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Training Log Archive: mary

In the 7 days ending Mar 24:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running6 6:18:59 39.75(9:32) 63.97(5:55) 1115
  orienteering6 4:21:29 23.9(10:56) 38.47(6:48) 92533 /37c89%
  Yoga/Pilates 1 15:00
  Total7 10:55:28 63.65 102.44 204033 /37c89%
averages - sleep:8.2 rhr:58

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Sunday Mar 24 #

running warm up/down 13:15 [3] 2.34 km (5:40 / km) +10m 5:33 / km
ahr:143 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

orienteering race 18:25 [4] 3.99 km (4:37 / km) +45m 4:22 / km
ahr:178 rhr:59 slept:7.5 shoes: Brooks Hyperion

MOC weekend stage 3 - pretty good run, maybe could have saved ~30s on two bad route choices but otherwise clean run, just feeling very tired by this point and a bit off the pace

running warm up/down 12:06 [3] 1.87 km (6:28 / km) +30m 5:59 / km
ahr:143 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Saturday Mar 23 #

running 15:29 [3] 3.05 km (5:05 / km)
ahr:153 rhr:52 slept:8.3 shoes: Ice bug zeal

orienteering 18:22 [4] 3.57 km (5:09 / km)
ahr:178 shoes: Ice bug zeal

MOC weekend stage 2 at Paestum, would have been a good run if I didn’t make a huge error running almost half the length of the map extra - apart from that it was good.
Very very cool to run around an old Greek archaeological site

running warm up/down 12:06 [3] 1.75 km (6:55 / km)
ahr:133 shoes: Ice bug zeal

running hills 1:48:28 [4] 17.42 km (6:14 / km) +800m 5:04 / km
ahr:159 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Really cool group run up Vesuvio Volcano with some Norwegians... so hard but really fun and worth every second

Friday Mar 22 #

orienteering 29:25 [3] 4.37 km (6:44 / km) +100m 6:02 / km
ahr:141 rhr:60 slept:7.8 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Map memory training around Trentinara - was cool, sort of came away with a few things;
1. I can’t go off map memory when it’s remembering a sequence of left right, as I already suspected my brain doesn’t work in that way and I just mess up - maybe I can simplify a sequence but definitely need to keep in contact
2. I probably look at the map far to often on short easy legs - need to practise simplification and minimising map contact on easy legs
3. Balance simplification - when trying to plan ahead quickly I can completely miss good route choices

running warm up/down 17:08 [3] 2.45 km (7:00 / km)
ahr:140 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

orienteering race 17:27 [4] *** 3.96 km (4:24 / km) +10m 4:21 / km
ahr:178 spiked:15/17c shoes: Brooks Hyperion

MOC weekend race one - Ascea Marina - pretty damn boring race on a v uninspiring area after the crazy cool intense stuff we have been training on on moc camp. V easy - just a runners race, and I made a big fuck off error on the way to no. 2 that cost me about 90s on a road that was mapped over with olive green but the gate was left open meaning it didn’t look like a dead end and in terrain was visibly completely different so got trapped. Ah well you can’t win them all... was shifting ok otherwise but not a pace for top 10

running warm up/down 17:02 [3] 2.9 km (5:52 / km)
ahr:145 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Thursday Mar 21 #

running warm up/down 10:39 [3] 1.94 km (5:29 / km) +10m 5:21 / km
ahr:143 rhr:61 slept:8.7 shoes: Brooks Hyperion

orienteering race 8:50 [5] 1.92 km (4:36 / km) +10m 4:29 / km
ahr:150 shoes: Brooks Hyperion

MOC camp knockout quarter final - ran ok but unsettled, still learning how to approach these... thought I was second best in my group so pushed early which didn’t work in my favour as I lead round the technical bit then was too scared to take the best route to one control and leave Martina Ruch, letting Lone Brochmann get in front of us and then just didn’t have the legs or the belief probably to catch those two back up... made a couple of bad route choices too and came 3rd in the heat but for logistics only top 2 from each heat went through to semi’s

running warm up/down 20:17 [3] 3.61 km (5:37 / km) +15m 5:30 / km
ahr:151 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

running warm up/down 10:12 [3] 1.82 km (5:36 / km) +15m 5:23 / km
ahr:131 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

orienteering race 6:57 [4] 1.51 km (4:36 / km) +20m 4:19 / km
shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

MOC camp knockout B semi final - technically good - planned to just run comfortable tempo and run my own race but got dragged a bit by the girls which was interesting as it turns out my heat was the fastest of all the semi’s including the A semi

running warm up/down 14:18 [3] 2.44 km (5:52 / km) +20m 5:38 / km
ahr:149 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

running warm up/down 13:23 [3] 1.98 km (6:46 / km) +10m 6:36 / km
ahr:133 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

orienteering race 11:45 [3] 1.61 km (7:18 / km) +50m 6:19 / km
ahr:145 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

MOC camp knockout B final - 1st in heat - didn’t even have a clean run, two bad route choices and one mistake but it was another real technical area, I was feeling better than the morning and I wanted to run my own race and try to keep it clean and it paid off as the other girls in my heat made big errors

running warm up/down 10:24 [3] 1.79 km (5:49 / km) +30m 5:22 / km
ahr:142 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Wednesday Mar 20 #

orienteering intervals 1:10:28 [3] 6.62 km (10:39 / km) +330m 8:31 / km
ahr:135 rhr:62 slept:8.5 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Downhill O intervals at Castelcivita- another really tricky intricate area - orienteering a lot better than yesterday but still had to keep stopping to plan routes - v hard to run and read the map in these areas with so many changes of direction and so many stairs and it was wet so really had to concentrate not to slip - still orienteered much better than last night!
Legs feeling buggered by the end with all the uphill climb between intervals

orienteering 37:00 [3] 5.0 km (7:24 / km) +200m 6:10 / km
shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Pairs training back where the sprint final was last night - basically I navigated to 1 while Schmint kept incontact and when I found it he started navigating to 2 while I kept in contact then me on to 3 and it carried on this way. I found this to be a really really useful training for this area - gave me a sense of a better approach, as I just was not able to plan ahead without losing contact yesterday and then having no idea where I was! It sort of taught me to be aware of the next control but always know where I am which meant I was a lot better at this area today when we were both absolutely drained from the first training! Got a lot out of it and really enjoyed it!

Tuesday Mar 19 #

running warm up/down 19:20 [3] 3.68 km (5:15 / km) +25m 5:05 / km
ahr:150 rhr:56 slept:7.9 shoes: Brooks Hyperion

orienteering race 18:57 [4] *** 2.99 km (6:20 / km) +60m 5:46 / km
ahr:180 spiked:18/20c shoes: Brooks Hyperion

MOC camp sprint quali for sprint final and for knockout - wanted to do ok so I could have a good crack at the knockout so was pretty focused but felt a bit stomach ill starting (either from milk, water or windy roads, or all)
Just tried to run sensibly, within the speed I can navigate and planning ahead well and it paid off with a good result of 6th.
Probably could have saved about 30-45s on hesitations/route choices/one 15s error on no. 2 where I got spat out of an alleyway to below not above a staircase, so pretty good to feel like it was good and good result but still room for improvement.

running warm up/down 10:54 [3] 1.51 km (7:13 / km) +5m 7:06 / km
ahr:151 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

running warm up/down 17:14 [3] 3.17 km (5:26 / km) +15m 5:19 / km
ahr:147 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

orienteering race (MOC camp sprint final) 23:53 [4] 2.93 km (8:09 / km) +100m 6:58 / km
ahr:155 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Sprint final - really really hard technical area, hardest sprint I’ve ever done and totally minced it! It’s been a big week and I was feeling pretty tired by this point!
Spiked no2 but had no idea where I was and was convinced it wasn’t my controls so just hung around it not punching getting confused till the fast Russian 1min girl came into it. And then it all kept going downhill from there - I just kept losing contact and doing a similar thing on lots of controls, then on the way to no15 a bunch of Italian guys started really aggressively yelling ‘where are you from’ at me and Pete and I just lost concentration and carried onto 16 without going to 15 so MP in the end which is a bit like whatever cos I would have been at the bottom of the results anyway! Shame I couldn’t keep it together but splits analysis shows there were some really good legs... so that and watching Pete’s GoPro of my race will give me something to work from... and I am pretty grateful I just got to run in such a fucking crazy hard area :D

running warm up/down 10:11 [3] 1.76 km (5:47 / km) +10m 5:38 / km
ahr:162 shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

All these distances and climbs from these sprints are definitely not accurate - strava and polar are showing very diff things but there is no way to keep GPS in these crazy hillside Italian towns

Monday Mar 18 #

running 46:33 [3] 8.49 km (5:29 / km) +120m 5:07 / km
ahr:152 rhr:56 slept:8.85 (rest day) shoes: Nike zoom winflo 5

Another really nice cliff run for our last morning in Malta with Schmint, Pooboy and Aston! Goooorgeous place and a nice little cliff swim after! Now onto Naples for MOC camp

Yoga/Pilates 15:00 [1]

Trying to loosen back

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