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Training Log Archive: jayne

In the 7 days ending Nov 24, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking6 31:49:07 69.17(27:36) 111.33(17:09) 5762
  Total6 31:49:07 69.17(27:36) 111.33(17:09) 5762

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Saturday Nov 23, 2019 #

10 AM

Hiking (Roy's Peak) 3:58:46 [3] 16.01 km (14:55 / km) +1244m 10:44 / km

Didn't do this last time I was in NZ as closed for lambing. Would have preferred to go up Grandview but that was closed for lambing this time. Thought we might as well see what the fuss was about while we were here as this is "the" hill people to go up when they're in wanaka (which means you get lots of folk in inappropriate hike gear). It was about the level of going up Pen-y-Fan on a weekend in the summer, although maybe not quite as many people, and less rubbish to pick up. A lot of folk anyway. Got to see people queuing for "the" instagram shot which was pretty amusing. There is a nice view but it's quite a motorway. Still, my aunty's opinion in Wales is that everyone doing Pen-y-Fan and Snowdon means there's empty hills for the rest of us and that probably holds here too.

This time I jogged down a bit as I wanted to beat the 4 hour estimate (which seemed a lot more of a challenge than Isthmus, when it wasn't really much easier).

Friday Nov 22, 2019 #

12 PM

Hiking (Ben Lomond) 4:22:51 [3] 15.55 km (16:54 / km) +1634m 11:05 / km
shoes: La Sportiva Akasha

We were going to do this the cheating way, getting the Gondola up and then hiking up from there, but it was $44 dollars each. Had said we'd just go up to the top of the gondola but I'm not very good when there's hills to climb and wanted to go to the top. Had to get back to pick up the tyre we were getting fixed though so the deal was that James ran down. It only took him 55 mins from the top. I have no idea how he runs 5 min ks down the scrambly hill in the wind. He broke himself though.

I was a bit slower, super windy at the top but at least I could see this time, last time it was snowing up there.

Thursday Nov 21, 2019 #

1 PM

Hiking (Mid Greenstone - Trailhea) 4:30:06 [3] 16.18 km (16:42 / km) +306m 15:15 / km

The "short" day. I was so dead this morning, tireder than after the marathon. Despite 11 hours sleep I could barely keep my eyes open. Didn't help that it was super windy again and inside the hut was cold (colder than the tent would be), so wasn't feeling super keen to get out. Seeing as it was meant to be short (ha!) we decided having a rest and leaving at lunchtime was ok. Had more yum breakfast quesadillas and finally set out a bit after 1.

The trail in general was a bit easier, but still pretty rocky and rooty at times. Had been feeling like I was going slow, then we saw the guided ultimate hikes group going the other way. (More people than we;d seen the other 2 days). I suspect some of them might find it all pretty difficult. I also looked up how much that trip is - Greenstone/Routeburn round trip starts from $2000. We thought our $25 hut fees were quite a lot....

Got out by about 6, the spare wheel survived the fords on the way out and we had a nice dinner at the lodge at Kinloch, where we camped again.

Wednesday Nov 20, 2019 #

10 AM

Hiking (Upper Caples - Mid Greens) 8:55:51 [4] 29.58 km (18:07 / km) +888m 15:45 / km

Had a good sleep. Woken up by the other guys in the hut about 6.30 and let them get out a couple of hours later before we did things. Thought we'd be up and out in an hour but as ever we somehow lost time and it was 10.30 before we left. We did make breakfast quesadillas though. I'm not very good at stopping for lunch so we decided two breakfasts is the way forward and they were delicious.

I thought we were up for about 20-22k of walking - yesterday being a bit shorter than we thought. Up over the saddle, down to McKellar Hut (where sensible people stop), then down the valley to mid Caples.

Path up to the saddle was lovely and smooth and we knocked off the climb in a reasonable time, got a bit rougher and rockier on the way down to McKellar. Reached there in 4.5 hours by which time I'd have been happy to stop. Unfortunately looked at the map and estimated about another 12k :(

Had a quick snack break then set off again. First couple of k still rough then got to nice forest trail. Cue the "if it stays like this we'll be there in no time". About a minute later we tackled a scree slope, rooty/rocky paths and ankle deep paddocks. The last couple of hours was a real slog and I was dead on my feet.

Finally made it to hut about 7.30. Only people there which was nice, but meant fire not lit. Ate food and then I pretty much fell asleep where I was sat at 9pm

Tuesday Nov 19, 2019 #

2 PM

Hiking (Trailhead - Upper Caples ) 5:32:19 [3] 17.44 km (19:03 / km) +391m 17:08 / km

James "I've found a hike to do, the DOC says 4 days but we can do it in 3, it's rated easy".

Hmm, not sure how consitent trail ratings and timings are, isthmus was pretty easy - just steep. this trail started pretty nice but then got pretty rough. It was flat but very rooty, and because it'd been wet there were a lot of creek crossings, including one where we went across on a log on our bums.

We camped at Kinloch overnight. Really nice spot and I was a lot warmer due to buying a nice sea to summit sleeping bag liner. Being us it was about 8 before we arrived and we pretty much had dinner and went to bed. Had a nice relaxing morning with breakfast at the lodge and then sorting out our stuff, and then somehow (again being us) we seemed to lose a heap of time. Got a flat tyre on the way to the trailhead, and the weather turned a bit crap. I was not entirely happy with the idea of hiking in the wet with a pack. Also changed my shoe choice after 2k and James ran back to get my boots (which warmed him up).

Finally arrived at the hut at 8,30., The other guys there were already bedding down for the night so we pretty much ate and went to bed, it was at least lovely and warm.

Monday Nov 18, 2019 #

11 AM

Hiking (Isthmus Peak) 4:29:14 [3] 16.58 km (16:15 / km) +1299m 11:40 / km
shoes: La Sportiva Akasha

In Wanaka. Friends recommended Isthmus to climb as not so many crowds and good views. It was rated difficult and said 6-8 hours but they poo-pooed this so we gave it a go. Also was closing in a couple of days due to fawning so was our only chance. Being James and I despite waking up reasonably early after a bit of a cold night we still took a while to get anywhere (we did get croissants though).

Nothing really technical about the path apart from 10 metres of scrambling, mostly firetrail though fairly consistenly up. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground from about 3/4 way up which was pretty cool. Amazing views from the top.

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