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Training Log Archive: CleverSky

In the 7 days ending Nov 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  pedaling5 5:05:03 48.58(6:17) 78.17(3:54) 713
  hiking1 2:44:17 5.11(32:10) 8.22(19:59) 193
  running1 50:13 3.67(13:41) 5.91(8:30) 39
  Total7 8:39:33 57.35(9:04) 92.3(5:38) 945

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Saturday Nov 7 #

5 PM

pedaling (MTB on pavement) 27:31 [2] 8.64 km (3:11 / km) +44m 3:06 / km

Central Mass Rail Trail, In The Dark. Not really paved, but close enough. After a day of winch towing the hang glider (three flights for me) at Tanner-Hiller, which also involved some effort in terms of stuff like pulling the rope back. I brought the bike for that purpose, the the lazy pilots quickly decided they'd rather do it by car. Anyway, I did this quick ride on the way home so I'd have something to log. One dicey moment when the trail went downhill and suddenly it was loose and covered with leaves and I almost crashed, but good bike handling skills saved the day.

And at the pilots' meeting at the start of the day, I got a phone call from Nancy with the good news that I hadn't yet heard because I wasn't listening to the radio.

Friday Nov 6 #

1 PM

pedaling (road bike) 1:32:13 [3] 40.22 km (2:18 / km) +398m 2:11 / km

Skipped out of work in the middle of this beautiful day for a ride in daylight. Up to NH; last time I was up this way I came down Morse Rd., which was awful, and I considered this time going up Jackson Rd., which unsurprisingly didn't look much better, so instead I went a little further to Depot Rd., which has the advantage of being paved.

Fairly strong southerly breeze, which was nice to have on the Barker Hill descent, and didn't hurt that much coming back up Warren Rd. I had this ride scoped out as 25 miles, but it came up short, I guess I should have ridden another 50 feet.

I put on a new saddle today, a NOS Waveflo from the early 1990s that I found in a box. Supposed to conform to the rider's ischial tuberosities, though this one may well be petrified.

Thursday Nov 5 #

6 PM

pedaling (mountain bike) 1:15:03 [2] 13.27 km (5:39 / km) +55m 5:32 / km

Squannacook River WMA, In The Dark. I started at the Pumpkin Brook parking, which I'd driven past a number of times but hadn't checked out. One direction went to a small footbridge (over a creek that's currently dry), but on the other side of it there was nothing but woods. The other way went to a field that was full of prickly weeds. But then I found a third trail... that went to another part of the same field. So then I went down the street to the other gate, and that had a trail that crossed a similar footbridge but kept going. But it was awfully small, and kept getting smaller and eventually was just heading for a back yard.

So back out to the road and in through the usual parking area. North all the way to NEBS, then south all the way to Squannacook Road, and then back to the car. Warm evening, quite comfortable.

Hardly any ticks this year, but then two today. The first one was a real mystery, on my ear this morning, and the other after the ride, on my lower back. Both still crawling, both pretty small.

Wednesday Nov 4 #

5 PM

pedaling (mountain bike) 1:01:56 [2] 7.85 km (7:53 / km) +46m 7:40 / km

Robbs Hill, In The Dark. A nice bop around on trails that are for the most part considerably less steep than what I did yesterday. Got on one unfamiliar trail that was pretty neglected, eventually dead-ended into a back yard, but there was a exit to the street nearby. A bit later, I was on a faint trail that seened to vanish when I got to a stream. I now see from the map that it took a left, but I couldn't see that. Figuring that you're never far from a trail in this place, I just got off the bike and forged into the woods, and went a bit farther than I expected, but I did hit a trail. Nice conditions, warm enough for shorts (maybe around 50 F?). I finally got around to raising the seat on the bike to where it belongs, that was a big improvement. I think I'm going to take one of my headlamps and permanently affix it to my old bike helmet so ad to have a night helmet where I don't need to fiddle with straps.

Tuesday Nov 3 #

5 PM

pedaling (mountain bike) 48:20 [2] 8.2 km (5:54 / km) +171m 5:20 / km

WBNW, In The Dark. Temp around freezing, just a tiny bit of twilight left when I started, but I had the headlamp on bright the whole time. The big climb up toward Fort Hill Rd. was more effort than I anticipated, and it almost croaked me (last time I did it downhill, and it was scary, so this was a good choice). The descent north of the Trilogy crossing might not have been doable uphill in these conditions, I had the rear wheel locked up and sliding on leaves a lot of the time. Two dismounts, one to fix my headlamp which was slipping off, and the other because I didn't feel like riding through the stream. I ended up with cold toes, but I didn't realize it until they started to warm up painfully when I was in the shower.

Monday Nov 2 #

6 PM

running (trails) 50:13 [2] 5.91 km (8:30 / km) +39m 8:14 / km
shoes: GoLite Blaze Lite

Robb's Hill, In The Dark. A tour kind of around the periphery. Lots of recently fallen leaves made the footing hard to see. Didn't stub my toe, but I did roll my right ankle a few times. Temp down around freezing, so I was dressed on the warm side, which was okay. Headlamp on all the time despite the bright rising moon.

Sunday Nov 1 #

10 AM

hiking (trails) 2:44:17 [1] 8.22 km (19:59 / km) +193m 17:54 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Oroc 350

Doane's Falls (Tully), with Nancy. And then up the river a bit, and up the ridge to check out the waterfalls and the view. Recent precipitation meant the falls were running nicely.
9 PM


I marked my toe injury as "recovered". Why am I still showing up as red for injured?

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