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Training Log Archive: shadmika

In the 7 days ending Oct 9:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running9 4:50:31 36.75(7:54) 59.14(4:55) 1323
  Biking3 3:56:07 42.52(10.8/h) 68.43(17.4/h) 1252
  Weights6 3:27:00 0.25 0.4
  Biking-Trainer3 2:05:20 33.0(15.8/h) 53.11(25.4/h)
  Hiking/Walking2 1:21:28 5.2(15:40) 8.37(9:44) 155
  Rowing1 20:55 3.1(6:45) 4.99(4:12)
  Total19 16:01:21 120.82 194.44 2730
  [1-5]19 16:00:37
averages - weight:164.9lbs

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Sunday Oct 9 #

10 AM


Between racing the last 2 days, GABF last night and just a packed week in general today might turn into a complete day off. Not used to drinking that much, holy shit it sucks getting old. Really sore today also.

Saturday Oct 8 #

7 AM

Biking (Cyclocross) 1:04:09 10.24 mi (9.6 mph) +516ft
ahr:117 max:149

Easy laps previewing the CX course and a few road miles to help with warmup. Legs are shot, no pop today which is expected after yesterday. Goal today: No crashing, lot tougher course.

Biking-Trainer (Trainer) 25:17 7.0 mi (16.6 mph)
ahr:94 max:101

More warmup on the trainer while waiting for the race to start.
10 AM

Biking (Cyclocross) 47:52 8.34 mi (10.5 mph) +458ft
ahr:114 max:132

Cross of the North- Day 2.... Not a good day but survived. Hit a barrier with my foot which caused the buckle on my shoe to come undone and had to stop and fix that. Lost my chain another time, more stopping. Then on the last lap as I was starting to make up time, on a steep downhill off cambered section got cutoff, hit some soft dirt and went over the handle bars. Guess the goal of no crashing went out the window. They really changed up the course today and made it much more techinal with more off camber sections and added in 2 more run ups. Fun though.... Super tired now.

Friday Oct 7 #

5 AM

Weights (Sealfit) 53:00 [3] 0.25 mi (3:32:11 / mi)

5 minute jump rope and mobility work

Sealfit Day 13

Run 500
3 rounds:
-5x lunges (each leg)
-10x pushups
-15x Ab mat situps

W/C: AMRAP in 20 mins
- 25 meter walking lunges
-10x burpees
-walk back to start
(completed 12 rounds)

3 rounds
-20sec calf raise
-10sec hold up
-20sec calf raise
-10sec hold up
-30sec recovery

3 x 1minute planks with 30sec recoveries

Running (Road) 9:29 1.01 mi (9:24 / mi) +27ft 9:10 / mi
ahr:165 max:180 shoes: N2 V2 Road Black #2

Cooldown dog jog after Sealfit workout.
10 AM

Running (Trail) 36:42 4.73 mi (7:46 / mi) +176ft 7:30 / mi
ahr:144 max:161 shoes: N2 V2 Road Black #2

Easy lunch recovery jog. Legs are pretty shot but it seems like my legs are always shot.
1 PM

Biking (Cyclocross) 1:19:33 [2] 15.27 mi (11.5 mph) +249ft
ahr:111 max:139

Warmup for Cross of the North CX. 4 laps on the course easy then some road miles.

Biking-Trainer (Trainer) 40:03 10.0 mi (15.0 mph)
ahr:98 max:113

Spin on the trainer between the warmup and when the race started since the course was closed. Just jamming out and spinning.

Biking (Cyclocross) 44:33 8.67 mi (11.7 mph) +29ft
ahr:136 max:155

Cross of the North CX- Day 1

Started towards the back, I think that the dudes that take Friday off work to come do this are little more of the serious dudes. I also thing the 40+4 guys are way faster than just the Cat 4 guys. Anyways crazy course with HUGE long steep run ups shouldering the bike.

Thursday Oct 6 #

5 AM


Weight check in. Overslept this morning so missed morning weight session. I left the back door open last night by mistake so the dogs were able to go in and out and not have to wake me up in the morning, lol.... It is all good, I needed a little extra sleep anyways.
11 AM

Running (Road) 1:20:44 10.94 mi (7:23 / mi) +358ft 7:09 / mi
ahr:129 max:147 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Fartlek workout with Neeraj. We did 5 x 3minutes hard with no planned recovery. We just started the next one when we felt like it. Got down to the 5:30 pace on some of them, why I like doing this type of work with others. I would not push that hard solo.

Wednesday Oct 5 #

5 AM

Weights (Sealfit) 35:00 [3]

W/U: 5 minutes jumping rope and mobility

Jumping Jacks
Air Squats
Arm Circles

5x5 Strict Press (65,75,85,95,95)

W/C: Work through below
4 minutes of jumping rope (replacing row)
25 Strict Press @ 65lbs
20 Reverse hanging bar pullups

Added: 3x1 minute planks w/ 30sec recoveries

Running (Road) 9:52 1.01 mi (9:46 / mi) +29ft 9:31 / mi
ahr:123 max:165 shoes: N2 V2 Road Black #2

Cooldown Dog Jog after Sealfit
10 AM

Running (Trail) 50:47 6.6 mi (7:42 / mi) +374ft 7:18 / mi
ahr:135 max:159 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Mellow lunch run but man did everything feel heavy. Think it is from all the lifting and WODs. Going to keep this up to help get ready for Monster Mash on the 29th then I will back off a little. Only shooting to run aroung 40 miles a week right now.
4 PM

Hiking/Walking (Trail) 48:49 [1] 3.06 mi (15:57 / mi) +86ft 15:32 / mi
ahr:92 max:135 shoes: Nike Wildhorse

Dog walk after work as warm up for Hatch and to loosen up a little.
5 PM

Weights (Hatch) 15:00 [3]

Hatch Week 3 Day 2

Day 2 - Front Squat
1 x 8 @ 85
1 x 8 @ 95
1 x 6 @ 110
1 x 6 @ 115

Not in the mood to do any other lifting tonight but wanted to make sure I at least got this in. Full recoveries between sets

Tuesday Oct 4 #

5 AM

Weights (Sealfit) 45:00 [3]

5 minute jumping rope and extra mobility due to OHS in the workout

Sealfit Day 11

3 rounds
2 minute jump rope
10x Air Squats
10x Front Squats @ 65lbs

5x5 Overhead Squats (35,45,55,55,55) I really suck at these

Overhead Squat (only used PVC to work on form)
Stepups on 20 inch box (each leg)
Ab Mat Situps
6 AM

Running (Road) 10:30 [1] 1.0 mi (10:30 / mi) +30ft 10:13 / mi
shoes: N2 V2 Road Black #2

Cooldown Dog Jog after Sealfit workout.
10 AM

Running (Road) 31:09 4.01 mi (7:46 / mi) +77ft 7:38 / mi
ahr:132 max:146 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Easy lunch jog, stopped at mile 3.1 at the gym and did the rowing workout then jogged back to work. The last mile back to work after rowing was challenging, the legs were JELLO.
12 PM

Rowing 20:55 [3] 3.1 mi (6:45 / mi)

5K row in the middle of my lunch run. Figured since the crossfit comp I am doing at the end of the month has some rowing in it I should start throwing this in once in a while.

Moderate effort level
5 PM

Biking-Trainer (Trainer) 1:00:00 [3] 16.0 mi (16.0 mph)

Easy to moderate spin on the trainer after work with some pickups while watching an episode of Luke Cage on Netflix. Hook on another series, great.

Monday Oct 3 #

5 AM


Weight check in. That is better, down over 2 from last week.

Weights (Sealfit) 34:00 [3]

W/U: 5 minutes jumping rope and mobility work

Sealfit Day 10:

PT Grinder:

20 Min AMRAP:
20x Mountain Climbers
10x Dumbell Squat Jumps w/ 20lbs in each hand
20x Push ups
20x Leg Levers
15x Burpees
15x 4 Count Smurf Jumping Jacks
15x Box Jumps
20x Thrusters w/ 65lbs
20x Push ups (Narrow)
20x Criss Cross Jumping Jacks

Finished with 2 rounds plus all the way through the 20 pushups in a pool of sweat. I really like this one. Second time I have hit it.

Running (Road) 10:31 [1] 1.0 mi (10:31 / mi) +28ft 10:15 / mi
ahr:115 max:133 shoes: N2 V2 Road Black #2

Cooldown down dog jog after Sealfit workout.
10 AM

Running (Road) 50:47 6.45 mi (7:52 / mi) +225ft 7:37 / mi
ahr:133 max:169 shoes: Road N3 Black/Black

Monday Mellow lunch jog just to stretch out the legs. Heavy legs today but that is expected.
4 PM

Hiking/Walking (Trail) 32:39 2.14 mi (15:15 / mi) +69ft 14:48 / mi
ahr:94 max:142 shoes: Nike Wildhorse

Dog walk after work before lifting as a warmup. Would have walked longer but the wind was driving me nuts.
5 PM

Weights (Hatch) 25:00 [3]

Mobility work

Week 3 Day 1 Back Squat
1 x 8 @ 110
1 x 8 @ 115
1 x 6 @ 130
1 x 6 @ 140

1x10 @ 135
1x5 @ 185
4x5 @ 205

Full rest between sets. No hurrying.

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