now, I'd have had to set it lower than that.

Sat with the lead two, who were setting a pace faster than I really wanted, for the first full lap then back to the turnaround on the second lap where they both pulled away from me so I settled back into my 3:46 pace. Crossed the line a bit behind both of them (the 2nd placed guy set himself a new PB, his old one being 18:45) and found my Garmin had come out at 5.19km so good thing I went out faster than intended because I didn't crack the 19 by all that much but crack it I did, first time since November 2016 - happy days! Of course as in the usual tradition I always seem to get other fast guys turn up and run on a day when I set an annual PB (my last two first placed finishes were a 19:10 and a 20:59).

Still, this run felt so much more comfortable than the 19:10 I ran at Champion Lakes recently. Got a bit tired in the last kilometre but not so much that I wanted to quit as has happened previously (not actually quitting, just feeling like I wanted to). Now just need to find a course that measures at exactly 5km (not Pioneer because it sucks) and run to this pace again so I can have a crack at breaking 18mins :P

I don't know why my HR dropped so rapidly for the last two kilometres, maybe because the strap ended up around my stomach?

Running warm up/down 7:53 intensity: (1:13 @1) + (5:17 @2) + (1:23 @3) 1.35 km (5:51 / km)
ahr:134 max:148 shoes: Salomon Speedtrak black/yellow

Friday May 3 #

11 AM

Road bike 3:18:44 intensity: (1:56:17 @1) + (1:13:10 @2) + (8:35 @3) + (42 @4) 86.63 km (26.2 kph) +294m
ahr:119 max:164 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

I didn't really want to go for a long ride today but had no choice (unless I wanted to drive, shudder) if I wanted to complete all of today's tasks. With the TCR sort of out of action after busting apart the chain ring (I also removed the rear brakes and they were in almost as bad a condition as the front brakes on the XTC yesterday, which were down to the metal and which I've since replaced) I had to instead take the Trek. I didn't get very far before realising I forgot my bike lock so had to go back home for it.

First stop was the early voting place out on Armadale Rd, not hard to find with all the green, red and blue shirts out the front. Had a chat with a green shirt and red shirt about my bike and turns out they both used to work for the ATO. Also had a chat with one of the officials inside about how she got employed given I haven't heard a thing from the AEC. Got a phone number to call someone who cares (namely the AEC Cockburn office).

From there to BikeForce Southern River to attempt to get new brakes, chain ring, shock pump and bleed kit. Was 50% successful. The guy directed me to Giant Canning Vale for the remainder where they were SURE to have it but I was 0% successful there.

Made a 2nd attempt to get a hold of my passport out at Irwin Barracks and got it so now attempting to renew my private health insurance.

After getting up I didn't think last night's intervals had been too hard on me (namely because I had no aching muscles) but once on the bike I got incredibly tired incredibly quickly so I obviously suffered from it, just not in the usual sore way.

Thursday May 2 #

3 PM

Road bike 2:01:28 intensity: (1:25:11 @1) + (24:06 @2) + (11:31 @3) + (40 @4) 53.38 km (26.4 kph) +219m
ahr:115 max:165 shoes: Giant TCR

Wanted to sort out my passport held by the army today since my private health reinstatement period expires tomorrow (the army doesn't seem to respond to emails) so rode out to Irwin before intervals tonight. Unfortunately left it too late and by the time I got there, I essentially had to ride right past and keep going just so I could make it to Chips & Gravey Park in time for the scheduled 5:30 start.

The ride itself was not without issue. As I was about to cross the footbridge over Leach Hwy at Rossmoyne SHS, I dropped into the small SCR (it's a short, steep bridge) but on the first revolution the chain ring completely shattered into three pieces. I've never had a chain ring break on me before so it was kind of bizarre. Worse was I couldn't find the third piece until I was a good 100m down the path and the whole thing locked up. Span it backwards and out popped the remaining piece.

After I bypassed Irwin and was on my way randomly through Perth (I really have no idea where cyclists are supposed to go between the Arena and the train station), I was turning off the path onto Pier St to rejoin the path further when Idiot McMoron coming from the opposite direction decided that riding on the wrong side of the road around a blind corner into oncoming peak cyclist traffic was a Good Idea and me being at the front narrowly avoided cleaning him up. I used to think cyclists were a smart bunch for avoiding driving but that myth has long since been dispelled by general cyclist behaviour.

Made it to Gravey with a couple of minutes to spare in a not very good mood but Simon was late as usual so we headed off even later.

Running intervals 46:33 intensity: (7:48 @1) + (15:47 @2) + (6:31 @3) + (7:38 @4) + (8:49 @5) 8.33 km (5:35 / km) +15m 5:32 / km
ahr:147 max:184 shoes: Salomon Speedtrak black/yellow

Intervals around the sand loop at Garvey Park with a bunch of orienteering types. Took it out way too fast on the first couple and was going to call it a day but sensibly settled down to Ricky Pace after that and was fine. Lap times for ~710m (first an estimate since I didn't hit the lap button):

1: 2:27 (didn't realise Andries and Michal had taken off so had to pass everyone to catch them)
2: 2:26 (trying to hold Michal)
3: 2:35 (trying to hold Andries)
4: 2:40 (trying to hold Sten)
5: 2:47 (on my own)
6: 2:36 (on my own)

There were blue arrows out on the ground around our running area, reminded me of the dirt crits they used to hold here many years ago. Seemed to be bike tracks through the area too. I wonder if they've resurrected them.

I tried to buy several pairs of Salomons on the Salomon-Saucony site today (they were all priced from $60-$65) but despite stating purchase options on Visa, Mastercard or PayPal, only the MC option seemed to be available on checkout and that was the one of the three I didn't have. Website seemed a bit dodge anyway.

I really need new shoes. My Speedtrax don't have any grip left in the ball area.

Wednesday May 1 #

11 AM

Mountain bike 2:16:53 intensity: (45:02 @1) + (35:23 @2) + (56:15 @3) + (13 @4) 39.76 km (17.4 kph) +623m
ahr:133 max:162 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Thought I'd give the PB a crack today after yesterday's Turner Rd PB but seems I was off the pace, way off in fact. Maybe yesterday's hills wore me out, I don't know. Was pretty slow on most splits other than the short section from the bottom of Scorpion through to MW Rd, where I picked up a solitary win, though Camikazi was also a notably good section - I knew I'd ridden both well (though I also thought I rode Slippery When Dry well but seems I did not). Flaccid Ashback was slippery as anything and I rode off the track at one point. Going over one of the tough uphill obstacles on Lube Me Up, my left pedal bounced off a tree and it managed to knock both my cleats out simultaneously so that was fun. Going to have a nice bruise on the right shin now after whacking the pedal into it there.

For some reason I also thought it would be warm today when I looked outside. Sadly it was not. I guess just because the sun is out, doesn't mean it will heat everything up.

Stupid seat keeps slipping down despite all the carbon grease I've stuck in it recently. Happened prior to the Karri Cup and again in the first 25km of that race, then again prior to today somehow. I tightened it up before I rode and it slipped down another 5mm again. Think I may also need to replace the front brakes. They weren't working so well towards the end of today.

Tuesday Apr 30 #

10 AM

Road bike hills 1:40:41 intensity: (49:31 @1) + (16:21 @2) + (11:34 @3) + (21:12 @4) + (2:03 @5) 41.03 km (24.5 kph) +829m
ahr:129 max:176 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Hill ride, was originally going to do four reps of Mills Rd up to Kaarakin but decided instead to go for the TT up Turner Rd then E3 up Canning Mills Rd then Mills Rd E. The damned gate at the bottom of Turner Rd was closed today so I had an angled stationary start rather than my usual rolling start but that didn't stop me from actually getting a PB (by two seconds) so hooray! Last time I got a PB was the day I smashed up my patella so good to break it again (the record, not the patella).

Did Canning Mills immediately after and was going to do Mills Rd before stopping in at Kaarakin but decided to do that on the way down instead but that was a mistake because I was in there so long that my legs had completely cooled down and I barely managed to make the target HR on the way back up - certainly couldn't maintain it. Good news is we now almost definitely have a start location for the 25 May MTBO event that Tash is running. Will find out in the next day or so for sure but they had nothing else booked there.
2 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:13:50 [1] 30.71 km (25.0 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to and from the dentist. My bike computer told me I was on time but then I realised it was five minutes slow. Got a nice tailwind in though, then rode home via the railway line because Albany Hwy sucks.

Heard a cyclist coming up behind me on the path (he rang his bell) and immediately knew it was an e-bike because a quick roadie a) wouldn't have a shitty sounding bell; and b) wouldn't ring it.

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