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Training Log Archive: Dangerman

In the 7 days ending Nov 2, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  MTB2 5:37:13 43.25(7.7/h) 69.6(12.4/h)
  Paddling2 2:33:45 8.08(3.2/h) 13.0(5.1/h)
  Total4 8:10:58 51.33(9:34) 82.6(5:57)

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Sunday Nov 2, 2008 #

MTB warm up/down (road ride) 3:20:00 [2] 30.0 km (9.0 kph)
shoes: Maxxis Larsen TT (Tyers)

just a warm up ride from dunsborough, along the coast to meelup then eagle bay watching the paddlers. The conditions were such that i was only matching their pace on the bike!

At eagle bay I got lost and couldn't find the track to bunker bay. Is there one? So I changed plan and headed to sugarloaf rock to see our runner make the jump. The scene at the rock was great, a stream of people running down the beach in the distance. It was magic!

The runner came through, I gave them some water and then headed for the run/bike TA. The hill out of sugarloaf rock was tough and when the roadie went by me I seemed to be able to try that little bit harder to keep him in check.

The traffic jam on geographe bay road was fun though. I went down the middle and passed all the cars saying hello to a few startled friends on the way. I arrived at the TA, warmed up and ready to go. I did a few quick stretches. downed a gel and then my runner arrived....

MTB race 1:12:13 [5] 22.0 km (18.3 kph)
ahr:179 max:190 shoes: Maxxis Larsen TT (Tyers)

Yes ricky, I did actually race ;-) !!

The runner finished in a respectable 1:48. Very respectable considering he runs mainly on the treadmill! The change over was very smooth and I sprinted out of the transition area with my bike. I even managed to get on the bike while running without permantly affecting my future parenting options.

The creek crossings were tough, especially less than 100m into the stage. The water was black and you knew the mud underneath had troughs in it somewhere. I feather the brakes for the first one and made it through with just a wobble. I had someone in front of me for the second and third so their wake let me see what was underneath and I hammered through those. The last one was so long that I got soaked. And so deep that as soon as I started pedaling I felt all the little grits of sand getting crushed by my formely clean chain.

The paddocks of dead grass and sand were mentally challenging. I think I passed the vet that broke his chain and ran the course when I was on the paddocks. There was one particular paddock that had a winding fast track on it sightly down hill. In top gear, hammering along, the tyres twitching out of line here and there. That was awesome, what a rush.

Once the single track started I started to pull in a whole heap of competitors. Catch up to them on the sinlge track and them blast by on the firetracks. But at 18k's I started to fade a bit. Too much lactic in the legs and it wasn't going away. I struggled up the hills but luckily there weren't too many of them at that stage so it didn't cost me much.

Going down one of the fire break trails, I managed 55kph and to scare the hell out of a competitor. He was behind a tree changing his tyre. I was hammering downhill, lining up to go as close to the tree as possible to get a good turn in for the next corner. I see him, he doesn't see me, then I hear "F***". My tyres must have thrown up a rock or something, hehe.

Other than that, no dramas!

Wednesday Oct 29, 2008 #

Paddling (slog) 1:02:28 [3] 6.0 km (5.8 kph)
ahr:136 max:176 shoes: Spirit Surf Ski

I was looking at and thinking that a downwind leg was in order. Problem was no one was available to pick me up. No big deal I thought, I'll just paddle back, it will be worth the pain and I need practice downwind.

Just as I am about to unload the car a mate of mine rocks up and she says lets go on the river. I think, what the hell, i would rather be in the river with another paddler than on my own in the ocean.

We started at swan canoe club and headed out to preston point. A bit of a side swell but nothing too bad. As we appraoched the point, we literally saw water spilling out from the channel. The wind was so strong that as we appraoched we needed a whole lot of right rudder to go straight and full rudder to turn into it.

Then the slog came. It was a pretty long 1.5k's. I saw my mate stop paddling for a second and then I saw her molokai heading backwards. My boats nose would break into the oncoming waves and spray the water up which was then caught by the wind and flung straight into my face. Nice.

But the ride back was worth it. The paddle in the water felt like a hot knife through butter. We were catching waves and then catching the waves in front. We also took about one third the time to get back. Smiles all round.

Some surf boats were practicing near the club so I hitched a tow back, washed the boats and headed home :-)

Tuesday Oct 28, 2008 #

MTB (bold park) 1:05:00 [3] 17.6 km (16.2 kph)
ahr:145 max:178 shoes: Maxxis Larsen TT (Tyers)

A short blast around bold park at night to see how my lights stack up. I found that the two headtorches that I had on at the same time worked well upto a medium speed on a decent track. Anything faster and I couldn't see the surface and was on the brakes all the time just in case. Given that the 12 hour will be on single track, I presume the lights will be even more inadequate there. Might have to give these Ay-Up things a go.....

Good training too up the hills and in the soft sand. I averaged something like 16kph and that was with taking it easy going down hill. I know the Ananconda trail is about as hilly but the surface is more difficult so I should be ok if I average just a little slower than I did today.

Other than almost running over about 10 rabbits, nothing to report on the trial. The views were great at night, the weather was perfect, no rain and a low temp to keep me cool. A good night all round.

Monday Oct 27, 2008 #

Paddling (easy does it) 1:31:17 [2] 7.0 km (4.6 kph)
ahr:127 max:196 shoes: Spirit Surf Ski

Nice and easy paddle, once again to increase the stability and skills. Only 1.4 falls (1 fully off the boat and 4 close calls). The wind and ocean were great. I actually caught some waves which was awesome.
Yay for daylight saving!

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