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Training Log Archive: jennycas

In the 7 days ending Apr 6, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 2:58:59 13.36(13:24) 21.5(8:19) 480
  running2 1:36:14
  swimming1 37:00 0.62(59:33) 1.0(37:00)
  Total6 5:12:13 13.98 22.5 480

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Monday Apr 6, 2015 #

11 AM

orienteering race (Mulga Valley) 59:32 [4] 7.1 km (8:23 / km) +205m 7:20 / km
shoes: Inov8 X-Talon

Yeah, so it was a bit breezy this morning, and not-exactly warm. Because I didn't race on Sat, I had one of the earlier W21E starts, 2 min after Lauren, who I started catching glimpses of on the way to the second control (she must have lost time on the first), but she was quicker through the ins and outs of the big erosions than me (very glad I was wearing spikes though) and when I was stopped on the way to 5 by an M14 asking me where he was, I lost sight of her, but then she overshot 5 and I snuck past. I'd hoped not to see her again, but I veered too far right on my bearing on the long leg to 7 (went up the wrong creek branch off the main creek but corrected with some hesitation although not too much damage) and as I punched 9 she came down behind me, much to my surprise, and so I didn't pay quite enough attention to where we crossed the next big creek.

Heading south up the hill I figured we were on one of two creeks, and more likely the western one when really we wanted the eastern one. Once I was certain of this, I veered further east, which meant crossing a couple of otherwise-unnecessary spurs and also I overshot the control slightly at the end, but it could have been a lot worse - I suspect Lauren may have bounced off the start! The rest was pretty straightforward and when Simon went past me at the radio control he conveniently led me to the gap under the fence but there was no way I could even keep him in sight on the spectator leg into the headwind across to the quarry. Finished off ok although feel as though I lost the best part of 4 min due to the bad bearings on the 2 long legs. Am surprised that these don't show up as errors on Winsplits but then not even the 2 short legs where I was 23rd because I struggled in and out of erosion gullies count as errors, apparently.

Warmdown was grabbing a baby and using her as a hot-water-bottle (she went to sleep on my chest, which made me feel rather smug, but I didn't dare put her down in case she squawked) and later on collecting controls with Amy. From my perspective, it was a great carnival and went really well, although when I passed the accident site at the southern end of the Burra bypass I hoped against hope that it hadn't involved orienteers - which unfortunately it had, but sounds as though while fairly nasty, it could potentially have been a lot worse in terms of injury.

Got home and George had done an amazing job of moving nearly everything which still remained at Perry Ave to Avenue Rd, including the dog. So now we live on a tautology :)

Sunday Apr 5, 2015 #

11 AM

orienteering race (Tundarri long) 1:39:41 [3] 10.8 km (9:14 / km) +275m 8:11 / km
shoes: Asics GT-2000

Today I got beaten by the new mum...really enjoyed this course but it's clear that I haven't done any long run training lately. Apart from just feeling a bit empty in legs (and tummy - halfway round, I really wanted to eat a steak) yesterday's sore throat had turned into today's cold sores and I wasn't feeling very bouncy. So I treated it as rogaine training, especially since at 1: 15 000 I often couldn't read what was in the centre of the circle. Was a bit disappointed that water had run out at the start, but given that there were no less than 6 drink controls on course, this wasn't a problem. Still not sure whether I took the best route choice up & over the ridgeline to 6, but going around would have taken a while also, and either way it would have been warm in the sun. And from 10-11 I probably should have come back out to the track rather than going around the bottom of the hill - and from 11 definitely should have stuck to the left side of the creek & gone through the saddle, because when I crossed the creek I veered too far right and that resulted in being about 300m too far downhill from where I wanted to be. I enjoyed the flat stuff before & after the spectator control and was very careful with my bearings although a little too far right upon reaching the big creek.

Hung around with SLE afterwards because I had some time to kill before the OA AGM, and learned to burp a baby. After AGM came the OA dinner and a drive back to Burra with no roo sightings. And with all 4 tyres still intact so far this weekend, I think I'm doing ok.

Saturday Apr 4, 2015 #


Long day out where I left Burra at 6:30am and got back after 7pm. Was nice watching the sun rise as I drove over the escarpment towards Mulga Valley, and surprisingly cool at Wonna Creek. Had intended to wake up a few units but got fairly involved in start setup and starting the little kids on their courses and came back to the finish about 1130 by which time there wasn't a lot to do there, and very few mispunches to troubleshoot. Simon's courses (middle distance format) were well received and I'm a little surprised that we had the senior elites a touch too long but maybe that was because the terrain is really shaly and dusty at the minute (and I was surprised by the number of women who took the creek route to the second-last control, climbing at the end). Took a carload of McCombs out with me to collect controls and water, bailed from the event at 3pm to get to technical committee meeting, finally escaped from there about 6pm by which time I was meant to be at dinner in Burra, so when I got to La Pecora Nera at 7pm everyone had only pizza crusts left on their plates so I went home & made pasta. At least I didn't have to reprogram all the SI units for the end of daylight saving, which Robin is probably still doing. This carnival simply would not happen without the Uppills!

Friday Apr 3, 2015 #

1 PM

orienteering race (Jamestown Prologue) 19:46 [4] 3.6 km (5:29 / km)
shoes: Asics GT-2000

Yay, an event I had nothing to do with organising! Was a good course from AK, with basically zero climb and as expected I didn't have the legs for running properly fast but I kept a solid pace and it took Lauren quite a while to finally run me down 2 minutes. Didn't take the railway underpass to 9 because I couldn't work out how I would get out of it and on to the platform of the disused station, so went around the right end of the fence - not sure if that was necessary. And picked the first gap between the silos but then didn't take it, so missed the tank I wanted on the other side. But these were small things. Feel that I read the school pretty well - am doing better running without my glasses these days. Really enjoyed it even if I am in fact no faster than a lady who had a baby 3 months ago :)

Enjoyed seeing the baby Eleanor and her parents too!

Thursday Apr 2, 2015 #

7 AM

running 51:14 [3]
shoes: Asics GT-2000

Around Burra on a slightly cool, definitely breezy morning before Simon & I went & put all the flags & units out at Wonna Creek. Heel was a bit uncertain to start with but warmed up ok. After a morning of putting out controls it was quite unhappy but responded to anti-inflammatories at lunchtime and then doing the controls south of the creek was all right. We could drive to most of the water drops and so we had time to set up the start bunting as well. Still, a long day out, spending about 8 hours on site. The landowner has graded the road in, so it's a wee bit dusty. And instead of slashing the paddock we wanted for the parking, he got the grader guy to do random circle work making a whole lot of new tracks. At least they weren't on an important part of the map, as has apparently happened here in the past (according to Yalangans).

Wednesday Apr 1, 2015 #


I have been excessively diverted (as Jane Austen's heroines were wont to say) by the recent reporting in the daily tabloid of a local defamation case featuring:

a) Harley Vegan and Freelee the Banana Girl (website:
b) the author of The Bikini Body Guide

As it's been reported, protagonists (a) would seem to have posted numerous YouTube videos implying, among other things, that protagonist (b)'s diet recommendations lead to eating disorders. Also there have been some nasty catfights on Instagram over something as apparently innocuous as the uploading of a picture of sushi by protagonist (b)...

The truth is of course somewhere in the middle (as I am wont to say), but anyway, protagonists (a) have been ordered to cease and desist. The headline in today's paper: BANANA SPLIT BUT NOW IT"S SMOOTHIE

Tuesday Mar 31, 2015 #

7 AM

swimming 37:00 [3] 1.0 km (37:00 / km)

This did not relieve any of my myriad frustrations. And my ankle started to protest towards the end. Current source of twinging seems to be achilles, which is a new one for me.
6 PM

running (Morialta) 45:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT-2000

I'd like to say I enjoyed this but that would be misrepresenting the truth. Was too late for the others at the start, of course, and generally don't mind running by myself but company would have taken my mind off how much my calves and feet hurt, even after repeated stretching stops. Still, I made myself go up a hill, and then the only bits which hurt on the way down were knees and hips.

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