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Training Log Archive: Dangerman

In the 7 days ending Feb 13, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  MTB5 6:30:25 88.62(13.6/h) 142.62(21.9/h) 479
  Paddling3 2:31:30 12.96 20.85
  Other stuff4 1:47:03
  Running1 42:46 3.22(13:16) 5.19(8:14) 38
  Swimming1 26:17 0.47(56:24) 0.75(35:03)
  Orienteering1 19:28 2.06(9:26) 3.32(5:52) 40
  Total7 12:17:29 107.33 172.73 557
  [1-5]7 9:02:11
averages - sleep:5

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Friday Feb 13, 2009 #

MTB (commute) 11:46 intensity: (7:52 @0) + (2:40 @1) + (1:14 @2) 3.84 km (19.6 kph)

Taking it very easy is really hard to do! What if a bus comes past? You want to draft it. What if the traffic is slow? You want to pass them. etc etc. Nice test of will power today.

MTB (Commute) 21:03 intensity: (1:28 @1) + (8:34 @2) + (1:44 @3) + (9:13 @4) + (4 @5) 8.63 km (24.6 kph) +53m
shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Just couldn't resist again this afternoon. Hammered it after umming and aahing initially. Had fun trying to keep up with a hybrid that had this weird single speed type looking rear sprocket but a huge hub. I figured the hub must have contained the gears as the guy could freewheel and appeared to have a few different gears.


Don't know about this Karri Cup starting time business. They say that if you can do 100km on a MTB on the road at a 24-26kph average then you should start at 8:30. My commute home was pushing it for 8k's and just managed 24kph. For 100km I might get 21kph....
But then the word is that the course is mostly firetrails and roads with some single track and you should expect to do it twice as slow as your road time. Surely I can averge more than 11kph over the whole course.... We all did that on the monster 4hr MTB a few weekends back.

Paddling race (paddle bash) 35:18 intensity: (28:10 @4) + (7:08 @5) 5.63 km (9.6 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Strong winds with a sizeable river swell/ chop greeted me after I negotiated the stairs with my boat acting as a sail. The start was interesting as everybody tried to make their really fast and unstable boats stay in the same place as the wind and waves blew them away from the start line.
I had a measured race. Not too hard initially, just a solid pace into the wind. Thought I should save my strength. The wind was against us on the way to childey point, side on to the bottom marker and back and the finally behind us on the way back. Times were up all round because of it.
Did 2 intervals of about 1-2 minutes on the final leg. Bumped up the HR to 100% during them and then recovered at 85%. Was surprised that I had it in me!

Paddling warm up/down 6:19 intensity: (1:00 @0) + (1:35 @1) + (3:00 @2) + (26 @3) + (18 @4)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Thursday Feb 12, 2009 #

MTB (commute) 8:45 intensity: (2:25 @0) + (1:04 @1) + (2:40 @2) + (44 @3) + (1:52 @4) 3.58 km (24.5 kph)
slept:6.0 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

New Record!
Just couldn't resist this morning. The traffic lights were mostly green and I had a good pace from the hill near mine so gave it a go. I just so love passing cars while they stand in the traffic. Even managed to be tricky enough to beat 2 buses into work ;-)

MTB (Commute) 1:11:20 intensity: (20:00 @0) + (18:00 @1) + (29:59 @2) + (2:21 @3) + (1:00 @4) 25.12 km (21.1 kph) +100m
shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

commute home via the pool.
Didn't have it in the legs today. Couldn't really get the heart rate up and the legs filled up with lactic pretty quickly when I pushed. Still not recovered after Monday??? Or maybe commuting for the first time in years is taking a while to get used to. That's probably it. Won't do any bike work on the weekend I think and see how the legs feel.
Other than the lacklustre feeling, no swan tried to kill me, no mentally challenge person tried to pull in front of me, no trees jumped in front of me, no hands in the spokes, no log overs taken way too fast or falls onto latterite either.
I must be boring.....

Swimming 26:17 [1] 0.75 km (35:03 / km)
shoes: Bare feet

Met up with a friend for a swim after work. Thought it a good idea to cool down and well as catch up.
Did some laps in the 25m pool. Managed 30s per lap or 1min per 50m. Only did the sums when I go home and that isn't too bad. Maybe I should take up this swimming thing. I thought I was mucking around and clocked up 750m. Last time (about 4 years ago) i did 1k in an hour 8-o

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009 #

MTB (commute) 12:27 intensity: (9:13 @0) + (3:04 @1) + (10 @2) 3.97 km (19.1 kph)
slept:4.0 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Need more sleep!

MTB (Commute) 35:26 intensity: (8:00 @0) + (7:30 @1) + (16:44 @2) + (3:12 @3) 12.94 km (21.9 kph)
shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Plod home but couldn't resist upping the pace a bit. Just seemed in the mood and could push without much of a warm up. Weird.


No running tonight as planned. So tired cause I couldn't sleep last night, might just rest today.

Running 22:46 intensity: (4:00 @2) + (15:16 @3) + (3:30 @4) 3.34 km (6:49 / km) +38m 6:27 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Had dinner and felt better after watching the BEST current affairs program presenter "Kerry Obrien" on the 7:30 report. So changed my mind and went for a run.
Of course I forgot the take my ventolin beforehand so I huffed and puffed and got over it after 5 minutes.
Inside lower knee is a touch sore though.....

Other stuff (stretch & massage) 30:00 [0]
shoes: Bare feet

4 x 30s hip flexors
4 x 30s hamstrings (feel a lot better today)

solid rolling pin massage on right ?ITB?. The muscle on the outside of my right leg. It was pretty lumpy in there. Still is. Still makes me flinch thinking about it.
also solid massage of inside right shin, keep feeling twinges from there.

Running (Warm up/ Cool down) 20:00 [0] 1.85 km (10:49 / km)
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009 #

MTB (commute) 10:18 intensity: (8:46 @0) + (1:02 @1) + (30 @2) 3.37 km (19.6 kph)
ahr:98 max:129 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Played a game today. Tried to see how little I could do to get to work in an effort to kick start the recovery from yesterday's big effort. Managed to get a HRavg of 98! (just over 50%) and didn't raise a sweat either. Funnily, didn't make much of a difference to the time....

MTB (Commute) 23:46 intensity: (13:00 @0) + (5:58 @1) + (4:48 @2) 8.56 km (21.6 kph)
ahr:108 max:133 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Long way home trying to take it slow. Seems to have worked.

Paddling 1:23:26 intensity: (2:00 @0) + (6:01 @1) + (49:16 @2) + (7:39 @3) + (16:14 @4) + (2:16 @5) 11.72 km (8.4 kph)
ahr:129 max:161 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Another great measured session :-)
Launched just north of the roundabout on The Esplanade in Peppermint Grove.
Swan Canoe Club - Childey Point - Preston Point - to the jetty south of John Tonkin Reserve, and back of course!
This session was tougher than the bike yesterday. I just don't have the strength and endurance yet in the upper body as I have in my legs. Even though the session was 1/2 as long, I had to concentrate to keep the pace up.
The 10min interval was into the wind and hard. I just couldn't bare to do the pyramid into the wind so waited for the return journey. Even then, i hurt doing it. Happy that I convinced myself to go through with it though. Technique did suffer but only to be expected.

1 x 10min above LT
Intervals at upto 93% 1,2,3,2,1
Rest of the session at aerobic pace 65-75%
Some drills.

edit: felt twinge in right bicep, probably the same issue as before. Physio says it's a sprain/ strain(?no idea) and that its nothing to worry about. But it keeps happening, only with climbing and paddling though.

Other stuff (stretch & strength) 35:00 [0]
shoes: Bare feet

4 x 30s back
4 x 30s hip flexors
4 x 30s glutes
8 x 30s hamstrings (they felt tight so got a double dose)

Dr Haggeby's Shin Tonic
3 x 22reps slow heel raise
3 x 22reps fast heel raise
still on stage 1 as can't do more than 5 single leg heel raises. Maybe the true reason for my shin splints is surfacing......

Monday Feb 9, 2009 #

MTB (commute) 9:31 intensity: (5:29 @0) + (1:42 @1) + (1:50 @2) + (30 @3) 3.37 km (21.2 kph)

Hmm. Work has got closer again. Started to experience the fools too. One guy in town started to cross a one way street by looking in the direction the traffic was going to. He yelled a very 'Bud Tingle' like "Crickey!!" when I missed him by only a metre.

MTB 3:06:03 intensity: (5:30 @0) + (9:09 @1) + (1:59:06 @2) + (14:40 @3) + (33:34 @4) + (4:04 @5) 69.24 km (22.3 kph) +326m
ahr:138 max:180 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

What a great ride.
Started at work in town, along the river to Nedlands, and that school which I can't recall the name of, through Mt Claremont, across to Swanbourne, up to City Beach and Reabold Hill, round the park and Reabold Hill again, back to Swanbourne and through Nedlands along the river through to East perth and home phew!

1 x 20min above LT interval
7 hill reps of various lengths including 2 up reabold
5x1min single leg reps on each leg

Almost came to a teary end under the Mt Lawley subway. Both our faults really, too quick under the subway round the blindish corner on a thin path. We missed each other by not much. Oh well.

edit: started to hit the wall at only 1:30. Had a gel at that stage as I knew I had one more reabold hill rep to do. After that I continued on without anymore food to try to get used to that feeling. Managed a decent pace for the remaining 1:30.

Sunday Feb 8, 2009 #

Other stuff (Cricket) 15:00 intensity: (5:00 @3) + (5:00 @4) + (5:00 @5)
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

For 6 hours on field, a pretty measly log eh?
Had a few sprints in there chasing the ball in the outfield. A few for running between the wickets and some more (although lesser pace) running when I bowled my two overs (1/6!).
Really tired now?!

Was severely dehydrated. Over the last few hours I managed to drink 7 pint glasses of water and the small test still shows yellow (therefore still a little dehydrated).

Saturday Feb 7, 2009 #

Orienteering race (MetrO Hilliaries) 19:28 [5] 3.32 km (5:52 / km) +40m 5:32 / km
ahr:170 max:188 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Had trouble initially deciding on a route choice. Funny who a ticking clock and some pressure change things.
I felt worse than expected. My posture was quiet poor and I put that down to the bike yesterday. I did a few uphills on the pedals and must have stressed my core muscles then. When I was running, it was hard to stay upright and keep the technique in check.
Made one small mistake on the way to my 2nd control, turned left too early and wasn't looking at the map properly otherwise I would have realised I needed a path but in fact had a road. Then at my 5th control I realised I needed one more! That was actually a blessing as my initial plan would have had me running some extra distance. I ended up getting another control closer to the start.
This is fun! Looking forward to trying the medium soon. Choosing my route will be the hardest thing for me, so much to think of while my muscles take all the blood away from my brain!

Thx tRicky, Juffy, thought that one would be forgotten.
Im running into the end, I scan the people hanging around and no one has cards. I scan a bit further and see someone running with a pink card, shite. I sprint, she sprints and wins. It was close.
But then close to a ?12 year old isn't really that great is it.
Its the first time that gettin beateng by a girl has actually hurt.

Paddling 26:27 intensity: (1:46 @1) + (1:20 @2) + (3:28 @3) + (15:25 @4) + (4:28 @5) 3.5 km (7.9 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Paddle at north side of Hillaries with Poppy & Juffy.
Paddled up to the western wall, popped out into the wind and waves, caught a few into the beach and back to the north wall. DId that lap twice.
I admire Juffy's courage. The ocean was a touch angry today, with winds 22/27knots when we were out there.
The waves weren't that big, no doubt ameliorated by the groynes.
Then fish and chips search and the revelation of the year: Cold Rock.
Ice cream lovers (tooms....) you have not had icecream like this.
You get the icecream you want and then select the mixers. You can get mars bars, cookies, raspberries, picnic bars etc etc. They flatten the icecream with these spatula type things, put in the mixers, bash them real hard, and the fold the icecream over them and mix them in all good and proper and then into your cup. Presto! Yummy fun.

Other stuff (stretch & strength) 27:03 [0] 0.0 km
shoes: Bare feet

3 x 30s hip flexor
3 x 30s back stretch
3 x 30s glutes
3 x 30 hamstring

dr haggeby's shin tonic
stage 1 (3 x 20 slow raises + 3 x 20 quick raises)
2min walking on heels (to get ice cream and ice magic from upstairs)

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