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Training Log Archive: guerfondler

In the 5 days ending May 16, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking/Trekking3 34:45:00 70.0(29:47) 112.65(18:30)26 /30c86%
  Paddling4 22:39:00 97.0(14:01) 156.11(8:42)9 /9c100%
  Bike4 16:51:50 139.0(8.2/h) 223.7(13.3/h)15 /15c100%
  Miscellaneous4 8:48:00 7.5(1:10:24) 12.07(43:45)1 /1c100%
  Total5 83:03:50 313.5(15:54) 504.53(9:53)51 /55c92%
  [1-5]5 72:47:50

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Saturday May 16, 2009 #

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 1:12:00 [0] 0.0 mi

I remember Rick closing the door on the trailer to provide us with complete darkness... closed us up in a tin can, completely unconscious for 45 minutes, until he reopened the door. Those were minutes I was dead to the world, apart from my normal existance. But oh, precious and necessary moments.

Bike race 3:42:00 [3] ** 23.0 mi (6.2 mph)

Biked to Vasa single track.

Bike race 50 [3] 8.0 mi (576.0 mph)

Vasa single track. Kept a good pace winding through the forest on a nice trail. Finally our team was "clicking". We had all adjusted to the demands of this race, were working together for efficient punches, and were making good time.

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 13:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Quick TA into orienteering section, our first in daylight.

Hiking/Trekking race 49:00 [3] *** 2.0 mi (24:30 / mi)

Punched two controls on Timber Ridge, thinking we had pretty much locked in 6th place. All we had to do was finish before 7:00, which shouldn't be a problem...

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 30:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Slow transition to bikes, having lost our our impletus.

Miscellaneous race 49:00 [3] * 7.5 mi (6:32 / mi)

Bike into a head wind carrying our paddle gear. We're all getting a little grumpy now.

Paddling race 5:41:00 [3] * 26.0 mi (13:07 / mi)

Canoe down the Boardman River. As we paddled I complained to Molly how the race finish wasn't going to be very dramatic. We seemed locked into sixth place, now unable to get enough points for a better finish.

We made it fine through the rapids. I was asking another team if everyone was alright after they spilled out of their boats, not realizing the current was rapidly carrying us toward a log. Well, we went over that log and dumped our boat. The canoe was pinned under another log. I managed to grab our paddles before I found myself standing chest deep in a cold, fast current on the outside of a bend next to a gravel cliff.

I could barely keep my footing, with a tenuous grip on a twig, and was nearly swept downstream. Molly, to her credit, stepped back into the river to help control the boat. We extracted our packs from the upside-down canoe and tossed them to shore. Dave and Pete made it back upstream to help and were just across the river from us.

The situation was not so dire that I couldn't appreciate Dave's smile as he waded into the water, throw bag in hand, yelling "I'll save you!". (Inside joke: Our team normally says that, on dry land, before someone gets a throw bag in the face.) I tied the rope to the boat, we got it free from the log, and Dave and Pete were able to haul it in. While they emptied it Molly and I worked on warming up -- we had spent too much time in the water and had little in the way of dry clothing.

Molly and I were perched half way up the gravel cliff, under an e-blanket cursing the cloud blocking the sun, when the race director came along. He had heard several teams had swamped their boats and was just making sure everyone was ok. I wasn't in any hurry to continue until he said it was about a two hour paddle to the finish, and we had about two hours to do it. Hearing that was all I needed to stand up and run for the boat.

Picture this: I'm wearing wet tights with a poncho fashioned out of the foil blanket; Red PFD over that, with a black rubber bonnet I brought (mostly) as a joke. A fisherman at a portage asked why I was wearing a costume. I was too exhausted to care, and in too much of a hurry to explain.

We gave that paddle everything we had left, finishing just eight minutes before we would have been officially ranked as losers. I was soon standing in the bathroom of the Holiday Inn trying to clean up before the awards banquette. I had a beer in hand, a silly grin on my face, and a feeling of complete euphoria inside. If only it didn't take so much work to get that feeling!

Friday May 15, 2009 #

Hiking/Trekking race 9:09:00 [3] *** 19.0 mi (28:54 / mi)

Long bushwhack to the Jordan Valley O-course, where Pete lead us to 8 of 10 controls before having to move on and make the first cut-off. Met one team that told us they had attacked the CP six times, and were wondering if the flag had gone missing. Standing in the dark, we watched their headlamps moving through the forest to attack it yet again... on the wrong hilltop. We then quietly moved in for the punch and a quick exit.

The sleep did me good.

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 37:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Bike race 3:09:00 [3] 27.0 mi (8.6 mph)

Bike to put in on Manistee River. Don't really remember this section. I think this was the morning ride where, after eating four slices of pizza in TA, we were peddaling some steep hills... and I deposited the pizza in the ditch. Cut back on my normal food intake until things settled down.

Paddling race 5:53:00 [3] ** 26.0 mi (13:35 / mi)

Paddle down the winding Manistee River. Another highlight of the course, I had fun steering Molly and I around the bends while tryinig to stay in the moderate current. Cut a couple corners just a little wide, ducking under the branches of downed trees. Dave didn't quite get so lucky, with the branches catching on his PFD and toppling their boat. You know its a party when people are spilling out of their boats!

Two guys passed us moving quickly downstream, having dropped their teammates in a previous section. We saw them a little later, boat resting against a dock, sucking down a couple beers evidently provided by the locals. I suggested that we wouldn't tattle on them if they shared. The residents of another cabin evidently heard this exchange and invited us to join them for beer and BBQ. It was hard to decline.

Hiking/Trekking race 9:49:00 [3] ** 15.0 mi (39:16 / mi)

We were coming to understand that the unwritten rules of this race specified long night trekking/orienteering sections followed by daytime paddling and biking. This section was particularly arduous. We found ourselves in a cedar swamp looking for a CP on a small beaver dam. While Minnesota may have waist deep muck, Michigan seems to specialize in undergrowth. With logs and decomposing stumps underfoot, we fought our our way through the brush with kayak paddles strapped to our packs.

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 39:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Thursday May 14, 2009 #

Hiking/Trekking race 14:58:00 [3] *** 34.0 mi (26:25 / mi)

Night orienteering section in the rain. Our team doesn't usually have blister problems, but this long trek on wet feet made for exceptional circumstances. My as-of-late not-so-unusual chafing problem was off to a good start too.

Paddling race (rafting) 2:43:00 [3] * 12.0 mi (13:35 / mi)

Rafting down the Sturgeon River in an inflatable raft -- one my favorite sections. Dave and I worked together to steer from the rear. At first we all sat proper in our seats, looking like a young family sitting in their new sedan ready to watch their first drive-in movie. Before long Dave and I were sprawled out like a couple lanky teenagers, comfortable with feet wedged in beneath the front bench seat. I discovered that left cheek on the seat, right cheek on the sidewall made for a happy rear end.

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 1:11:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Transition and fueling station. Rick and Corey, our TA crew, did an excellent job. They anticipated what we would need upon arriving, and then repacked our gear for our departure. Any dawdling was contrary to Rick's admonishments and due simply to our collective exhaustion.

Bike race 5:53:00 [3] ** 46.0 mi (7.8 mph)

Ride back to Boyne Mountain.

Miscellaneous race (Transition with Sleep) 3:21:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Per plan, we raced 36+ hours before sleeping about 2:45 in the trailer. Hmmmzzzzzzz

Wednesday May 13, 2009 #

Miscellaneous race (Transition) 16:00 [0] 0.0 mi

Transition to MTB.

Bike race 2:17:00 [0] ** 25.0 mi (10.9 mph)

Bike to Boyne Mountain.

Bike race 1:50:00 [3] ** 10.0 mi (5.5 mph)

Singletrack at Boyne Mountain. Dave lead us on a trail having a few steep ups and downs. He almost did an endo at one steep down where the trail was covered with wet leaves. His theatrics allowed the rest of us to take it slow when appropriate.

Tuesday May 12, 2009 #

Paddling race (Canoe) 8:22:00 [3] ** 33.0 mi (15:13 / mi)

Paddle start under blue skies and moderate winds. Put in on Elk Lake at 7 AM with Pete and I in one boat and Molly and Dave in the other. We had zero experience paddling with this team configuration, which undoubtedly contributed to a slow start as we paddled into the wind. Nonetheless I enjoyed the waves.

After a few hours I moved to the front of Molly's boat and let Molly try the helm. This worked much better and our pace improved, until we found the wind at our backs on the last lake of this section. With the bow sitting low from my weight, the wind kept whipping the stern around sideways, making steering difficult and causing frequent, aggressive corrections.

I think everyone remained positive despite our slow start. It would be a long race, and there were lots of teams for us to pass.

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