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Training Log Archive: CleverSky

In the 7 days ending Sep 24, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering7 6:25:24 20.73 33.36 655135 /151c89%
  Total7 6:25:24 20.73 33.36 655135 /151c89%

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Saturday Sep 24, 2016 #

11 AM

orienteering race 1:48:22 [3] **** 10.07 km (10:46 / km) +274m 9:28 / km
spiked:10/15c shoes: Icebug Spirit

NAOC Long, Burnt Mt., Red M35, 8.4 km, 360 m, 7th in class, 22nd on course. This was kind of odd. It felt like a better day than yesterday, and although my placing was the same (and the field was bigger -- 53 vs. 39 yesterday), I wasn't as far behind this time. But strangely, I lost a ton of time out there: 17+ minutes.

#1 was fine, but on #2, I got the the trail I wanted and immediately came to a junction that didn't seem to be on the map. I looked like left was probably the right way to go, and it was, but I was a little tentative and therefore slow. I got off to the right a bit at the and and had to climb back up. #3 started out fine, but 80% of the way there, I went through the slot just to the right of the one I intended, and of course nothing looked right when I popped out on the other side, and I looked over to the right before realizing whre I was, and it was fine from there. No problem on #4, and I was able to go a bit quicker.

#5 was the first long leg. I couldn't see any reason not to go straight, but it was across a big bland area, and I wasn't 100% sure where I was when I got to the hillside with the control. There were a couple of guys wandering around lost out there, one asking for directions. I thought I needed to go left, and I did, and found the control without any trouble, but I was taking it slowly at the end and SA says I was down 3.5 minutes. #6 was fine, and I got passed by Emily.

Then the really long leg. I took it pretty straight, and my track shows me going pretty straight. In retrospect, there was a route more to the left that had more trail running, and that probably would have been faster, but I didn't see it. On the grind up the hill, there were a couple of times when I tried to figure out where I was, and had to convince myself that it was a waster of time, because I just needed to keep going until I got to the top. Once I did get up there, it took a little maneuvering to get around the back of the quarry to get to the control. Half my time loss is on this leg. But there was a lot of climb involved, and there was also climb on #5, so it could be that a big factor on this time loss is simply that I'm an old man who's not in great shape and can't go uphill very well.

The rest of the course actually went quite well. On all but one of the remaining legs, I placed well above my final position, and on three of them I was actually 6th! I picked up 8 places, so I clearly wasn't worn out. I even tied (with 10 others) for best time in the abbreviated chute.

And at least I wasn't one of the many who got really chewed up and spit out. I saw Jeremy early on and commented to him, "It's hard!". Then I saw him later and he said "It's too hard!". Took hin 4:23 to get around the Blue course.
6 PM

orienteering (course setting) 1:05:58 [1] **
spiked:34/35c shoes: Saucony Guide 8 Powergrid

Putting out SI boxes onto already-placed stands at Dartmouth, more or less everything east of the green. I started at 6:30 PM, and when I was in the woods, the light really started to fade, so I had to use my phone as a light a couple of times, primarily to read the map. The one miss was specifically because of trouble reading the map in the low light. Once I got back onto the developed part of campus, it was a little easier because there were streetlights and such, but there was a hitch with that. When we pulled out the SI units from the case, we highlighted the control numbers with a blue highlighter. When I was under certain streetlights, the yellowish sodium-vapor light combined with my colorblindness made it look as if we had crossed the numbers out with a black marker. But I got it done.

Friday Sep 23, 2016 #

12 PM

orienteering race 59:55 [3] *** 6.08 km (9:51 / km) +173m 8:38 / km
spiked:19/22c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

NAOC Middle distance, Oak Hill, Red M35, 4.6 km, 165 m, 7th in class and 22nd on the course. Mostly very good, but when it wasn't good, it definitely wasn't good. My thumb slipped (mentally) on #6 and I was looking at a parallel trail to the one I was on, which ultimately led to things not making sense, and recovery was a little slow. Then on #7, a short easy leg, I was okay most of the way there, but when I spotted a patch of green ahead, I determined where it was on the map and went around it to the left. If I had gone right, I probably would have tripped over the control, but as it was I wandered around for a bit. Then on the long leg, #15, everything was okay most of the way there, but then I think I misidentified what was a trail and what was a ride and things quickly turned to mush. Comparing splits, I was surprised at how much time I lost, so maybe my route was bad as well. In all, I'm guessing I lost 9-10 minutes (confirmed by SA). I'm not old and slow, I'm just old and hapless, and the end result is pretty mediocre. One bright side is that the slope of the hill leading out of the control was rather to my liking, and I was really able to hammer down the finish chute. I'll be interested to see how that split compares (turns out to be tied for 9th, 27 s compared a best of 24s).

And of course, with the SML format, I get an entirely separate chance to to be lousy tomorrow.

Monday Sep 19, 2016 #

4 PM

orienteering race (corn maze) 14:36 [4] *** 2.13 km (6:52 / km)
spiked:19/19c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

Mike's Maze volume 2, Classic, 7th. I went out early so that I could pilot the drone while everybody else was in the maze. The heavy rain during the day made for interesting conditions, with some large puddles spanning several paths that were several inches deep, and a number of areas where the ground was pretty soft. I was pretty glad that I had packed O shoes just in case. Pretty clean run, got a couple of scalps, and I would probably have been fast enough to get Guillermo as well if I hadn't been waking up all of the controls.
6 PM

orienteering race (corn maze) 6:47 [4] *** 1.03 km (6:36 / km) +1m 6:34 / km
spiked:12/12c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

Mike's Maze volume 2, Sprint, 8th. Some shuffling in the results, and I got a couple of scalps again; in general, I wasn't at all displeased at my results against this pretty impressive field. My sequence was 60-59-54-50-55-52-51-53-56-57-58-61. Not sure if that was best, but I think it wasn't too bad, and it is what it is. I got a good finish split because I was head-to-head with Keegan; I took the gambit of using the southern exit, but getting past the tower was problematic. Still muddy out there, but Kissy got to wake up this bunch of controls. Only four people got me in both daytime races, and a couple of those by only a 7-8 seconds.
8 PM

orienteering race (corn maze) 24:38 [4] 2.87 km (8:35 / km)
spiked:22/25c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

Mike's Maze volume 2, Night 7th. I went out five minutes or so after everybody else, because I was flying the drone to see if I could get night video. I got six skips, and I picked 4, 7, and 24-27. Because everybody had a head start and my skips were mostly late in the course, it wasn't until the end that I encountered anybody going my way. I still managed to finish before a fair number of people. Considerably less clean than in the daytime; I lost time on a few controls due to being mixed up in the evergreens. Great fun.

orienteering (corn maze) 7:26 [1] *** 0.54 km (13:51 / km) +1m 13:40 / km
spiked:8/9c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

Control pickup, with Earl, 32-50-33-47-31-38-59-46-49. It's kind of a mystery why I didn't just toss my socks in the trash there, instead of bring them home to throw them in the trash here.
10 PM


It's clear from looking at the tracks that my GPS watch is both less accurate and more coarse (in terms of number of points stored) than the ones that Alex and biggins were using. Not surprising, because it's a very cheap model, but still adequate for most purposes. CMO pushes its limits.

Sunday Sep 18, 2016 #

10 AM

orienteering race 1:37:42 [3] *** 10.65 km (9:10 / km) +206m 8:22 / km
spiked:11/14c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

US 2-Day Champs, Pound Ridge, Red M35, 8.4 km, 270m. Didn't have satellite lock yet when I started, so the GPS track begins almost at control #2. Screwed up #2, missed downhill to the right, and the big error was on #3, where I was right on target, then saw a huge cliff above me and decided I must be too far to the right. So I headed left, crossed some stuff that seemed to make sense for a while, but then I spotted a stone wall corner that was very recognizable and I had to swing back. #5 should have been easy, but instead of contouring I went downhill, and ended up on the road and had to come at the control from the back, a bunch of needless climb. The rest was all fine navigationally, but between the run yesterday and the humid conditions, I ran out of gas and just wasn't moving as fast as I wanted to, especially in the latter part of the course. I ended up 7th for the day on M35 (dropping me to at least 4th), and 27/48 on Red. Blah.
5 PM


I've been in considerable discomfort for the past few days, a spasm or something in my upper back/shoulder area on the left side that sometimes radiates out to places like my hand, and that is occasionally almost blinding pain. I took Excedrin before running both days, and Charlie lent me his roller this morning which I used in the parking lot and which seemed to help some (as did running). Driving extended distances is fairly uncomfortable, and sleeping can be as well. Probably a minor distraction compared with what my friends have to deal with on a daily basis.
6 PM


After having been used for a 90 minute rub yesterday, my old GPS watch is claiming to still have 94% battery charge. That would be awesome, but I'm a little skeptical.

One bright spot about this weekend is that I beat Yuriy Bulka fairly convincingly both days. I didn't see him all weekend, but I assume he has some sort of complaints about how this event was a total disgrace from a technical/organizational perspective.
7 PM


I took off pretty promptly instead of staying for awards, but looking at the US Champs eligibilities listed on the HVO website, it appears possible that I may have taken bronze in M35. I believe the expression "backed in" would apply.

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