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Training Log Archive: Siobhan

In the 7 days ending Feb 27:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling2 3:27:32 44.2(4:42) 71.14(2:55) 92
  Walking4 2:59:35 8.49(21:09) 13.66(13:09) 9
  Bellydancing7 2:24:20
  Weight Training1 43:00
  Gym Class1 38:00
  Dance Class1 13:30
  Stretching/Flexibility1 8:30
  Total7 10:34:27 52.69 84.8 101

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Saturday Feb 27 #

Bellydancing 10:00 [3]

Little bits of improv in Tommy King's workshop. Mainly listening which was actually fine because my R knee is quite sore today; probably a combo of sitting weirdly this morning and also thrashing in improv yesterday; did notice it last night

Walking 29:06 [1] 2.27 km (12:49 / km)

R knee even felt a bit sore when walking which was really weird, BUT, I wasn't wearing my barefoot shoes, I was wearing boots with quite a high heel, which I think won't have helped at all

Friday Feb 26 #

Bellydancing 4:20 [3]

Thrashing about improv

(rest day)

Thursday Feb 25 #

cycling 50:11 [3] 17.65 km (2:51 / km) +14m 2:50 / km

Chose to wear shorts today! Partly to make sure I didn't make the knee angry after testing it a bit last night. All felt good. Interestingly, when I have felt any little bits recently, it's been the L knee again instead of the R knee. Noticed L knee was more tired last night, too. Hamstrings and glutes still sore, esp. hamstring insertion (was quite sore yesterday after my Tuesday workout)

Felt relatively speedy

Walking 34:40 [1] 2.61 km (13:17 / km)

Gorgeous weather, easy stroll with client, still felt hamstrings

cycling 18:15 [3] 6.35 km (2:52 / km) +10m 2:51 / km

Actually thought I was faster than this. Felt good

cycling 32:51 [4] 11.09 km (2:58 / km) +25m 2:56 / km

Ummed and ah-ed over whether to give this a 4 again, but that damn headwind, and sore muscles.

Bellydancing 10:00 [3]

Baladi progression; noticed arms and abs are sore from yesterday's dance strong. Definitely time to recover tomorrow. no knee issues whatsoever

Wednesday Feb 24 #

Bellydancing 5:00 [3]

Easy warm up dancing

Gym Class 38:00 [4]

Teaching Dance Strong. Plyo stars at end were a good test for the knee - I could tell they'd been pushed a bit after, but in a good way. Also knew I'd need to take it easy tomorrow

Tuesday Feb 23 #

Weight Training 43:00 [5]

SS1: Banded squat 3x20
SS1: One-legged hip lifts 3x20 each side
SS2: Lunge and bicep curl 3x20 each side w 2 x 3kg DBs
SS2: Push up 3x Maximum reps: 20, 18, 12 (50 total)
SS3: Wall sit 3x 30-60 seconds: 35, 45, 45
SS3: One legged calf raise 3 x 15-25 each side: 19, 16, 15
SS4: Bent over reverse fly 3x 20 w 2 x3kg DBs
SS4: Leg lowers 3 x 20 - now too easy with single leg lowers, so after first set switched to double legged (dig last 4 reps of first set double legged too)
SS5: Side plank dips 3x 15 each side
SS5: Band glute med roll out 3 x 20

Hot and sweaty! Felt really tired. Also didn't sleep well. Quads quite tired. Left knee perhaps a tiny bit sore in banded squat and a bit of clicking, but after that all good and feeling good

Stretching/Flexibility 8:30 [1]

- Sciatic neural glide with toe points (did another round at end, shorter)
- Back extension into Femoral glide - combined this with back extension first, but then found L side of lower back was a bit sore after. Low back has been tweaky since moving, think from lifting boxes that were awkward
- Figure 4 - right side tight
- Spinal twist - came back to this again to help relieve low back, felt belt after
- Quad
- Ham
- Upper arm glide - did all them; radial, ulnar, medial

Dance Class 13:30 [3]

Samba Part 3 again - much better now that it's not early morning so I'm not scared of waking the neighbours. Last third definitely a cardio workout!

Bellydancing 10:00 [3]

10 min layered shimmy jewels with Sadie. Think I need to understand her basic jewel first because it's different to the three variations I know, so felt like I had to ignore her most of the time, haha. Will go back to a basic class. Felt lower R side of back now (was L that hurt after workout today)

Bellydancing 10:00 [3]

Prepping for beginners

Bellydancing 50:00 [3]

Teaching beginners

Monday Feb 22 #

cycling 51:33 [3] 17.49 km (2:57 / km) +14m 2:56 / km

Tired! So tired I was walking into walls before I left

Walking 1:40:55 [1] 7.55 km (13:22 / km)

Strolling with clients then with a friend

cycling 23:03 [3] 7.59 km (3:02 / km) +4m 3:02 / km

Was thinking to myself that this always feels like the best ride of the day - probably because it's the shortest

cycling 31:39 [4] 10.97 km (2:53 / km) +25m 2:51 / km

I almost never give cycling a 4/5 but I was sweaty and puffing in that headwind. Tired once home

Bellydancing 5:00 [1]

Belly roll practice

Sunday Feb 21 #

Bellydancing 20:00 [3]

Prep for video shoot

Bellydancing 20:00 [3]

Video shoot, pretty warm by the end

Walking 14:54 [1] 1.23 km (12:07 / km) +9m 11:41 / km

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