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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Oct 4, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 3:02:21 14.54(12:33) 23.4(7:48) 44143c506.8
  Running5 1:32:22 8.93(10:21) 14.37(6:26) 88142.6
  Total5 4:34:43 23.47(11:42) 37.77(7:16) 52943c649.4
averages - sleep:5.3

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Saturday Oct 4, 2014 #


My bag arrived! Yay!

I got to go orienteering today! Yay!

Orienteering people are fun!

I have to stop there.
10 AM

Running warm up/down 15:00 intensity: (10:00 @1) + (5:00 @2) 2.5 km (6:00 / km) +80m 5:10 / km
shoes: Hercules (O-Roc 280)

Orienteering race 1:36:52 intensity: (1:00:00 @2) + (26:52 @3) + (10:00 @4) *** 11.0 km (8:48 / km) +300m 7:45 / km
15c slept:6.0 shoes: Hercules (O-Roc 280)

US Champs Long.

This was a good course. My run was very mediocre. My legs did not show up today, right from the beginning I could not run hard. I think it is the result of the accumulated lack of sleep and pre-travel/travel stress. Mostly though the importance of this day was that it prevented me from running on Sunday!

I caught my foot on something while running down to #4. My leg straightened and I went over it, turning my ankle and stressing my leg. As soon as I hit the ground it hurt so much, especially the ankle, that I figured that was it, I was done for the trip. I sat there for a bit until the runner I'd just passed stopped to ask if I was okay. I wiggled my ankle and said, "yeah, actually, I think it'll be fine, I'll just walk it off". I walked a bit and then started trotting and, like basically every other time I think I've hurt my ankle it was totally fine and pain-free after about a minute. I run the rest of the course without any indication that anything is wrong. I took the steep descents more carefully than usual, but I think that was more out of fear than anything else.

After I finished I could feel that the area around my knee was starting to get a bit stiff, and over the next few hours it felt weirder and weirder until it got to the point where it really hurt to move. The low point was trying to get dressed after showering. That was terrible. At this point it went from "oh bummer, my leg is a bit stiff" to "holy shit this really hurts I hope I can walk to the bathroom tonight". The good news is that there was dramatic improvement overnight, so that on Sunday I could walk (not normally, but at least without crying). Good sign!

I want to write about my course but ... I don't want to right now.

Friday Oct 3, 2014 #

2 PM

Running warm up/down 18:00 intensity: (6:00 @1) + (6:00 @2) + (5:00 @3) + (1:00 @4) 3.0 km (6:00 / km)
ahr:152 max:181 slept:7.0

Warming up including some 1cm strides and a pair of intense minutes. The "model map" was an old version of the map so I didn't spend too much time looking at it. I felt okay but unsurprisingly not all that peppy!
3 PM

Orienteering race 18:11 intensity: (13 @1) + (7 @2) + (6 @3) + (13 @4) + (17:32 @5) ** 3.64 km (4:59 / km) +10m 4:55 / km
ahr:186 max:191 19c shoes: Anaïs (Salomon Fellraiser)

US Sprint Champs, Genesee Valley Park

Arrived late(r than planned) in Rochester last night, safe but sans luggage. This is nbd, I always pack the hard-to-replace stuff in my carry-on and there was plenty of time for the bag arrive in the morning or for me to shop before running. It didn't arrive in the morning. (It still hasn't arrived. In fact, they don't know where it is.) I went shopping. Every single thing I was wearing today was brand new (shoes, socks, shorts, underwear, sports bra, shirt) and I should really have had a "sponsored by US Airways" bit on them or something.

The shopping went a little longer than I had planned but I did get an appropriate warmup in and didn't feel spazzed at the start. I knew this was going to be a fast running course and I was able to run hard, but I never felt like I had full gas.

The first 6 controls went just fine. I was able to ask myself what was coming up and I was prepared for the following controls. Then I think I got a bit carried away with the "what's next" question and spent a bit too much mental energy refolding and looking at the rest of the course on the way to 7 and got distracted. Lost about 15s lost because I had a bad line (w/ a dash of confusion) towards the control and then bashed through the green because I didn't see that the trail made it all the way to the path. Then 8, 9, 10 were trivial and went fine, and 11 should have been really easy, considering it just appeared before me, visible from the road. But I lost a good 5-10s there it came sooner than I expected. Maybe I let all the colors confuse me out of the 1:5000 scale...

After I finished I thought that a right route would be better to 13, but now I think the left route was probably AOK. 14,15,16 were fine, probably would have been better off bashing through on 17 than going right to the trail, but I didn't recognize that it was a lighter green than the junk I bashed through to 7. The real downer moment of the course for me was blowing 18 because I just didn't use my map. I thought my control was on the tree in front of me, where the was a control... on a treee... and my map and compass were telling me weren't *quite* agreeing with me and then confusion and there goes something like 20s. Jesus.

So yeah, not awesome at all. It was definitely fun to run around GVP like this, but only because I have memories -- it's not the most interesting sprint venue... Props to Mike Lyons for doing well with not much to work with!

Running warm up/down 18:03 intensity: (31 @1) + (15:51 @2) + (1:41 @3) 2.49 km (7:14 / km) +3m 7:11 / km
ahr:155 max:170 shoes: Anaïs (Salomon Fellraiser)

Cooled down by running to Hutch and visiting the geo department. No happy hour this week because there was no speaker, but I did have a nice long chat with Gautam, my undergrad advisor. I haven't seen him since I graduated so it was really great to catch up. He's a very quiet, mild-mannered guy, so one of his wacky grad students (and all around happy, hilarious person) started putting funny things on his door some time in the late 90s. I had not forgotten about the door itself, but I had forgotten that I had contributed to it. Gautam gleefully pointed out the button had placed there that says, appropriately enough, "I am not wearing any underwear".

Thursday Oct 2, 2014 #



Wednesday Oct 1, 2014 #


I was going to do some night-o tonight in between packing but instead I disappeared my work computer on the metro. [Editor's note: or did you?!] On the one hand it's great that this is the worst thing I have had happen all year. On the other hand it fucking sucks.

[Update, 2 Oct, 2 hours before flight] Computer found, on my desk at work. Officemate says the light was on when he came in. Either I completely imagined every memory of carrying my laptop with me out the building and to the metro, or some kind person found it, saw the Meteorologisk institutt label on it and returned it this morning. No note, no email, I have no idea. I just consider that I'm basically the luckiest person in Oslo this morning.

Monday Sep 29, 2014 #

6 PM

Running (road) 32:00 [1] 4.92 km (6:30 / km)
slept:4.0 shoes: Marie (Trailroc 246)

With Melissa from home to Helen's this time for Downton Abbey night.

Sunday Sep 28, 2014 #

10 AM

Running warm up/down 9:19 intensity: (4:19 @1) + (3:00 @2) + (2:00 @3) 1.45 km (6:25 / km) +5m 6:19 / km
shoes: Hercules (O-Roc 280)

Orienteering race 1:07:18 intensity: (5:00 @1) + (20:00 @2) + (37:18 @3) + (5:00 @4) *** 8.76 km (7:41 / km) +131m 7:09 / km
9c shoes: Hercules (O-Roc 280)

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