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Training Log Archive: CleverSky

In the 7 days ending Feb 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  hiking4 3:17:09 7.46(26:25) 12.01(16:25) 169
  nordic skiing1 57:17 3.47(16:31) 5.58(10:16) 15
  Total5 4:14:26 10.93(23:17) 17.59(14:28) 184
  [1-5]5 4:11:15

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Saturday Feb 25 #

2 PM

hiking (pavement) 58:00 intensity: (51:46 @1) + (5:54 @2) + (20 @3) 5.74 km (10:06 / km) +98m 9:18 / km
ahr:102 max:132 shoes: Oboz Sawtooth II

Some streets in Fitchburg with Nancy.

Friday Feb 24 #

5 PM

nordic skiing 57:17 intensity: (28 @0) + (48:03 @1) + (5:53 @2) + (2:53 @3) 5.58 km (10:16 / km) +15m 10:08 / km
ahr:102 max:131

Pine Bluff, with Aims, In The Dim. We had discussed my equipment a while back, and how most of it had disintegrated, and I said that it would probably make sense for me to have a pair of waxless skis. He said he'd look around in the places he knows where things get discarded, and he sent a text yesterday saying that he had a selection to choose from. As well as a pair of boots that should fit (they did), and poles.

Out of a half-dozen pairs, there was one that seemed appropriate, so we headed out the back door to try them out. And they worked just fine, though they were awfully noisy on the shiny snow. We stayed out longer than I thought we might, and the light faded enough for Aims to turn on his headlamp. I don't know my way around there very well, and there were numerous times when I was thinking, "Ah, good, we're approaching Aims's house", and then we'd come to another road crossing.

I would have expected my heart rate to be higher than what got recorded.

Thursday Feb 23 #

(rest day)

Overnight we got about 4" of snow as measured on the top of my package delivery box, with a delicate freezing rain crust on top. Looks like a bit less on the driveway due to some melting from underneath. I suppose I will have to go deal with it, if for no other reason than that it's currently a long way from the edge of the plowed payment to the mailbox, and they may not deliver until I clear that back enough to reach.


No snow dealings yet, as we wre getting a mixture of sleet and freezing rain tonight, and I'm not that stupid.

Wednesday Feb 22 #

(rest day)

Only got out of the house in the evening, to go to the Banff film festival in Arlington, then drove home through miserable and dangerous road conditions.

Tuesday Feb 21 #

(rest day)

I woke up to see that everything was snow-covered. The pavement was warm enough that everything that fell where I would need to shovel melted, so there was no need for dealings.

I caught part of the VOC course review Zoom meeting this evening (thought I had missed it, then I realized that it was on Central time). That was fun. I got to provide the locals with a little bit of advice on how to navigate in their own terrain.

Continued gloppy weather left me unmotivated to go outside other than a trip to the supermarket. So I took a day off. Rick Oliver once advised me that a travel day doesn't count as a rest day, and yesterday was definitely a travel day. But I've got stuff going on the next couple of evenings, so I'm thinking I might just take another couple of days off.

Monday Feb 20 #

9 AM

hiking (pavement) 26:38 intensity: (1:14 @0) + (25:24 @1) 0.48 km (55:02 / km) +15m 47:36 / km
ahr:74 max:105 (rest day) shoes: Nike React Miler2

Climbing the Biloxi Lighthouse, with Nancy. Then the long drive from there back to Atlanta. 1002 miles on the rental car in four days, and we spent the nights in four different states. I had been to Mississippi once before, in 1983, but now I've met the Mary Jones criterion of sleeping there. No real exercise today, though I did walk from the main terminal to Concourse B through the tunnel, and skimmed the art installations.

Sunday Feb 19 #

10 AM

hiking (pavement) 36:09 intensity: (20 @0) + (33:37 @1) + (2:12 @2) 0.69 km (52:46 / km) +34m 42:12 / km
ahr:80 max:125 shoes: Nike React Miler2

Pensacola Lighthouse, around the grounds a little, then the climb up and back down.

Pensacola has a number of things that are quite different from the places where I usually hang out, but one notable one is the proliferation of optometry shops, particularly ones that also sell coffee.
1 PM

hiking (sand) 32:36 [1] 2.52 km (12:56 / km) +2m 12:53 / km
ahr:90 max:113 shoes: no

Another beach walk with Nancy, this one on Perdido Key. I think my parents would have really enjoyed vacationing here, but they were misinformed, so they never went.

hiking (pavement) 43:46 intensity: (1:09 @0) + (41:45 @1) + (52 @2) 2.58 km (16:59 / km) +20m 16:22 / km
ahr:86 max:121 shoes: Nike React Miler2

Walking around Fort Morgan while we waited for the ferry.

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