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Training Log Archive: CleverSky

In the 7 days ending Mar 14:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running6 3:03:08 16.61(11:02) 26.73(6:51) 351
  orienteering1 1:30:41 5.2(17:26) 8.38(10:50) 23119 /21c90%
  Total7 4:33:49 21.81(12:33) 35.11(7:48) 58219 /21c90%

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Saturday Mar 14 #

4 PM

running (trails) 41:52 [3] 5.64 km (7:26 / km) +59m 7:04 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 #1 (blue)

Farandnear Reservation. This is a Trustees property just 10 minutes from my house, but I'd never been there. Something of a beaver sanctuary, which according to the trail signs they're pretty excited about, and that means some of the trails are flooded out. The main entrance has bathrooms, parking for about a dozen cars, and a small arboretum specializing in conifers. Who knew? I ran with the map that they have on their website, and covered pretty much all of the trails, plus one that I guess has been deprecated. Not a lot interesting going on between the trails. The trailhead where I parked is almost across from one of the trailheads leading into the Robbs Hill area, so it's essentially contiguous to it. This is really close to Shirley Center, which really looks kind of like a ghost town. Historic District, yeah.
7 PM


Made a trip to the supermarket tonight, where things were not as bad as I expected. No waiting in line at all, it was about like it always is at the time of day when I go. Certain sections were devastated: toilet paper(?), many produce items (but plenty of bananas), pasta, pasta sauce, bread, soup and other canned goods. No shortage of yogurt, frozen dinners (except pizza, which was wiped out), chips, milk. Eggs were available, cereal was low but not gone, liquor seemed to be a bit low as well. The only thing I was hoping to buy that was gone was the particular kind of iced tea that I like. And I got a different flavor of bread, and a different shape of meat than usual (but it's the same meat, really).

Friday Mar 13 #

6 AM

running (pavement) 25:05 [2] 4.05 km (6:12 / km) +29m 5:59 / km
shoes: Saucony Guide 8 Powergrid

Down to the schools and back, In The Dim. And light rain. Not easy to drag myself out of bed for this.

Thursday Mar 12 #

6 PM

running (trails) 34:34 [3] 4.75 km (7:17 / km) +107m 6:32 / km
shoes: Saucony Guide 8 Powergrid

Marble Hill. This place is near my office, but I'd never been here before. Ran with a trail map (with contours) from the town website, which was nicely color-coded to match the blazes. The woods here looked more scruffy and less interesting than the other places I've been running lately (not that I left the trail, mind you).

I went to the Banff Film Festival last night in Portsmouth, with Nancy and Jon Nash. I had a ticket for a concert tonight, but it's been postponed (by 11 months). Stephen is in a show that we're scheduled to see tomorrow night, which so far is still slated to happen. Looks like the DVOA meet in a little over a week has been axed, and I expect that will also be the case for some other things looming on my schedule. We got a memo at work today basically suggesting that we work from home, though the office will not be closed. I'm planning to continue to go in unless they do close the facility, because I don't work well from home, I'm not really set up to do so, and I don't think the office will present much of an infection risk since it will be nearly deserted.

Looking forward, hang gliding does not seem to present much of a risk of infection.

Wednesday Mar 11 #

6 AM

running (mixed) 19:42 [2] 3.26 km (6:03 / km)
shoes: Saucony Guide 8 Powergrid

A short out and back from Nancy's house, first thing in the morrning, because I wasn't going to have time later. A little chilly in just a T-shirt.

Tuesday Mar 10 #

5 PM

running (trails) 34:17 [3] 4.89 km (7:01 / km) +89m 6:26 / km
shoes: Saucony Guide 8 Powergrid

Rattlesnake Hill. Managed to do pretty much the loop I had in my head, for a change. Lots of frogs singing in the pond up top.

Monday Mar 9 #

10 PM

running (pavement) 27:38 [2] 4.16 km (6:39 / km) +68m 6:09 / km
shoes: Merrill Bare Access XTR

Another neighborhood variation, In The Dark. I got another new headlamp in the mail today, this one very similar (identical?) to the one I liked the best but that became unreliable. This was a rather uninspired little jaunt, but it was nice to be able to do it in a T-shirt.

Sunday Mar 8 #

10 AM

orienteering 1:30:41 [3] *** 8.38 km (10:50 / km) +231m 9:31 / km
spiked:19/21c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 #1 (blue)

Ansonia, HVO/WCOC winter training, Red, 6.5 km, 290 m. Mostly pretty good the woods were nice as usual, except for being a little slow in some recently logged areas where there were a lot of branches on the ground. Visibility was outstanding, and the weather was basically perfect.

Two mistakes, and one clerical error. I was mentally distracted on #2 and missed by just a bit on the uphill side, but I failed to turn and see it; found it just fine on the way back, but the time loss was close to four minutes, moving slowly while relocating. On #17, I was off to the right coming into the logged area, and underestimated the challenge of spotting the stone wall. My first guess as to which was I was off was correct, but after going a little way, I second-guessed myself and went the other way, until I got a better look at the group of boulders in that direction and saw where I was. About three minutes on that one. Also kind of slow on #16 because I was reading the map poorly, and was wrong about where I was, but I kept going in the right direction and "spiked" it.

Then the clerical error. I spiked #11, but then on the short leg to #12, nothing made any sense. I was completely perplexed. I went back to #11 to confirm that it was the right control, but it was on a really unambiguous feature. Tried heading to #12 again, and was baffled in the same way. Adequate examination of the map finally clued me in to what was happening. The course did a little loop at 11-12-13, so that the 10-11 leg passed close to 13. After going to #13, I then tried to navigate as if I were going from #11, but of course that wasn't where I was. Once this dawned on me, I went to the real #11, and everything was fine from there. 7-8 minutes lost on those shenanigans. My split at "11" is therefore bogus, and all of the rest are shifted by one.

15 minutes lost is pretty pathetic. But it's just training.


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