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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Nov 21:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Walking7 5:46:02 19.52(17:44) 31.41(11:01) 310447.5
  Orienteering2 1:41:42 4.26(23:52) 6.86(14:50) 19420 /23c86%267.5
  Yoga1 1:10:0070.0
  Biking1 1:00:57 4.99(12:13) 8.03(7:35) 56176.7
  Total11 9:38:41 28.77 46.3 56020 /23c86%961.8
  [1-5]11 9:33:44

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Saturday Nov 21 #

1 PM

Walking 1:24:09 intensity: (2:15 @0) + (1:12:44 @1) + (8:46 @2) + (24 @3) 7.46 km (11:17 / km) +146m 10:16 / km
ahr:95 max:122 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

More Upper Saucon Valley streets completed; I walked in what's labeled Summit Lawn. (I had wondered where that was...there's an exit off I-78 for it).

Upper 50s and cloudy.

Looked online for more of this design shoe (model 4), but none are available in my size. Altra has moved on to model 4.5, which has some low ratings. Boo hiss.

Friday Nov 20 #

1 PM

Biking 1:00:57 intensity: (1:10 @0) + (3:06 @1) + (15:47 @2) + (21:57 @3) + (18:32 @4) + (25 @5) 8.03 km (7:35 / km) +56m 7:20 / km
ahr:125 max:154 shoes: Trek DS 3 hybrid

Mtb trails at West End Regional Park, with sun and temps near 60(!). Rode all the little side trails on Roller Coaster (walked up the slight grade where the stone wall is...marked by the waypoint before split 3). Returned on Round About then crossed the road to do a loop on Extra Credit, but didn't make it over a dirt bump (bike got hung up at the top somehow) and I toppled over onto some dirt/rocks at the side of the I have a bruise with a scrape on my right thigh somehow. Bike seems okay (even though the handlebar turned 180* on itself) and I was able to finish the ride.

Thursday Nov 19 #

2 PM

Walking 59:10 intensity: (5 @0) + (32:09 @1) + (26:43 @2) + (13 @3) 5.54 km (10:41 / km) +70m 10:03 / km
ahr:100 max:121 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

More nodes in SE Upper Saucon Township (east side of Coopersburg, near where the township hits the Lehigh/Bucks county line).

Mid 40s, filtered sun, and a breeze, so not as pleasant as five degrees warmer would be.

3 PM

Walking 4:06 intensity: (2:45 @1) + (1:21 @2) 0.37 km (11:14 / km)
ahr:97 max:112 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

When I finished my walk I was surprised Glen wasn't there so I walked up to the rail trail to see if he was there. When I turned around I saw him returning to the car/parking lot.

Wednesday Nov 18 #

2 PM

Walking 1:10:41 intensity: (20 @0) + (45:40 @1) + (23:22 @2) + (1:19 @3) 6.45 km (10:58 / km) +46m 10:35 / km
ahr:100 max:132 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

More USTwp nodes, at Weyhill Estates. Glen dropped me off so I wouldn't have to the do out from the Reading Dr rail trail lot, and original plan was he'd pick me up at Spring Valley Tavern, but he did some extra (unplanned) running so I made it back to the parking lot.

33-34F and some breeze; I chose this location though because there was a good size ridge to the NW, between me and the NW winds. It mostly did the job.

Tuesday Nov 17 #

3 PM

Walking 56:41 intensity: (32 @0) + (53:27 @1) + (2:42 @2) 5.03 km (11:17 / km)
ahr:94 max:106 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

Around the neighborhood. Low 40s would have been okay on its own, but a stiff NW breeze made ny ears and hands unpleasantly cold even with adequate cover. Tomorrow will be much of the same (with less wind?), then it warms up again by the weekend.

Monday Nov 16 #

12 PM

Walking 54:39 intensity: (25:44 @1) + (24:50 @2) + (4:05 @3) 5.02 km (10:53 / km) +49m 10:23 / km
ahr:105 max:132 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

Walked on Vera Cruz Rd from Lanark to collect more nodes. Checked out the purported 8th, 9th, and 10th Streets on their map (derived from Open Street Map), which do not exist in real life, nor do the side roads connecting them. There are houses and driveways but nothing so organized, and in fact other maps show different road configurations. Turned around on Mountainside Lane when I saw a couple residents go to get in their car... about 50, sunny and breezy, but somewhat sheltered by the ridge so not bad. Someone near the Lanark Rd junction has an Osage orange tree in their yard dropping fruit, some of which was splattered in the road.

It's getting harder to find public or otherwise acceptable places to park as I go farther afield (I figure church parking lots on weekdays are fair game). Part of the challenge! Determined I won't be able to park where I parked today in order to cross Rt 145/Pike Ave to visit Oakhurst, as pedestrians are not allowed to cross at that busy intersection.

2 PM

Walking 16:36 intensity: (11:42 @1) + (4:54 @2) 1.55 km (10:43 / km)
ahr:100 max:117 shoes: Altra Torin Plush4-silv

More nodes, to finish Saucon Creek Rd and progress on Saucon Valley Rd. Windy along Center Valley Parkway!
4 PM

Yoga 1:10:00 [1]

Deanna's hip opener class

Sunday Nov 15 #

11 AM

Orienteering race (Brown) 1:15:10 intensity: (16 @0) + (9:24 @1) + (25:44 @2) + (27:18 @3) + (11:41 @4) + (47 @5) *** 5.27 km (14:16 / km) +141m 12:35 / km
ahr:119 max:157 spiked:8/10c shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-B 2013-10

DVOA Brown course at Governor Dick park near Lebanon PA. Upper 40s with a chance of showers then rain this afternoon but it held off (yay!).

4.1 km, 120m climb

The course stayed on the much less green western half of the ridge, climbing early, then contouring, before dropping to #5. To 6 I was pulled off my line by another bag and had to correct; to 9 I was off line again but figured it out based on the green blob to its NE. Both times I drifted right....

Long boring trail run to 10; I took the lower and slightly longer route, with less climb and much fewer rocks. Otherwise, slow and steady and no problem with my taped ankle (beyond taking care going through rocky ground).

I wore an additional shirt but otherwise dressed the same as at French Creek and was much more comfortable today (esp. with no rain).

12 PM

Orienteering race 26:32 intensity: (19 @0) + (17 @1) + (6:34 @2) + (16:51 @3) + (2:26 @4) + (5 @5) ***** 1.59 km (16:41 / km) +53m 14:18 / km
ahr:122 max:157 spiked:12/13c shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-B 2013-10

Yes or No O designed by Sam K. Very fun, especially since I did it right. 1.2 km nominal with 55m climb, on a 1:2500 blow-up of a detailed rocky area.

13 control flags but some were placed on nearby similar but incorrect features. For any control missed or mispunched, there was a steep 7:30 penalty.

I got them all right!

I didn't call them all spikes because there was one I went back to after passing by (11).

Thanks for the mental challenge, Sam!

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