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Training Log Archive: Charlie

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running9 8:17:10 40.99(12:08) 65.97(7:32) 1208
  Orienteering3 4:29:53 14.53(18:34) 23.39(11:32) 74527 /53c50%
  Gym4 3:50:00
  cycling1 1:09:12 14.25(4:51) 22.93(3:01) 226
  Rowing Machine2 20:00 2.66(7:32) 4.28(4:41)
  Total19 18:06:15 72.43 116.57 217927 /53c50%
  [1-5]19 17:53:30
averages - weight:162.2lbs

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Wednesday Sep 29, 2010 #

5 AM

Gym 1:00:00 [3]

Rhonda's morning class
11 AM

Running 1:45:23 intensity: (8:48 @0) + (16:26 @1) + (46:27 @2) + (32:47 @3) + (55 @4) 6.45 mi (16:20 / mi) +454m 13:24 / mi
ahr:120 max:152 weight:165lbs shoes: 2010 NB MT840

neighborhood run with Rhonda and Sassy, including a stop to clear some downed branches off Doyle Rd, and a stop to survey the scene at the Capen Cabin. Rhonda has a kids group coming there on Sunday. Sassy was more fun on the way back when she was somewhat tired.

Monday Sep 27, 2010 #

5 AM

Gym 1:00:00 [3]

Rhonda's morning class. Jan told a convoluted story about when her father met Eddy Mercx in 1988, and told Eddy about his daughter the bike racer. He and Eddy struck up a bit of a conversation and Eddy ended up giving him an autographed picture. Jan was at a big bike show last week and Eddy was a speaker there. She brought the picture and chatted Eddy up about the incident, and about the daughter who went on to become a world champion. Eddy was polite enough to act like he remembered her dad.
5 PM


My friend Shirley came over for a tour of my charcoal platforms this afternoon. She is an inveterate program leader and has gotten interested in charcoal lately. She was also interested in the frogs, the herons, witch hazel, and a number of other things that turned up along the way. It was raining pretty briskly, but that certainly didn't slow her down any, and I gave her the full tour. She was impressed that I had streamer tape on a number of the charcoal platforms and thought I had put it there for her. Well, no. It is just left over from some old o courses, and I took most of it down while we were walking.

Sunday Sep 26, 2010 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:30:58 intensity: (24 @0) + (6:03 @1) + (43:52 @2) + (24:32 @3) + (13:45 @4) + (2:22 @5) *** 8.46 km (10:45 / km) +274m 9:15 / km
ahr:131 max:172 spiked:20/21c weight:161lbs shoes: 2009 Yellow NB 840s

Score-O at Paugusset. Fine weather. 470 net points, as I had ten penalty points which gave me a net breakeven on the last control I strayed off the trail to pick up. Opted to make sure I got out to the little group to the NE that looked interesting, rather than pick up more controls in the SW, since I couldn't do both. My route.

Saturday Sep 25, 2010 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:30:59 intensity: (10 @0) + (1:34 @1) + (32:21 @2) + (50:10 @3) + (6:44 @4) *** 7.29 km (12:29 / km) +302m 10:20 / km
ahr:133 max:156 spiked:7/12c weight:162lbs shoes: 2009 Yellow NB 840s

Green course at Bull Pond - USMA B meet.

Navigation not so clean, and I ended up skipping #2 after looking for it quite a while. I was the first starter, and after a while there were three of us hunting for it, so I gave up. Particularly because I needed to get back to go to Zack's cross country meet. Turns out I was too far west in a difficult area with lots of unmapped 4 meter+ cliffs. Then lost a lot of time and bailed out on #3 before attacking again. Trouble following a straight line on 4, 6 and 8, although no trouble finding the controls once I figured out where I was. Hot day, and moving slowly, but it was fun and worth the trip.
3 PM


Went to the Canterbury Invitational XC meet in New Milford on the way home from West Pt. Got there in time for the girls' race and saw Doodle from Forman finish a strong 3rd. Meanwhile, the Forman boys had spent most of the day in the hot sun and Zack was already fairly overheated by the start. He settled into about 9th place for most of the run, and put on a strong finish to move up to 8th in 18:59, but collapsed at the finish line with some pretty classic heat exhaustion symptoms. He spent about an hour either laying on a table at the medical tent or stumbling around, not even sure if he had finished the race. It was pretty scary. A couple of hours later he was mostly bounced back, but he went to bed right after supper.

Thursday Sep 23, 2010 #

4 PM

Orienteering 1:27:56 intensity: (14 @0) + (2:03 @1) + (53:40 @2) + (30:27 @3) + (1:32 @4) *** 7.64 km (11:30 / km) +169m 10:22 / km
ahr:127 max:151 20c weight:161lbs shoes: 2010 NB MT840

Sessions, using Peter's map from last weekend. Pretty fine - downloaded it from his log. Planned on 1:15, but got bogged down in the south and had to bail out. Ended up with 20 and running all the way in from #50 to get back. If I were going to be more efficient about it, I could have done without 32 and 33 for example

Wednesday Sep 22, 2010 #

12 PM

Running 1:27:10 intensity: (10 @0) + (24 @1) + (6:55 @2) + (27:11 @3) + (40:07 @4) + (12:23 @5) 11.02 km (7:55 / km) +459m 6:33 / km
ahr:151 max:175 weight:164lbs shoes: 2010 NB MT840

Tunxis trail run from the house. Very hot, and this is a longer run than I am used to, and a very rugged trail. My sense was that anything better than 85 was pretty unlikely, and anything worse than 100 would be a disappointment. So 87 was a pleasant surprise, especially since I was so toasted at the end that I walked up most of Doyle Rd.

A few odd noises in the brush from time to time, but the only real AOWN moment was when I got bopped on the forearm by a falling acorn. It fell with a lot of force. Not as bad as getting hit with a golf ball, but pretty noticeable.

On reflection, this is the hardest effort I have put out on a run since the Billygoat.

Sunday Sep 19, 2010 #

8 AM

Running 50:00 [3] 4.0 mi (12:30 / mi)

with Rhonda and Jess along the Blue Ridge, fairly early. I guess I had left the forerunner on yesterday, because the battery was dead today.

Saturday Sep 18, 2010 #

6 PM

Running 38:19 intensity: (4 @0) + (19 @1) + (7:01 @2) + (30:03 @3) + (52 @4) 3.0 mi (12:46 / mi) +96m 11:37 / mi
ahr:134 max:151

With my most esteemed training partner, the lovely Jess, along the Blue Ridge Parkway trail, out and back. A brief interlude in an otherwise whirlwind few days, dealing with things about my mom's estate, and having a memorial service and gathering.

The memorial service exceeded my expectations by a factor of about 100. Very eloquent and moving remarks from several of her friends, particularly her chaplain friend who gave the most meaningful and personal speech for about 40 minutes. I was pretty overwhelmed by it.

It was fascinating to hear how much my mom meant to these friends, as she didn't really let me into that part of her life.

Thursday Sep 16, 2010 #

weight:163lbs (injured)

Hurt my left foot, and it was really weird. Just working down in Providence minding my own business yesterday, and when I got up at 6 to go home, my foot was really sore, top medial side just inside the big toe joint.

So today I can barely walk, it's swollen and somewhat discolored. What gives? No apparent mechanism of injury.

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010 #

Gym 50:00 [3]

Rhonda's morning class, before taking off for Providence for the day.

Tuesday Sep 14, 2010 #

8 AM

Running 52:20 [3] 5.25 mi (9:58 / mi)
weight:162lbs shoes: 2010 NB MT840

McLean Game Refuge, with Rhonda. No track today - couldn't get the satellites to come up. It kept asking me if I was indoors and I lost interest. Found them fine on the dashboard on the way home. Pace was faster on second half, and quite a bit faster than Sunday.

Monday Sep 13, 2010 #

Gym 1:00:00 [3]

Rhonda's morning class, which has now migrated to the strangely more convenient hour of 5:30 am.
4 PM

Running (woods run) 24:26 intensity: (3 @0) + (8 @1) + (1:04 @2) + (11:11 @3) + (12:00 @4) 1.71 mi (14:16 / mi) +98m 12:07 / mi
ahr:146 max:166 shoes: 2010 NB MT840

The longer of this summer's two sprint courses. I thought I might do both of them, but this was hard enough.

Sunday Sep 12, 2010 #

10 AM

Running 57:11 intensity: (8 @0) + (20 @1) + (23:49 @2) + (29:37 @3) + (3:17 @4) 5.29 mi (10:49 / mi) +82m 10:19 / mi
ahr:132 max:158 shoes: 2010 NB MT840

With Rhonda at McLean. A very gentle pace - Rhonda dealing with the cumulative fatigue of her last week in Asheville, me with the dregs of my cold. Just what we needed, I think.

Saturday Sep 11, 2010 #

7 AM


Rhonda called this morning at 6:15 to relate that my mom's breathing had become more labored, and then at 7:00 to say that she had passed away. A tough road, but she was reasonably comfortable, and she couldn't have had a better person holding her hand at the end than Rhonda.

Here is the last picture I took of her, on August 30, when we were expecting that she might have another bounce in her and be returning home. She had some kind of episode a few days later, perhaps a minor stroke, and was in decline for the last 9 or 10 days.

Virginia DeWeese (10/26/1923 - 9/11/2010)

8 AM

weight:162.5lbs (sick)

Took the dogs out for their morning dog walk, and I guess I am getting better because it wasn't a struggle for me. Thursday I had to cut it short, and yesterday I could do it, but not without a bit of difficulty.

Anyway, the dogs had a stimulating time, because they came upon a bear and gave it a good chase. Eventually they came harrumphing back, displaying their indignation at a bear intruding on their territory. Just lucky they didn't catch it.
12 PM

cycling 1:09:12 intensity: (2:44 @0) + (22:39 @1) + (31:01 @2) + (12:42 @3) + (6 @4) 14.25 mi (4:51 / mi) +226m 4:38 / mi
ahr:116 max:148

Gentle low-key tour of W Simsbury. Objective was not to get breathing too hard, and that worked fine. Throat a little scratchy at the end, but otherwise very satisfactory. A beautiful day. Included an unscheduled 3 minute break to answer a call from my mom's friend Paula.

Friday Sep 10, 2010 #

weight:160.5lbs (sick) (rest day)

Starting to get better, but not enough to risk any exercise.

Thursday Sep 9, 2010 #

weight:160.5lbs (sick) (rest day)

Went with Zack to Holyoke for the 5K. Zack to run, I to be a proud papa and take pictures. Very fine. A little surprised to see him emerge in 4th, running strong and well under 19. Pretty great race for him, and fun to be watching.

On the way home we had an AOWN encounter. As we started up the back side of Ratlum Mt we were waylaid by an attack raccoon who tried to steal our right front hubcap. We took some appropriate evasive action, but we may not go back that way for a few days.

Wednesday Sep 8, 2010 #

weight:160.5lbs (sick) (rest day)

tough night, and still pretty beat up. throat a bit less sore, but more junk in my chest, still tired and achy

Tuesday Sep 7, 2010 #

weight:161.5lbs (sick) (rest day)

Thought I might be on the mend, but spiraled down. Very sore throat, achy joints, the fear of it descending into my chest. Went to the doc and got dosed with antibiotics.

Monday Sep 6, 2010 #


Rhonda and I went down to see my mom, Virginia on Thursday. We had just returned home Monday, and even on Wednesday I was able to talk with her on the phone, although she lamented feeling confused. When I talked with the nurse on Thursday, though, it was clear that things had been changing rapidly. When we got there she was asleep and looked pretty wiped out. Then the phone rang and startled her and she woke up and recognized us right away. She was very happy to see us, but pretty weak and not able to say much.

She had had a couple of rough days, with bouts of pain and agitation. A few days earlier we had been able to take her for a short walk, and to take her out quite a bit in the wheelchair. Now she was hooked up to a catheter, nasal cannula and at first one and then two ports to administer different meds, as she was increasingly unable to swallow even liquid meds.

Each day she has lost a bit more ground. On Friday she drank a can of Ensure. Saturday she was able to eat a bit of chocolate ice cream, but nothing to drink, and by Sunday nothing to eat either. She had a few bouts of anxiety when she was trying to pull the cannula off, pull her gown off, and climb over the bed rail. More meds left her apparently more relaxed and sleeping. She has also been having bouts of breathing trouble, but various meds and treatments have been keeping that under control.

Our tickets home were for Sunday. Rhonda couldn’t stand to leave her like this, so I came home to help Zack as he is getting ready for school, and to try to catch up on work. Rhonda will follow in a few days. Virginia’s color is generally good, which may mean that, while the end is near, it is not imminent. Likely to be a few more days. Rhonda is hanging out with her pretty much all day, every day.

At this point it is not clear how much she knows about what is going on. There have been occasional moments where there seems to be a flicker of understanding, like when my cousin Matt called the other day and I held the phone to her ear.

At this point, a few words about hospice nurses. Wow! What kind and compassionate women! They have certainly become a very important part of not only my mom’s life, but ours as well.
4 PM



A dead bird at the bottom of a window, and strangely enough, the same species as the last one I found near a window, maybe a month ago. Ironic that these poor little fellows are coming a cropper just as school is starting up.
6 PM

Running race 23:36 intensity: (2 @1) + (12 @2) + (1:19 @3) + (16:59 @4) + (5:04 @5) 2.94 mi (8:01 / mi) +19m 7:52 / mi
ahr:166 max:174 weight:162lbs (sick) shoes: 2010 NB MT840

Stanley Park 3 miles, with Zack. Zack was 2nd today, in 18:09. Nice weather, but feeling a little punk with my cold and didn't push too hard.

Saturday Sep 4, 2010 #

9 AM

Running 58:45 [3] 5.5 mi (10:41 / mi)
(sick) shoes: 2010 NB MT840

Out and back along Blue Ridge Parkway trail with Rhonda. Very mellow pace. 31:25 out, 27:20 back. Fighting a cold.

We have been here again since Thursday. Virginia took a turn for the worse and we hopped on the next plane. More to report when I get back to a real keyboard.

Thursday Sep 2, 2010 #

6 AM

Rowing Machine 10:00 [3] 2.17 km (4:36 / km)

Wednesday Sep 1, 2010 #

6 AM

Rowing Machine 10:00 [3] 2.1 km (4:46 / km)

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