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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Feb 18, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 3:33:54 7.59(28:10) 12.22(17:30) 43028 /37c75%996.9
  Strength1 2:00:00120.0
  Exerc. Class1 55:00110.0
  Walking1 35:00 1.55(22:32) 2.5(14:00) 7570.0
  Shoveling (strength)1 20:0040.0
  Total4 7:23:54 9.15 14.72 50528 /37c75%1336.9

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Sunday Feb 18, 2007 #

Orienteering race (Green X) 1:28:06 [5] *** 4.71 km (18:42 / km) +200m 15:26 / km
spiked:9/12c shoes: VJ Falcon - size 6

Lazy at the beginning, plus perhaps the start triangle was in the wrong place? I knew I was headed a little more SSE instead of ESE to #1, but hit ditches that I didn't expect to hit, and corrected from well to the west of my intended route. Sloppy to #2, having to relocate; and the same to #3. After that I settled down and, though not all my routes were optimal (even for me), I had no trouble finding the rest of the controls.

Oh, and those new shoes? Bad idea to wear them the first time at a race (where you can't go back and change them). :-) But you knew that. Two new blisters--ugh.

Saturday Feb 17, 2007 #

Walking hills 35:00 [2] 2.5 km (14:00 / km) +75m 12:10 / km
shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 (old)

Walk to start; mostly flat or downhill until the last half-km which was fairly steep. When I was called up I couldn't get through the throng of kids and had to ask to be let through.

Orienteering race (Green-X) 1:29:31 [5] *** 5.23 km (17:07 / km) +230m 14:02 / km
spiked:11/13c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 (old)

My planned route from 3-4 took me in the vicinity of #9 but before I actually checked the reentrant I was unsure where I was so slowed down. Also, on let 5 I was temporarily unfocused (distracted by other runners) and hesitated, but decided I was on-route and lost a little bit to hesitation. Otherwise it was a physical slog up some hillsides but my navigating was dead-on; my sense was that it was a technically "easy" green course (just physical). Around 90 minutes is typical of my present conditioning level (meaning, I haven't been running much lately!).

Orienteering race (sprint) 36:17 [3] *** 2.28 km (15:55 / km)
spiked:8/12c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 (old)

More exercise? Sure, why not. I was intending to walk (since I saw maprunner doing so) but threw in some jogging here and there (like on the trail, 8-9). Still, I managed to bobble #3 (ended up too far right) and #5 (too far right again; up near #2). Tripped over vines on hillside near #9 and just lost all will to run anymore. I was dead beat by the end.

Thursday Feb 15, 2007 #

Shoveling (strength) 20:00 [2]

Shoveling 16" of snow to make a path to the garage (about 20' away), then neatening up after using snow thrower.

Strength 2:00:00 [1]

Running the snowthrower to clear the drive (or at least half of it) plus part of the neighbors' (they're around 80 and their machine wasn't working; their daughter won't be there until after work to help them clear the rest)--I cleared out the plowed stuff at the driveway end, and cleared a path from the road to near their house. I did have to manhandle it a few times (like when it ran out of gas...), plus keep my left hand clamped to make it move.

I'm gonna be feeling this tomorrow, and maybe for the next several days! All upper-body, though, so it shouldn't slow me down this weekend. A little bit in the upper back (from the shoveling), front of shoulders, biceps, and the grasping muscles near the thumb were what got used the most.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2007 #


Shoveled a path to[edited this] the road (about 6-7" deep at the time) so I could get the paper and then decided to take the shovel to the mailboxes. Turns out the mail-lady had already been there in her SUV! I shoveled anyway (figuring there will be less to move tomorrow morning). This is always tough because the road plow piles the snow in front of the mailboxes, so it's not light, fluffy stuff I have to move.

Don't think I'll do pushups today. :-)


We're up to 14" of Yowsa!! at 4 pm; more is falling.

Snowblower tomorrow morning after it stops (I hope!). Once I get shoveled out to the garage to get to the snowblower, of course. :-)

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007 #


10 knee pushups (or girly ones, as vmeyer calls them). I can't do the others (yet).

Monday Feb 12, 2007 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [2]

Good class (including step)--a better workout than on Saturday. Tight hips and back from yesterday's run, so it was a good thing I went today to get all stretched out again. :-)

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