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Training Log Archive: AUS WOC 2008

In the 7 days ending Jul 5, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering7 9:03:00
  TESCO1 20:00
  Total7 9:23:00

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Saturday Jul 5, 2008 #

Orienteering race (CSM Long) 1:10:00 [5] ****

ahoj a vítejte

Moravia, it's famous for the worlds thinnest biscuit (Moravian Spice Cookies, they're so thin their existence is questionable), limestone caves and old churches. The Central Moravian Championships long distance took the Aussie team through the forests around Pteni, a typical village in this part of Moravia. With the Swiss racing it was going to be tough to be at the top, but the Australian's ran well. The courses weren't super long, which was appreciated by everyone, but there were some long route-choice legs which could make or break the race. There weren't too many mistakes being made - the orienteering was generally pretty easy.

The men's race actually went through the area we trained on last Saturday, which was much more enjoyable on the updated map. One strange feature of this area was towards the end of the course there were a few controls on distinct trees which were in green areas and marked on the map as a white area bordered by a vegetaton boundary. Moravia's favourite plant, stinging nettles, actually weren't too bad today.

The drive home included a stop at the Interspar (Tesco would have required a detour) for all sorts of creamed rices and sweet pastries.

Jules stoked with a 34Kc baguette. Food always makes him happy, and when its cheap his cute little face lights right up.

Now what has Simon bought himself?

Ummm, better be careful here... I'd better keep my mouth shut actually.


Guess who's feet?

Friday Jul 4, 2008 #

Orienteering (Middle) 1:00:00 [3]

Jak se más

This morning a car load (Simon, Vanessa, Jo and Shep) left Prostejov for some training up near the Polish border. Over 2.5hours later they arrived at the map, thanks to a road closure and a big detour. Last night saw a cool change and a big thunderstorm hit the area, and the number of trees down on the roads suggests that was the reason for the road closure.

Anyway, the training was quite different to everything up to now. The map is up in the mountains and it was cool, dark, misty and raining. And the forest was open, nice running with a gentle covering of blueberries, but steep. Of course there was a stop at Tesco's on the way home...

Steep! But nice...

Vanessa made a new friend.

All my life I have been looking for a car that feels a certain way. Strong like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a nerf ball. At last I have found it.


Orienteering race 13:00 [5] ****

The Southern Arrow invasion is complete - Kerrin Rattray arrived during the storm last night, so all 3 South Australians are with the team.

Julian Dent arrived on the train from Bratislava this morning and spent the day relaxing at U Chmelu. So all the boys are here and only Grace is missing from the girls team.

This afternoon the team (minus Vanessa) packed into the two Skodas and headed out to Konice for the Central Moravian Champs Sprint Race. Following a damp morning we were expecting it to be wet but the Moravians turned it on and we raced through the town in warm sunshine. The Swiss team was also there which was good for everyone to gauge their performances. Simon was the best off the fellas, less than half a minute down on the lead, while Jules and Shep were a further 30-40 seconds behind. In the girls race Kathryn was the best of the Aussies, about 1.5mins off the lead. The map was made to PWT standard and not ISSOM so was a bit dodgy in parts - it wasn't always obivous what was passable and what was passable but doing so would result in a DSQ. But it was good fun and a good intro for the new arrivals into sprint racing in the towns of the Czech republic.

Ewelsy on the pace.

Coach Preston and Jules.

Whats Jazzy so happy about? Could be that beer she's just ordered.

Thursday Jul 3, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3]

With most of the girls team together at U Chmelu today the team split in two - the girls (plus coach Preston) trained on Helfstyn, a long/relay relevant map while the boys (Simon and Shep) stayed home and drank coffee.

Most of the girls ran a relay start exercise and enjoyed some fun orienteering and generally faster running, at least compared to yesterday. They checked out the castle on the map afterwards which had a huge stinging nettle filled moat, they didnt need to be told to keep out.

Ewelsy takes the easy way over the nettles.

The hotels wireless got some use today as the team listened to the online JWOC commentary...

TESCO 20:00 [3]

So whats the most common activity for Australia's WOC team when they're not training or eating at Restaurace U Chmelu? Since most of Prostejov and the nice bits of Olomouc are embargoed (for the sprint), the answer is shopping at Tesco... They're all over Czech, and while their superiority over the rival "Interspar" is debatable, our hotel is much closer to Tesco - so thats where we go!

Our local Tesco in north Prostejov. Beautiful. It's a good reminder of mans ability to build large supermarkets.

Do we drink the water here in Czech? Judging by the never ending rows of bottled water the locals don't drink from the tap... But which ones are mit gas?

Bread rolls for 20 cents, we get enough of them at breakfast. Maybe a bag of equally cheap pastries will do the trick.

Jo desperately needs some rollerblades and a hiking pack, how convenient. If only we could find the lawnmowers in here.

Dan Brown's masterpiece in Czech, maybe theres something original in there.

Shep's got shopping legs.

We may add to this report, we were rather short on models today, and coach set a 20 minute limit on shopping time.

Wednesday Jul 2, 2008 #

Orienteering race (Czech Trials - Middle) 1:10:00 [5]

Following the arrival of Vanessa Round last night, the team took the two Skoda Fabias up to Zdarsky Potok this morning for the Czech WOC team selection races. The days competition setup was the same as for WOC: a 25-minute qualifier in the morning and a 35-minute final in the afternooon.

The Aussies were given the task of flattening the grass for the Czechs. The area, a large gently sloping hillside, borders the WOC middle map and is covered by patches of young pine, felled areas, grass and sees a lot of forestry activity. The Aussies struggled a bit, making mistakes where the details were a bit too subtle - the rocks and high points are all about 1m high and hard to see beneath the undergrowth and piles of trimmings. The boys and girls were both a fair way off the best of the Czechs unfortunately. Shep copped a stick in the eye in an area of dense pines with about 400m to go and was forced to retire. A trip to the hospital followed, it should be right in a few days - although painful and swollen it was only a scratch and some anitbiotics will hopefully heal it up good (although he'll be seeing fuzzy attackpoint pages for a few days).

The afternoons race wasn't much better for the Aussies, with most of the team struggling to find any rhythm in the terrain. The final area was steeper and rockier, with a lot of green forest. The times were long, making it a tough day out and knocking the confidence of the Antipodeans. Shep sat in the car and ate cherries, coach thought that would have been more fun, "there was more adventure in that race than any adventure race".

When the team arrived back at Prostejov, Jasmine Neve was waiting at the train station. She was happy to sample the food at U Chmelus restuarant with the team...

Tuesday Jul 1, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3]

First of all, the days highlight - the AUS team discovered donut telescopes... Imagine a 100mm pipe made out of donut, rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Mmmm.

The team trained today on a relay/long relevant area called Helisova skala near Sloup. This terrain was much more enjoyable than the other relay/long training maps but again the map seemed a bit dodgy, but it's probably just out of date (made in 2005).

Following the run and some food we headed to one of the regions numerous limestone caves. What greeted us was the discovery of the donut telescopes and a spectactular gondola ride down to the cave. The cave itself was a cave, the usual hangers and uppers and joiners plus a pleasant ride in a boat along the river at the bottom of the cave. All in thongs and a tshirt in the 9.4 degrees and 99.5% humidity. We were glad to get back out into the sunshine. Well worth the trip!

Monday Jun 30, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:30:00 [3] ****

A big day of activity for the "team" today... First of all breakfast was served including cereal and yogurt, plus jam instead of cheese and cold meat for our bread rolls which made everyone pretty happy. Then as we were finishing our coffees our training maps turned up. Sweet as.

We then split into 2 groups: coach and his padawins Simon and Ewelsy went into Brno for some sprint action, while Shep and Jo went to the middle area Ledkova Hut.

The sprint training included streets full of Brno locals, and the Aussie stars even got a cheer as they raced their mass start (with handicap split controls). The middle training was a lot nicer than the forests the team has seen up to now, with pine trees and a gentle covering of blueberries on the ground. The areas with rocky details (maybe the most relevant part for WOC) was pretty different though - lots of grass, trimmings and leafy trees made it difficult technically and physically.

The two groups met back up in Brno afterwards to see the latest Indiana Jones film and eat some dins in the warm summer evening. Nice, I like. Unfortunately racing the Skoda hire cars around the Grand Prix circuit was a no go.

Wow, they have McDonalds in Czech Republic! I wonder if they have Coca Cola? God bless America.

Sunday Jun 29, 2008 #

Orienteering race 2:00:00 [3]

Sunday morning meant an early breakfast for the team before we headed out to Jedovicne for the Finnish and Czech WOC trials for the long distance. With loooong winning times it was always going to be a tough training session for us, and it was ;)

The Aussies weren't all that impressed with the map, it was a touch old and not real reliable for vegeatation or tracks (which were often just nettles). Route choice, steep hills and crappy undergrowth were the go today.

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