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Training Log Archive: Dangerman

In the 7 days ending Dec 6, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Roadie4 7:03:00 115.96(16.4/h) 186.62(26.5/h)
  Paddling4 5:06:26 27.23 43.83
  Running2 1:03:54 6.51(9:49) 10.48(6:06)
  Total6 13:13:20 149.71 240.93
  [1-5]6 11:05:44
averages - weight:73.8kg

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Sunday Dec 6, 2009 #

Paddling (Ocean Reef) 50:33 intensity: (5:00 @0) + (2:11 @1) + (28:10 @2) + (12:11 @3) + (2:57 @4) + (4 @5) 6.99 km (8.3 kph)
ahr:145 max:181 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Paddle for Ocean Reef marina to the Reef Marker, about 3.5km out form shore. Jacko joined my but .. and Dolf were unfortunately absent. Shame, the conditions were very agreeable to a first time downwind paddle.

It looked very flat when we arrived, however the wind picked up significantly while we were getting ready. With the wind in mind, I thought it best to go up wind initially and then downwind. As we rounded the marina walls, the swell direction was perfectly lined up with the marker. So, instead of heading along the shore with bouncing waves and side chop, we headed out to the maker.

It proved to be a good decision. As we rounded the marker, the waves we reasonably clean with no bounce back that we would later face closer in to shore. And they were of a good pace too. Jacko took to it like a duck to water which was great to see.

I'm rather glad that he did, and that he enjoyed himself, as now he might understand why I go on about downwind paddle so much! The Spirit's rudder, even in these mild conditions, was just barely touching the water at times.

Paddling 51:37 intensity: (3:13 @0) + (7:04 @1) + (6:28 @2) + (12:19 @3) + (17:11 @4) + (5:22 @5) 8.8 km (10.2 kph)
ahr:157 max:181 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Hillarys to Ocean Reef today with the IOP group. This is only the 2nd time I have done this particular run and the first time with a tailwind, all 25-32 knots of it.

I had a fantastic time and was glad that I held back on my last 2 paddles and didn't go flat out. That allowed me to give it the absolute beans today. And boy, did I ever! The moment I turned downwind, after a short cross wind leg, I was on a skate clenching my buttcheeks and rocketing down a wave. I had not experienced conditions like this before. At times felt as if I was sliding down the roof of a 2 story building!

The skates were practically lining up to be caught today. There were times where I didn't bother paddling. I just caught the wave, looked around for another skate forming, turned towards it, caught that, looked again and so on. Awesome big smiles all round good clean wholesome fun!

Check out these km times:
8:21 - out of the marina and cross wind
5:31 - stopped and turned around near marina
10:11 ditto.

Saturday Dec 5, 2009 #

Roadie long 2:55:33 intensity: (18:36 @0) + (47:48 @1) + (1:32:14 @2) + (13:57 @3) + (2:58 @4) 78.17 km (26.7 kph)
ahr:138 max:169 shoes: Giant TCR C1

I love it. I tried to sleep in, and if fact I did. I woke up once, and then dozed off thinking more rest after running would be a good idea. I finally woke up and what time was it? 7am! Awesome.

I hopped on the bike for a few laps of the lake. This is my distance training for the Karri Cup and last weeks 107km was probably a bit too much to begin with - I guess old habits die hard.

I had to do a bit of exploring first as the path wasn't as continuous as I had hoped for. There were also road works on Waneroo rd which had bulldozed the path making it just that little bit more difficult to find where it goes. After riding up some dead ends I found a route and got on with it.

Lap 1 was hard, stopping and starting, looking for the path and generally feeling sore. Laps 2 & 3 were great. Really got into my stride here and was averaging between 28-29kmh. Lap 4 was also good but since I knew I was finishing this lap, I ended up pushing too hard and consequently died a few kms from home.

Food strategy was ok, not great. Every 30min I had something and that worked well for about 2 hours. Coughed up some banana then so maybe that was too much or it could have been the big gulps of water I had with it.

Great ride. Need to get more in tune with my pacing. Looked through my log for last years Karri and realised that I blew up 20 minutes into stage 3. Don't want to do that again.

Paddling long (Freo to Sorrento) 2:29:54 intensity: (13:50 @0) + (6:09 @1) + (54:59 @2) + (1:05:27 @3) + (9:29 @4) 24.3 km (9.7 kph)
ahr:149 max:171 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

This paddle wasn't exactly what I would call fun but it was very well worth it nonetheless. The distance was going to be another record for me since the Avon. The lack of strong winds was also going to make it harder work than it could have been and having ridden for 3hrs in the morning, it was going to test my nutrition strategy and pacing skills.

Straight after the ride, I filled up on the right amount of food my stomach could handle before I was due out on the water. I also incorporated some caffeine into the plan as I knew I needed all the help I could get to survive the paddle.

The ocean was ok, with a few runs here and there but the winds weren't quite strong enough for yehaa inspiring skates to form. I had to think long and hard about selecting a pace and to determine when to try to catch the skates and when to let them pass. I'm surprised by my HR figures as I thought I was going a bit easier than that.

At each stop I grabbed a gel and took big gulps of water mixed with those shotz electrolyte tabs. I could feel the wall approaching but managed to keep it at bay for ages, until kilometre 21 actually.

Overall, a perfect training session for the Doctor. It was long and required some restraint to get to the end. It's good to get this distance done. The Doctor is only 3ks more so without riding for 3hrs previous, I should be able to make it, even at this early stage.

Friday Dec 4, 2009 #

Paddling intervals 18:28 intensity: (3:27 @1) + (10:51 @2) + (4:10 @3)

Since I am getting up early without any trouble, I decided to make up the Thursday morning paddling session I missed. The ocean looked flat so my initial intention of in and outs was ditched for some intervals.

I paddled out to the 800m marker as a warm up and then did the Tuesday session's A group intervals.

1min on/ 1 off/ 2 on/ 2 off/ 1 on/ 3 off
did 2 sets of that and then 4 x 30s flat out with whatever recovery I wanted to have. Wonderful weather, warm water and a post workout coffee have made the start to today most agreeable.

Roadie (Commute) 23:55 intensity: (9:56 @0) + (7:38 @1) + (5:41 @2) + (40 @3) 9.18 km (23.0 kph)
ahr:127 max:158 shoes: Giant TCR C1

Into work from the oval. I decided not to put my GPS on the handlebars and instead into my bag where I couldn't see it. Had a most relaxing ride in as a result!

Roadie (Commute) 22:46 intensity: (3:03 @0) + (1:51 @1) + (7:13 @2) + (10:39 @3) 9.55 km (25.2 kph)
ahr:144 max:163 shoes: Giant TCR C1

Work to Shenton Park for running. Found a new effort level today. It sits nicely between flat out and asleep. Must ride more often without seeing the watch.

Running intervals 37:24 intensity: (6:25 @1) + (5:15 @2) + (10:56 @3) + (14:48 @4) 6.35 km (5:53 / km)
ahr:150 max:175 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Fun intervals today. 7 x 400m. My goal was 2:05. The rest was a slow jog back to the start. After number 3 I started to walk back. I felt my legs getting tired and I was sure it was because I was running low on energy. The walk would save energy and allow me to complete the 7 intervals at a similar pace. Funnily enough, I managed to get quicker on the later efforts!


The HR graph shows that I am getting the hang of this pace. It races up to zone 4 and stays there for the whole interval. It is a pace that hurts, but I have the feeling that I could hold it for longer than just 400m. Looking forward to the next TT :)

Thursday Dec 3, 2009 #


It's been years since I ran out of fuel (for my car that is) and it was usually because I had no money. However today, I just plain forgot. I sometimes put my phone and wallet within the instrument cluster area and they cover the fuel gauge.

So as I was on my way to training at 5:40am, chug chug and then nothing. Stopped on the freeway with no phone and wallet. Double Doh!

Running 26:30 intensity: (3:05 @0) + (1 @1) + (7:47 @2) + (12:41 @3) + (2:06 @4) + (50 @5) 4.13 km (6:25 / km)
ahr:153 max:160 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

I can definitely see an improvement in my running. Since I hadn't run during the week as planned, I decided to make this a short one, just to roll the legs over. It was easy and the pace I got was as good as previous runs. I don't think my heart rate moved out of z3 much at all. Great feeling.

Wednesday Dec 2, 2009 #

Roadie (Commute) 57:37 intensity: (26:00 @0) + (5:16 @1) + (14:34 @2) + (8:19 @3) + (1:58 @4) + (1:30 @5) 23.0 km (24.0 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR C1

The pussy in me was canned before I got on the bike today. No more whining about the wind I had decided today.

I got on the bike and got on with it. I think I don't like the wind because it is hard to maintain a flow. With that in mind, I tried to maintain a flow by selecting a gear that I could easily peddle and maintain a high cadence.

It worked. I kept the legs spinning and maintained a good pace all the way into town.

I had a little tRicky moment though closer to town, when the wind, despite my 90 degree turn was still head on. "Why me?!?" I cried! Realised what I was doing and got back on with it after my little tanty.

Roadie (Commute) 43:00 [3] 22.18 km (30.9 kph)
ahr:140 max:180 shoes: Giant TCR C1

Great ride back to Sorrento from Shenton Park after my post op appointment with my hot doctor. One day she'll fall for my charm and give up her patient/ doctor distance. She has too, how can she resist?

Wind was behind me once on the coast but legs took ages to get going. I felt like I had no energy and was still tired. Maybe I am doing a bit much lately.

That realisation made it easier for me to make the right decision and not go paddling once I got to Sorrento. The paddleback had been cancelled and I was at the club, with a boat, a paddle and wind. I sat in the carpark for 30min justifying and rationalising.

In the end, sanity prevailed and I drove home. But geez, the sets were so consistent, rolling across the coast and at a fair rate. I even stopped by Ocean Reef to scope out the marina and see what it's like when the seas are rolling in. Anyhow, Sunday is another day with lovely winds forecast so I can wait till then.

Tuesday Dec 1, 2009 #

Roadie (Commute) 57:25 intensity: (25:00 @0) + (3:35 @1) + (14:11 @2) + (10:12 @3) + (2:19 @4) + (2:08 @5) 23.0 km (24.0 kph)
ahr:150 max:166 shoes: Giant TCR C1

Silly wind. It took me a few km's to stop whinging to myself about the wind and get on with it today. Concentrated on keeping a good cadence and powering the pedals throughout the whole turn of the cranks. Quads are a bit sore when I pull up though.

Roadie (Commute) 42:44 intensity: (2:53 @0) + (3:02 @1) + (11:16 @2) + (14:39 @3) + (9:39 @4) + (1:15 @5) 21.54 km (30.2 kph)
ahr:153 max:180 shoes: Giant TCR C1

Mad rush from work. More wind too but at least I got a reprieve once I got to the coast. I bit disappointed with myself though. I was rushed and so I rushed and took a step back into my hoodlum days to try and make it to Sorrento on time. All I need to do is leave 5min earlier....

Paddling (Surf Club) 35:54 intensity: (17:00 @0) + (4:42 @1) + (5:21 @2) + (1:40 @3) + (7:11 @4) 3.74 km (6.3 kph)
ahr:134 max:176 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Nasty ocean today. Small swell but angry seas whipped up by the wind. The group was split in two today. An 'A' and 'B' group. Of course, I was in 'B' and happy about it. I didn't think it would make much of a difference for me but it made a HUGE difference.

All of a sudden I was talking with people, the same ones that, when around the other top paddlers, didn't say a word. And once we were out on the water, I wasn't dead last. In fact, I was just second in the group and that made a huge difference to my motivation.

Had a hard time out on the ocean though. Waves coming in from the west and sou'west making it a busy time in the cockpit trying to predict how the boat would react. But, once we got to the 800m marker, we turned around and caught all those waves back into shore. Had an absolute ball doing that, chasing down a big bloke with big arms paddling his big v10 with his big paddle. Big smiles all round.

Monday Nov 30, 2009 #

weight:74kg (rest day)

Ummm, oops!
ps rest day today. Had planned a run after work but was feeling tired after the weekend. It was a big weekend with my longest ever ride and longest paddle post Avon 09 therefore, rest day is not only well deserved but appropriate too.

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