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Training Log Archive: CleverSky

In the 7 days ending Oct 17:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running4 2:34:30 14.21(10:52) 22.88(6:45) 298
  hiking3 2:21:07 7.63(18:30) 12.27(11:30) 73
  pedaling1 55:00 12.05(4:34) 19.4(2:50) 212
  paddling1 47:49 2.24(21:23) 3.6(13:17)
  Total8 6:38:26 36.13(11:02) 58.15(6:51) 583

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Saturday Oct 17 #

4 PM

hiking (trails) 55:04 [1] 3.84 km (14:20 / km) +27m 13:51 / km
shoes: Nike Flex Experience RN 4

Sherburne Nature Center In Tyngsborough, with Nancy.

Friday Oct 16 #

7 AM

running (mixed) 41:55 [3] 7.17 km (5:51 / km) +118m 5:24 / km
shoes: Nike Flex Experience RN 4

The forecast for today is pretty wet, so I figured if I didn't want to get drenched, a morning run was in order. 60 F, so very comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. Teasing precipitation until about halfway around, then drizzle until I was almost back to Northfield, and actual rain for the last bit.

Thursday Oct 15 #

5 PM

running (woods) 42:35 [4] 5.76 km (7:24 / km) +108m 6:46 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 #1 (blue)

CW this time, and pretty close to a tie with the last time I did it CCW a month ago. But the comparison isn't quite fair, because I haven't been doing the timing right. What I've been doing is starting the watch when I leave the car, and stopping it when I hit pavement. But the parking lot is closer to the south trailhead than the north trailhead, so when I go CW, I'm adding about 30 seconds of extra pavement running. Maybe later tonight I'll go back and use the GPS tracks to correct them all (I did). That will make this a PR, very slightly, I think (it didn't). Hard to account for the difference in climb.

This was a pretty solid effort. At times the trail felt very rocky, surely due in part to the fact that I was wearing spikes. At this point the trail is getting very hard to see because of the fallen leaves. I had a few spots where I lost it by a step or two but almost instantly corrected. More serious was the spot about 30 minutes in where I lost it completely near the stone wall, relocated when I hit the trail beyond the switchback, and got myself back where I belonged. It didn't feel like much time lost, but the GPS track says it was about 45 seconds.

The two splits were the places where there were fallen limbs across the trail that would have necessitated a dismount had I been on a bike. I think there were more of the last time, so somebody must have cleaned them up. I also grabbed a few small branches and tossed them off the trail.

hiking 19:18 [3] 1.94 km (9:56 / km)

Wednesday Oct 14 #

5 PM

pedaling (recumbent) 55:00 [3] 19.4 km (2:50 / km) +212m 2:41 / km

A loop out to Pearl Hill. I wore a headlamp and kept it strobe mode the whole time -- it wasn't dark enough for it to be useful to see in front of me, but I figured I should be more visible. Working on my wariness of hills, I tackled Lunenburg Rd coming up out of West Townsend. I dropped down to the big cog with the middle ring, but didn't have to resort to the small ring, and it wasn't any trouble. If I do try some hill where I need the real stump-puller gears, it might be a challenge to keep the bike upright at such low speeds. Still in shorts and short sleeves, which was cool at the start but fine later on.

I got a third set of pedals today (Speedplay Frogs), used ones from ebay since the company has probably stopped making them, so now the Incubus, the recumbent, and the Mamacita are all equipped and I don't need to swap pedals between bikes any more.

Tuesday Oct 13 #

11 PM

hiking (pavement) 1:06:45 [1] 6.49 km (10:17 / km) +47m 9:56 / km
shoes: Oboz Sawtooth II

Around the neighborhood, In The Dark. I got started before midnight (by maybe five minutes), so it counts. Couldn't get motivated to go out any earlier in the rain, but by the time I went out the sky had cleared. I had my headlamp turned on for a few minutes at the beginning, but then I switched it off, and I could see well enough. I spent most of the time looking up at the stars anyway. I saw no sign of living people other than the receding taillights of one car when I was coming back up Valley Road. AOWN: near the end, I spotted a couple of mushrooms near a mailbox that were glowing from underneath the caps. I'd heard of bioluminescent mushrooms like this, but I had never seen any. However, when I turned on my headlamp to get a better view, I saw that they had solar cells on top.

Monday Oct 12 #

7 PM

running (trails) 38:00 [3] 4.86 km (7:49 / km) +72m 7:17 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 #1 (blue)

Robbs Hill, In The Dark. I intended to grab the basemap, but it wasn't where I thought I had put it, so I just went out without it. The idea was to do some kind of a loop, and there are maps at some of the junctions out there, but I did an unspectacular job of picking a loop, and pretty soon I was out of the area that had trail maps. I was seeing the lights of houses in directions that I didn't expect, so I knew I wasn't going the right way. Finally some of the lights up ahead turned out to be reflectors on the poles of a big power line ride. The only one I could think of was down near Shirley Depot, and sure enough, that's where I was. I had also inadvertently grabbed the watch with the least amount of charge, and right about the time I hit pavement, the watch ran out of juice. AOWN: saw a dark shape up ahead of me, which I correctly guessed was a porcupine, and I watched him skedaddle up a tree.
8 PM

running (mixed) 32:00 [3] 5.09 km (6:17 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 #1 (blue)

And back, In The Dark. I noted the time on my watch when I hit the road and when I finished. I had hopes of saving myself a little by coming back via Griffin's Private Road, which I had seen on maps, but which was rather prominently festooned with No Trespassing signs, so I doubled back to the Ronchetti trailhead and went back that way. I was less put off by the conservation land's "Open Sunrise to Sunset" signs. Lunenburg has no such daylight-only restriction, thanks to my efforts.

Sunday Oct 11 #

4 PM

paddling (kayak) 47:49 [2] 3.6 km (13:17 / km)

WIth Nancy on Winnepesaukee from the Giggeys' place. I think this was the first time this year that the kayaks left my living room, by other paddling excursion were with the coracle. We were both feeling out of shape for this, though Nancy later determined that her biggest problem was that the PFD was too snug because she was wearing several warm layers under it.

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