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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Aug 12, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 4:23:33 14.17(18:36) 22.8(11:34) 82552c790.7
  Cycling1 40:0080.0
  Running1 10:0010.0
  Total4 5:13:33 14.17 22.8 82552c880.7

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Sunday Aug 12, 2007 #

Orienteering race 17:50 [3] *** 2.4 km (7:26 / km) +80m 6:22 / km
11c shoes: Integrators (orange)

Team fundraiser sprint relay. I ran the first leg on team "Air Force Brats" with Spike and Mary.

Started off pretty zippy, once I turned around and started going the right way from the start. Helps that it was downhill to the first control. Then I got tired. But it was fun, and I just had a few little bobbles, and I didn't mispunch. Sprints are fun, even at 9000'.

Spike and Mary both successfully completed their courses, giving us a fine finish and achieving our goal of beating ebuckley's team.

Orienteering race 19:31 [3] *** 2.4 km (8:08 / km) +80m 6:58 / km
11c shoes: Integrators (orange)

I finished my leg and went to the download station where Valerie told me that she didn't want to run the third leg for her team and asked if I would do it. I hemmed and hawed for a minute and finally decided to do it. So, after a small cup of Gookinaid I headed out for team.. um, I have no idea. I just grabbed the map from the person with the right number.

Quite unsprintly as far as speed goes, and I even managed to screw up one of the ones that I'd already been to - there was a different forking for the previous control so the approach was different, but I didn't realize that and tried to do the same thing as the first time, which meant I went down the wrong reentrant.

Anyway, fun the second time, too, and this team did pretty well, whoever they were.

Saturday Aug 11, 2007 #

Orienteering race 2:57:56 [3] *** 14.0 km (12:43 / km) +515m 10:44 / km
18c shoes: Integrators (orange)

Long Champs

Sometimes, half the battle is showing up and the other half is finishing. Today was one of those days.

Long courses and Cristina don't mesh - I just can't get in to them mentally. Today, mediocre performance as it was, was actually better than usual for a long. No disasters, just slow, combined with plenty of inefficient route choices. No sense of urgency at all.

By about the 8th control I realized that I wasn't having much fun. I couldn't run much, I imagine a combination of the altitude and the steep slopes. So that meant that I'd look at each leg and just sigh and realize that I just had to slog through it. It wasn't that there weren't any interesting route choices (though there could have been more), it's just that my body wasn't into it today.

Anyway, finished okay, and that's all it took. First (of the US eligibles) on F-21+. And yes, it is neat to win a pair of US Champs, regardless of the circumstances. ;-)


I think this weekend should serve as exhibit 531 (or does it have to be a letter?) for making the US Champs system a bit more svelte.

Ditch the short and long (and maybe the night-o), ditch the two-day classic, and go with one, important, focus-of-the-season, hype it up weekend of Sprint, Middle, Long. Makes them *important*, makes them more competitive, results in slightly less strain on clubs to put on champs events, saves USOF money on medals, puts us in line with international competition, etc., etc. National Championship events should be a Big Dealˇ. It's easier to have one Big Dealˇ per year than several. Hm, maybe we could even get, oh, I dunno, sponsorship? Prizes? I just get all tingly thinking about it.

Honest question: why is this such a hard sell? I want to hear the objections so I can formulate my attack. :-)

Friday Aug 10, 2007 #

Running warm up/down (trail) 10:00 [1]
shoes: Integrators (orange)

On the way to the start, then back to my car to find my glasses (they were on the ground), then back to the start.

Orienteering race 48:16 [3] *** 4.0 km (12:04 / km) +150m 10:10 / km
12c shoes: Integrators (orange)

Short Champs (Middle Champs? Maybe if we just all start calling it that we can actually make it that.)

Today will serve as my (positive) reminder that I should never give up, even after a big boom.

I totally blew the first control. Like, practically lost. I think I know what I did, though. I was actually pretty close to the control, to the right, but I thought I was left and went right. Found the first control for the Brown course, though I had no idea at the time that that's what it was. Ran around for a bit (getting even farther from my control) and finally decided to bail to a big open area downhill. On the way down I realized that I was on a very narrow ridge, just like the one between the first two controls. Turned to look over my shoulder and, wouldn't you know it, there it was. At least 8 minutes lost, probably more now that I look at the splits. And this is was a 4km course. Ouch!

Put my head down and ran the rest as best I could, since you never know. Maybe everyone else blew the first one, too? (A lot of people did, though mine was quite spectacular). And it went just fine. I found myself "aiming off" a bit more aggressively than necessary, but the small amount of time "lost" by doing that was probably well worth knowing which way to turn. No significant errors and I ran fairly well. The result was first in F-21+ (of the US Champs eligible), surprisingly, and not entirely satisfying for a variety of reasons. But hey, a win is a win.

Significantly behind the visitor from Halden SK, not surprisingly, though I did beat her on two splits. Take 'em where you can get 'em.

Thursday Aug 9, 2007 #


Played some StepMania this morning with my mom. I'm not sure that that will ever not be entertaining to watch.

Back to CO tonight. Wonder if I'll be able to run at all up there in the land of low density air.

Goal is to recreate the good feel from Sunday's run.

Oh yeah, and e-punch stick dibbler doohickey was located. Wrong coast, though at least it made it to this side of the Atlantic.

Wednesday Aug 8, 2007 #

Cycling (road) 20:00 [2]

In to work.

Parents are in town. Haven't been able to convince them to "run" with me in that place where I keep seeing dangerous critters.

Cycling (road) 20:00 [2]


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