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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Apr 14:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 2:07:24 8.72(14:37) 14.03(9:05) 22132c366.4
  Running3 1:00:27 5.92(10:13) 9.53(6:21)99.5
  Strength/Core1 10:0010.0
  Total5 3:17:51 14.64 23.56 22132c475.9
  [1-5]5 3:15:35

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Sunday Apr 14 #

Running warm up/down 6:00 [1] 1.0 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: Mookie (O-Roc 280v2)

9 AM

Orienteering race 1:16:36 intensity: (2:02 @0) + (7:02 @1) + (16:05 @2) + (42:20 @3) + (8:38 @4) + (29 @5) *** 8.56 km (8:57 / km) +135m 8:18 / km
ahr:161 max:182 16c shoes: Mookie (O-Roc 280v2)

QOC Classic Long, F40 / Green
Route Gadget

Today was one of those days where things went well for a long time and then a mistake at the end ruined my whole evaluation, both because I didn't have a chance to redeem myself later and also because it was so weird.

I felt a little better physically today than I had yesterday, probably more recovered from whatever illness plagued us earlier in the week. I felt constrained by my poor fitness and extra pudge but I did not feel like I was running at altitude. My orienteering was good, I was focused and hitting the controls well, though there was not much flowiness to it, despite being able to run continuously a little more often today than yesterday.

A bit before reaching the spectator control my brain started to slow down. I had a really hard time making any decisions out of the arena to 14 and probably only spiked the control because I remembered all of the terrain and the control location from the day before -- I had the seen the streamer, assumed it was for a Sunday control, and knew it was very visible coming up the nose. To 15 I was incapable of thinking, did not do what I wanted to do, and lucked out by seeing the control from pretty far away just as I realized that I actually had no idea where I was and vaguely kind of thought I was too high.

Luck ran out on 16 where I told myself I needed to go uphill but "left of the green stuff on top". I kept going "left of the green stuff" for a very long time and somehow it never clicked that I should have already hit the road. Or that I was only going left and never actually straight up. In any case, the RG does not do it justice -- I actually popped out at the road intersection! I cursed a lot and then quickly got myself back where I needed to be to finish the course. I think I had a glimpse of what people twice my age must go through when their brain stops doing all the things they want it to do.

Right after I finished I assumed I had lost enormous time on the brain fart at 16 but it looks like it was "only" three minutes. I think my "regularly run x miles to be able to run an x km course" rule of thumb is getting a bit of support!

Ended up fine in F40 but further behind a lot of people on Green than I want to be. Good weekend overall -- saw lots of people, enjoyed the terrain, and a bit more motivated now, too. The course today was ok, though I thought it was weird that there were no true long legs on a Long course of this length.

Saturday Apr 13 #

8 AM

Running warm up/down (dirt) 10:26 intensity: (14 @0) + (3:08 @1) + (5:21 @2) + (1:43 @3) 1.42 km (7:20 / km)
ahr:151 max:174 shoes: Mookie (O-Roc 280v2)

Orienteering race 50:48 intensity: (48 @1) + (5:51 @2) + (27:33 @3) + (14:52 @4) + (1:44 @5) *** 5.47 km (9:17 / km) +85m 8:36 / km
ahr:171 max:186 16c shoes: Mookie (O-Roc 280v2)

QOC Classic Middle, F21 / Red

Route Gadget

Good day of orienteering for me but pretty awful day physically. Felt really beat down, not just out of shape but like I was running at elevation. I guess I'm not over whatever we all had this week. Or it's allergies. Or both. Whatever, excuses, excuses. Even though it seems pretty clean I do think I was saved from some smaller errors by the good visibility.

Not much else to say, I just went to the center of the circles and punched the controls. I did feel like I was ready to be done at number 11, and sure enough 12 is the only place where I really had a mistake (~30s), heading straight to the very visible streamer in the next cup depression and blasting right by my own control, taking a little bit to figure out what was going on. Then I was just slow for the last controls but I managed to keep it together.

Glad I ran early, the sun came out and it got all warm and stuff. Weird!

Didn't stay for the relay, we had plans to catch up with an old friend I hadn't seen in a very long time. She has been through a *lot* since I saw her last so it was great to see that her life is settling down and almost boring (which she really deserves at this point).

Thursday Apr 11 #

6 PM

Running (road) 44:01 intensity: (13:33 @1) + (30:28 @2) 7.1 km (6:12 / km)
ahr:147 max:158 shoes: Kara (Roadclaw 275 V2)

Seems like the worst of the preschool bug hit me yesterday. Stayed home from work and rested and today I feel a lot better. Went for a cautiously easy evening trot.

Unfortunately we're not sure about Lukas -- there's a chance the Trout/Luis contingent in VA this weekend may be a little smaller than planned.
9 PM

Strength/Core (SAM) 10:00 [1]

Tuesday Apr 9 #


Oh hey, it’s great that I stayed healthy basically all winter so that I could get sick right before each spring orienteering trip!

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