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Training Log Archive: Dangerman

In the 7 days ending Jan 10, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Paddling4 7:07:33 23.67 38.1
  Running2 1:15:36 5.28 8.5
  MTB1 1:00:23 6.07 9.77
  Other stuff1 15:00
  Total7 9:38:32 35.03 56.37
  [1-5]7 7:50:08

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Saturday Jan 10, 2009 #

Paddling (Technique) 1:00:44 intensity: (13:40 @0) + (21:40 @1) + (10:54 @2) + (6:30 @3) + (6:10 @4) + (1:50 @5) 2.0 km (2.0 kph)
ahr:126 max:182 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Great coaching session at Hillaries. The coach, Rick, gave me some more tips about my paddle stroke. Things are starting to come together in my mind finally about the paddle stroke. Definitely heading back there next week.

Paddling (downwind) 2:02:26 intensity: (5:00 @0) + (1:22 @1) + (2:58 @2) + (22:13 @3) + (1:13:17 @4) + (17:36 @5) 17.8 km (8.7 kph)
ahr:159 max:177 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Freo to Trigg with the IOP group.
Was keen to try my technique on this one. Worked well, until I got tired.
I think this paddle is just a little too far for me at this stage. Will have to hit the river and do some more endurance i think.
New record time though!!

Friday Jan 9, 2009 #


Legs are hurting! Despite taking it easy yesterday, my quads are really stiff today. Must still be recovering from the run.

Running (Recovery) 20:00 [1] 2.0 km (10:00 / km)

brisk walk to get the blood flowing in the legs and speed up their recovery so I can compete tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Thursday Jan 8, 2009 #


Eating - mine has been pretty bad lately.
So, in Hilarity style, I'm declaring today a TAAD (Take Away Abstinence Day) - Success!

MTB (Endurance) 1:00:22 intensity: (13 @0) + (18:55 @1) + (11:11 @2) + (13:02 @3) + (16:32 @4) + (29 @5) 9.77 km (9.7 kph)
ahr:141 max:173 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Decided to actually sight this goat farm track. Tooms will be glad he's not doing it. There are some very technical sections, out of 10 I would say the worst is a 7. Add to that the sizeable volume of technical sections and you have yourself one hard day at the office. Admittedly the hills aren't the usual goat farm steep and long variety. But regardless, there are few places where you can get the power down and use your fitness. This track is very skewed towards skills.

The course felt like someone tried to get the longest track out of the goat farm, at the expense of everything else. It doesn't really flow, the downhills are mediocre and the rocks are, well, just the same as before, everywhere!

Laptime of 54:53 included getting lost, putting up some displaced directional arrows and walking the last km. I got a pinch flat on the famous goat farm rocks. And despite taking it easy, sweated a bucket load, even with a 7pm start!

MTB (Speed) 1 [5]
shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

1 x 10s 100% flat out high cadence burst.
Was planning to do 5 but legs felt pretty sore after my virgin 2009 run so called it quits after one. Need to recover for Saturday anyway. No point in destroying myself now.

Wednesday Jan 7, 2009 #

Running (Endurance) 55:35 intensity: (9:00 @0) + (15:26 @1) + (14:31 @2) + (13:52 @3) + (2:46 @4) 6.5 km (8:33 / km)
ahr:131 max:170 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Went for my first long run post shin splints today. Tried desperately to keep the heart rate below 75% but it was so hard. As soon as I started even the slowest run (or shuffle more like it) the heart rate shot up.
Eventually was able to shuffle along and keep under 80%.
Not particularly happy that my heart just sky rockets at the first sign of running, but happy that I held back though. Need to break my shins in slowly. AND you don't get running fit overnight either. It just might be a while before I'm back on the Wednesday run :-(

Running (Technique) 1 [0]
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

5 x 20s fast run concentrating on technique with 2:40 recovery.

Other stuff (Stretching) 15:00 [0]
shoes: Bare feet

4 x 30s glutes
4 x 30s hamstrings
4 x 30s hip flexors
all while watching family guy. Training doesn't get much better than this.

Tuesday Jan 6, 2009 #

Paddling (Technique) 1:18:48 intensity: (46:00 @0) + (22:09 @1) + (5:00 @2) + (2:49 @3) + (2:04 @4) + (46 @5) 6.0 km (4.6 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Technique Technique Technique
5 x 1min focussing on stabbing the paddle into the water at start of stroke (the Stab)
5 x 1min focussing on keeping paddle vertical and moving it away from the boat (plus stabbing) (the J)
5 x 1min pushing with non paddle hand at beginning of stroke (plus the others above) (the Push)
5 x 1min twisting torso as much as possible (the Twist)
5 x 1min using leg drive
1 min rest in between each set doing balancing exercises.

Looked like a Wally on the river, which was good cause he's good too.

Paddling (Endurance) 22:44 intensity: (1:30 @0) + (30 @1) + (20:14 @2) + (30 @3) 4.3 km (11.3 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

After all that technique work, I put it into practice and paddled 4.5km in zone 2. Pretty happy with the pace too!
Concentrated heaps on stabbing the paddle into the water, pushing with the non paddle hand at the start of the stroke, twisting the torso and moving the paddle away from the boat and also minimising paddle down time (amont of time paddle is not in the water).
Wow, this stuff actually works!
p.s. slight headwind too 8-)

Monday Jan 5, 2009 #

Paddling 56:20 intensity: (6:00 @0) + (5:16 @1) + (2:12 @2) + (3:52 @3) + (33:40 @4) + (5:20 @5) 8.0 km (8.5 kph)
ahr:150 max:176 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Freo to Swanbourne Downwind paddle with Hilarity and Craig.
Strong winds today and I struggled to get out once I was a few hundred metres offshore and the winds picked up.

Also shat my pants when I saw a fin rise slowly from about 2 metres to my left. Shat them even more when it dove under and the appeared behind me, having turned around. Panic swept over me but I kept it together and sat there, maybe hoping I would not be noticed????

Breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the thing expel some air from its blowhole. Dam bastard wasn't acting like any dolphins I know.

After that I just headed straight up to Swanbourne without trying to get out any further. Was supposed to be an endurance session but I was too pumped with adrenalin and did most of it between 80-90% HRmax.
26 minutes to cott
10 minutes to swanbourne
2 minutes of reflection while back on shore

p.s. at least the times are getting better.

Sunday Jan 4, 2009 #

Paddling 1:26:31 intensity: (12:00 @0) + (29:16 @1) + (27:17 @2) + (15:26 @3) + (2:32 @4)
ahr:132 max:167 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Wonderful paddle from Meelup to Bunkers. Winds were down and the side swell was a lot less then the Thursday paddle. Less bodies to dodge at the beach too.

Still didn't feel good on the boat but managed to not swim this time. Also had a big breakfast so didn't run out of energy either. But regardless of how I felt, the scenery was great, the ocean was calm, not too many pleasure craft around.

On the way back it flattened out even more and made that part of the paddle extra special and relaxing. What a great way to finish of a long weekend!
Ahhhhhhh :-)

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